Croquemichelle, the dim zionist, the meticulous and cruel barbarian!

Michelle’s self portrait

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  1. E.G. says:

    Belle Croquemichelle!

  2. Chaim says:

    Democracy and the Arab World

    “Q: About whether Sadat knew the attack was coming?

    A: Exactly. If he did, it would be considered collusion with Israel against an Arab country. Remember, the whole Arab world had severed relations with Egypt [over Sadat’s peace treaty with Israel]. Then Sadat said, “Do you think any of these guys really want to end the Arab-Israeli conflict?”

    Q: Which guys?

    A: The other Arab rulers. He said, “These guys do not want to solve anything. They want the conflict, because that’s what justifies their continuation of power.” He used an Arabic expression: “I will cut off my arm if 10 years from now any of them has made peace.”

    Q: What is the best way to confront radical Islam today?

    A: We need four years of transition to create the space in which liberal and democratic organizations could fight. Free media, political parties, civil society – that’s what we need.

  3. Diane says:

    I have no idea who Croquemichelle might be. Enlighten me, please.

  4. E.G. says:


    Go to the link at the bottom of the post, below the drawing.

  5. Diane says:

    Yeah, I read that but it still didn’t make much sense. But then I haven’t read all the critics being reference (any of them, to be honest) so I suppose it’s an inside joke that we non-academics can’t be expected to understand. It’s OK.

  6. Michelle Schatzman says:

    OK, Diane, I’ll explain : first, I described in #5 and #13 of

    the Greg Felton forgery and how it fast became a hoax.

    Then, nice Mr Greg Felton called me a dim zionist in his #18, and I responded to this nice banter in #20. You can figure that I was annoyed, though I had been careful in my initial description #13.

    Next, on the page

    E.G. mentioned this paper:

    In this article, Professor Yosefa Loshitzky (I modified her name erroneously), asserting that Israel’s “murderous and criminal attack on Gaza” with its “cold, meticulous, and calculated cruelty” marked “not only a great military victory but also a success story of Israeli hasbara (meaning in Hebrew, explanation, but practically referring to misinformation, spin and lies).”

    I agree that one had to follow the details… in any case, shortly after these nice exchanges, and while sitting during a boring seminar, I drawed the image of Croquemichelle, as a description of a bogeyman (or bogeywoman), i.e. I was putting the fanstasmatic vision of the enemy by Prof. Loshitzky and Mr Felton into a picture.

    For people who know me, I have curly hair, spectacles, a somewhat pointy chin and big smile lines around my mouth, so that the picture is also a recognizable caricature of my face.

    Now, you know everything.

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