Counter-Panel on Israel-Apartheid Week at Boston College

For those in the Boston area who would like to attend, I’m on a panel tomorrow with Dennis Hale (Boston College) and Dexter van Zile (CAMERA) at Boston College which will respond to a week of “Israel-Apartheid” events there. April 6, 7:15 – 9:00 pm, in Carney 303. Come with questions.

2 Responses to Counter-Panel on Israel-Apartheid Week at Boston College

  1. Allison says:

    A rare and important event — thank you very much for your enlightening comments. We hope to see you back at Boston College soon.

  2. Joanne says:

    I did listen to your comments, RL, as well as those of Hale and van Zile, via videos provided on the site.

    I was interested in your comment that you are a Post-Modernist, that you don’t believe in an objective truth. I happen to believe that there is an objective truth in any given event or ongoing conflict, but that any truth will often be very complicated–a combination of every actor’s actions, intentions, perceptions of the situation, and understandings of the other actors.

    It may be impossible to get at the objective truth. That’s another story. A journalist or historian may be stuck with not having enough pieces to fill in the puzzle, or with pieces that have Rashomon-style contradictions.

    In any case, there is one thing I always wondered about: Wouldn’t Post-Modernists then not support the Palestinians any more than they would the Israelis? If every narrative is equally valid then, then why would so many presumably Post-Modernist academics or other writers favor the Palestinians so consistently? After all, if the Israeli narrative is no more valid than the Palestinian, then the Palestinian narrative would presumably be no more valid than the Israeli.

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