The Child, Death, and the Truth: Esther Schapira Weighs in Again

Esther Schapira, whose groundbreaking work on al Durah represented the earliest reconsideration outside Israel, and whose material I used extensively (with her generous permission) in my own documentaries, has now come out with a new study. Given how much (she has subsequently admitted), intimidation played a role in her modest conclusions last time (“the Israelis didn’t do it,” but nothing on what did happen), this claim of staging is an important stage in the al Durah critique.

As soon as I can, I’ll put up a translation.

2 Responses to The Child, Death, and the Truth: Esther Schapira Weighs in Again

  1. sshender says:

    I have uploaded Schapira’s ‘Three Bullets and a Dead Child” back in the days… Here’s the link for those who haven’t seen it yet:

    P.S. check out my other videos in the “more from user” section. I promise you won’t be dissapointed ;)

  2. Gideon W says:

    “It’s now August, 5 months later.
    Is there still going to be a translation?
    (I can understand if it doesn’t seem important enough)
    This was an excellent piece, but difficult
    to digest or share, given the language barrier.”
    But, I see that the item has actually been removed
    due to a copyright problem. Too bad.

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