The Suicide of Reason Part 849738214: The Dutch “Redo” Israeli Sesame Street

It’s not enough that the Palestinian media perverts children shows to teach hatred to their kids, the Europeans need to pervert Israeli TV to attack Israel. Here’s a sequence from Israeli Sesame Street about Bert claiming that he’s keeping away from cookies. (H/T: Chai Sokoloff)

Unlike the Hebrew text, which is all about cookies, the Dutch text reads:

Look what a nice little school there, across (the street).
Nice, isn’t it? Or isn’t it?
Or is it actually that nice ?
Maybe besides children…
There are also gangsters inside…
Bomb the place! Just kill them all!
Nice and tidy! (Job well done!)

To get to the original show,
click on “d”
page 3
almost down: de wereld draait door
click on “de wereld draait door” NOT “bekijk uitzending”
bottom right corner, theres a calendar: go to Jan 12
the very end of the program, even after the credits.

2 Responses to The Suicide of Reason Part 849738214: The Dutch “Redo” Israeli Sesame Street

  1. Glenn says:

    I am not clear on the original show. Was the jet bombing the school visual added by Dutch TV? In the Israeli program (I understand the simple Hebrew), the jet attack is a complete non-sequitur. If it was in the original Israeli version, what was the point?

  2. oao says:

    seems like the pals think while the west does not, ain’t it?

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