B’tselem ex-associate executed by Hamas… no mention at B’tselem

Khaled abu Toameh of the Jerusalem Post reports that Hamas executed Haider Ghanem for collaboration with the Israelis. Ghanem was a former worker for B’tselem, and was among the dozens of alleged “collaborators” executed by Hamas in pursuit of “consensus” among the Palestinians.

A quick check at B’tselem’s site shows no acknowledgment. Instead, one finds wild accusations against the Israeli army based on nothing more than “eye-witness” testimony. Given that some Gazans believe that Israelis have dressed as Hamas soldiers to kill innocent civilians, I’d say they’re capable of reporting Hamas murders as the deeds of Israeli troops.

No wonder Bill Moyers thinks the worst of Israel. B’tselem sure does. And in the finest tradition of the Human Rights Complex, B’tselem has eyes only for the violation of Palestinian rights by Israelis. (If there’s a report on “using civilians as human shields,” you can bet it’ll be about Israeli soldiers.)

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  1. E.G. says:

    B’Tselem’s mission is not to report on anything but Israeli crimes, true or alleged. How embarrassing for them to find out they didn’t check well enough their collaborator’s background… He might have ended up denouncing them!

  2. abu yussif says:

    b’tselem will just quietly designate him a human rights shaheed who died for the cause. no need to mention him because he’s already enjoying his reward in the human rights afterlife, satisfying the NGO gods’ system of eternal justice (which might appear as one-sided to some of us mere mortals).

    it is a shame that an organization so obsessed with “justice” cannot (i mean, WILL NOT) stand up for its own fundamental principles, especially when it comes to itself. talk about self-loathing…

  3. gliker says:

    Something is very wrong in the world.

  4. Alouette says:

    “B’Tselem” is Hebrew for “In the Image” but they don’t say “In the Image” of what. I’d say “In the Image of Satan”

  5. Haider Ghanem could well have been someone who fell from grace with B’tselem mgmt. Perhaps he wasn’t sufficiently biased against Israel. In any case, B’tselem’s silence is probably because they turned him in. What better way to curry favor with your overlords while getting rid of an undesirable – while sending a message to any troops who might be similarly inclined?

  6. oao says:

    How embarrassing for them to find out they didn’t check well enough their collaborator’s background…

    It’s MUCH MORE than embarassing. If you are a believer — read Eric Hoffer — with your identity wrapped up in that belief and reality slaps you in the face, the cognitive dissonance must be unbearable. it makes you even more of a hater of israel, you MUST prove even more that they are huge monsters.

    similar to the MSM journos whose cowardice induces rage against israel: why doesn’t israel behave in accordance to their lies, so that they would not be lying and, therefore, not cowards.

  7. Fat Man says:

    Over at the NYTimes Week In Review Section it’s a doubleheader of cognitive egocentrism:

    “The Bullets in My In-Box” by Ethan Bronner (Everybody is pissed-off at me so I must be an objective journalist). The article should have been titled: “Clueless”.

    And an Op-Ed by professors Scott Atran and Jeremy Ginges.
    How Words Could End a War. (If we can get them to apologize, kiss, and make-up).

  8. E.G. says:


    Why, I expect B’Tselem to update, within the next 24 hours, their definition of collateral damage. Don’t you?
    Festinger would.

  9. SE says:

    See muqata.blogspot.com for another example of pallywood.

  10. Diane says:

    I think it more likely that Ghanam was executed BECAUSE he had worked for B’tselem. Remember, B’tselem is an Israeli institution, even though it’s hostile to the Zionist vision. In post-war purges where loyalties are in doubt and due process is non-existent, that might be enough to sign one’s warrant.

    This might also explain B’tselem’s silence on the subject; the murder of a staffer as a Zionist collaborator could damage their “street cred” with European leftists and Islamist apologists. Why call attention to that?

  11. Bill says:

    Or maybe they’re afraid that releasing such news will give license to other groups to single out and kill B’Tselem members? They might think if they say nothing, they’ll be allowed to continue to work as they have been.

    Or maybe even the killing was just a warning to B’Tselem, just on principles, making sure they don’t feel ‘uppity’ when Hamas is at a low point.

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