Véronique Chemla analyse les effets de pogroms médiatiques

Véronique Chemla, une des reporteurs les plus dynamiques et consciencieuses du “nouveau style” (i.e., internet), analyse avec un souci d’exhaustivité les quasi-émeutes et manifestations dans les rues de Paris et de l’Europe lancées pendant l’opération Plomb Durci — ou plutôt par le pogrom médiatique de l’operation. Son but est d’abord de les décrire, et de montrer comment cette “rue arabe” défile de manière non spontanée, et parvient à imposer au monde ses diktats.

Véronique Chemla, one of the most conscientious and energetic of the “new journalists” in France has an extensive study of the near riots and demonstrations in the streets of Paris and the rest of Europe in response to Operation Cast Lead — or rather by the media pogrom that accompanied it. Her goal is to describe the phenomenon and then show how this “Arab Street” appears in non-spontaneous fashion, and manages to impose its will on the rest of the world.

Quand la « rue arabe » pro-palestinienne défile…
Par Véronique Chemla pour Guysen International News
Mardi 13 janvier 2009 à 22:49

Depuis le 27 décembre 2008, début de l’opération « Plomb durci » des Forces de défense israéliennes (FDI) contre le Hamas, des manifestations en soutien aux Gazaouis ou/et au Hamas, essentiellement composées de musulmans, se succèdent dans de nombreuses villes, de toutes tailles, sur tous les continents, avec d’étranges similarités dans la diabolisation, voire la haine d’Israël, peuple et Etat. On note aussi une recrudescence d’actes antisémites dans de nombreux pays. En France, une étape a été franchie le 3 janvier 2009 avec des émeutes en marge et en fin d’un défilé à Paris. Deux faits qui inquiètent les pouvoirs publics et la communauté juive français.

Lire la suite, avec son trésor de liens et references.

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  1. Eliyahu says:

    Veronique Chemla’s full article reports the participation of French “Leftists” [Commies & Trots and the like] in the openly Judeophobic demonstrations in Paris, going back to October 2000, when the alleged death of Little Muhammad al-Durah in Gaza became the pretext for the chanted slogan “Mort aux Juifs!” [death to the Jews]. This is of course an effect of the agitprop in the French media/press/MSM against Israel, as Veronique Chemla realizes. Note that the official and semi-official chatterboxes in Europe and USA complain that Israel does not protect “innocent civilians.” Of course, for the Islamic law of war [jihad], there is no such thing as an “innocent civilian” and they prove that they hold that attitude by how they treat Jews in France and UK, etc. Likewise the “leftists” who collaborate with the Arab-Muslim pro-jihad demonstrators. Who on the French Gauche complains about the persecution of French Jews by the demonstrators/rioters?? At the same time, the leaders of the French Jewish community make the mistake of not tying today’s persecution and harassment of Jews in France by Arabs and other Muslims to the centuries-old oppression of Jews in North Africa where the families of most French Jews migrated from to France.

    One of the big failings of today’s “Left” intelligentsia is the ignorance [or deliberate obfuscation] of how pacifism in the press of the 1930s had the effect of promoting the Munich Accord, and thereby helped lead to WW2. Recall the “pacifistic” words of Marcel De’at: “Mourir pour Dantzig?”

    We ought to conclude that “pacifism” and “peace movemnts” in fact lead to war in the real world. Of course, if “Leftists” are devoted to “peace,” then they must hate whoever threatens it. Now, if you believe the MSM’s false images and false narratives, it’s Israel that’s always disrupting “peace” and “peace efforts.” Never mind that the “Left” or in France, “La Gauche,” finds itself in bed with the diplomats of the EU and the State Dept, etc. That is, the Left echoes the claims of the “bourgeois” or “capitalist” or “imperialist” diplomats and press/media. It is in fact an adjunct of the media, operating at the small group organizing level, like Prez Obaminable used to do, whereas bill moyers, for example, works at the mass communications level.
    Peacemongers too are great warmongers, if you like war. The warmongers and peacemongers are partners and indeed, they are twins. See link:


    For more on this see the recent book by Simon Epstein in French about how “pacifists” joined Vichy and helped deport the Jews of France to the death camps. I haven’t seen the book myself, but accounts of it indicate that it goes in the same vein as the article linked to above.

  2. oao says:

    It’s my impression that rabid anti-semitism has become so widespread, routine and not only acceptable, but actually causing official authorities such as police or universities to oppress the victims rather than the bullies (in order to protect “stability” and harmony” — call it cowardice) that we are now back in the 1930’s and things will end in the same way without anybody’s ability to prevent it.

    It’s got a life of its own.

  3. E.G. says:

    Sorry, this a report. Not an analysis.

  4. oao says:

    reports that do not have an analytical purpose — inferring implications — does not have much value.

  5. E.G. says:


    This report does have a value. It clearly states quite a few facts that MSM has omitted or euphemistically mentioned, or differentially weighed. It’s a fair description. It does provide a grasp of the situation, though not the hows and whys of of it, nor an explanation of its novel or “classic” features.

  6. oao says:

    that it does all that does not negate my argument about its value.

  7. Chemla says:

    I analysed facts insisting on their common characteristics: same pictures, same slogans, etc.
    Thus, I concluded they were not spontaneous angry biased Arab démonstrations, that the umma seemed to be more important than national identities, those who organized those démonstrations wanted to test French political authorities and to ostracize French Jews, etc. etc. etc.
    I noted similar démonstrations in Paris during Protective Edge.
    I think I will republish my article in my blog.

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