Speaking of Paranoia and Forgeries, try out this one from the PA

Speaking of paranoia

Most people have heard that the PA shut down the al Jazeera office in the West Bank. Indeed, it led the inveterately sarcastic Steven Plaut, after suggesting that Zionists should help the Palestinian boycott movement target anti-Zionist Jews like Daniel Barenboim, to comment:

Since the PLO is now also boycotting al-Jazeera, the prospects for our collaborating with it seem endless!

He has no idea. Now we find the real reason that the PA shut down Al Jazeera. The station was blowing the whistle on the secret plot between Sharon, Dahlan and Abbas to assassinate Arafat. Not only that, they have the secret transcripts of the meeting in which it was planned. Here’s a post from the website of the PFLP (Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine).

Comrade Mallouh calls for full and independent investigation into the death of Arafat

Comrade Abdel-Rahim Mallouh, Deputy General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine called for a full and independent investigation into the death of former President Yasser Arafat in order to fully determine who is responsible for his death.

Note that it can’t just be that he died from, say, AIDS. It has to be someone’s plot, someone’s fault, and if there’s no investigation that’s proof of a cover-up (not of the embarrassing details of Arafat’s sexual proclivities, but of murder most foul).

Comrade Mallouh called for this commission of inquiry on July 15, 2009 when asked about recent allegations and documents raised by Farouk al-Qaddumi, Fateh general secretary, accusing Mahmoud Abbas and Mohammed Dahlan of conspiring with Israel to eliminate Arafat and other key Palestinian political leaders. He noted that the PFLP has always called for such an investigation and that it is very much needed.

He stated further that no statement had been issued by the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, as the committee has not met for over 2 weeks, dismissing recent statements attributed to the Executive Committee denouncing Qaddumi. Comrade Mallouh called for an end to the misuse of the name of the Executive Committee of the PLO in making such statements.

For reference purposes, and because it has not been widely distributed in English, we present the alleged transcript released by Qaddumi below. This is alleged by Qaddumi to be a transcript of a meeting between former Israeli prime minister and war criminal Ariel Sharon, Mahmoud Abbas, Muhammad Dahlan, and a U.S. delegation, that took place in 2003 before the Aqaba summit. Discussion of these allegations is the excuse that was provided in order to shut down Al-Jazeera offices in the West Bank by the PA in Ramallah under Salam Fayyad. In the interests of presenting information to the people, the document is below:

Meeting Transcript

Sharon: I insisted on this meeting before the summit so we can finalize all security matters and put these final touches so as not to encounter any confusion or discrepancies in the future.

Dahlan: If you didn’t ask for this meeting, I would have.

Sharon: To begin with, work must begin on eliminating all the military and political leaders of Hamas, Jihad, Al-Aqsa Brigades and the Popular Front so as to create a state of chaos in their ranks that will allow you to pounce on them easily.

Abu Mazen: In this way, we will inevitably fail. We won’t be able to get rid of them or confront them.

Sharon: So then what’s your plan?

Dahlan: We told you our plan and informed you of it. And to the Americans, in writing. We need first to have a period of quiet so we can wrest control over all of the security services and all of the institutions.

Sharon: As long as Arafat is planted in al-Muqata’a watching you in Ramallah, you will certainly fail. This fox will surprise you as he did in the past. Because he knows what you intend to do. And he will work towards your failure and delay you. He’ll proclaim, as the street does, that you are being used for the “dirty era.”

Dahlan: We’ll see who uses the other.

Sharon: The first step needs to be to kill Arafat through poisoning. I do not want him exiled, except if there are guarantees from the involved states that he will be under house arrest, otherwise Arafat will return to living on a plane.

Abu Mazen: If Arafat dies before we are able to have control on the ground and all the institutions, and over Fateh, and the Al Aqsa Brigades, then we will face great complications.

Sharon: To the contrary you will not control anything as long as Arafat is alive.

Abu Mazen: The plan needs to be where we pass everything through Arafat. This will be more successful for us and for you. During the period of clashing with Palestinian organizations and the assassination of its leadership and its membership – these matters will bring with them consequences for Arafat himself. And he can’t say to the people that this is the work of Abu Mazen. But it is the work of the head of the PA. I know Arafat well. He will not accept to be on the margins. He wants to be the leader even if he has lost all options, and when he has no option in front of him but civil war. Even then he prefers to be the leader.

Sharon: You used to say before Camp David that Arafat is the last to know and Barak, Clinton and Tenet were surprised that he is free in deciding who surrounds him. Perhaps you do not learn from the past.

Dahlan: We have now gone about creating an apparatus composed of the police and the Preventative Security, numbering over 1800. This combination is so that we are able to integrate those you nominated on the basis that each of the police and the PS, will believe that the members are from the other apparatus. We can increase where we want. We are now putting all the officers from all the agencies before difficult choices. We’ll squeeze them by all means so they follow us. And we will work to isolate all the officers who will be an obstacle for us. And we will not wait. We have started to work intensely. And we put the most dangerous figures from Hamas and Jihad and Al-Aqsa Brigades under surveillance. So that if you were to now ask me the most dangerous five people, I would be able to tell you their location with precision. This facilitates your quick response for any activity that takes place against you. We are now working on penetrating the Palestinian organizations forcefully, so in the coming period we will be able to dismember and eliminate them.

Sharon: You will find me supportive of you from the skies for the targets that are difficult for you. But I fear that Arafat has penetrated you, and has leaked your plans to Hamas, Jihad and others.

Dahlan: This structure has no relation to Arafat, not from near, nor from far, with the exception that the members of each entity receive their salaries from the Ministry of Finance [in which Salam Fayyad was then minister of finance, under the government of Abu Alaa, Ahmed Qureia]. We were able to deduct for the apparatus a specific budget to be able to cover all the expenses and Arafat is losing control. We will not leave him alone in this stage.

Sharon: We need to make it easier for you to liquidate the leaders of Hamas by way of creating a problem from the outset, so we can kill all the military and political leaders. In doing so we will pave the way for you to take control on the ground.

Abu Mazen: In this way we will fail entirely and we will not be able to accomplish anything from the plan. Rather the situation will explode without control.

The American delegation: We see Dahlan’s plan is good. And we need to give them a period of quiet so as to achieve full control and you need to withdraw for them from some of the areas to allow the Palestinian police to take over security. And if any operation takes place, you return and you reoccupy the area harshly, so the people feel that those fighters are a disaster upon them, and that they are the ones who force the Israeli army to return from the areas from which they has departed.

Sharon: Abu Mazen himself used to advise us that we should not withdraw before liquidating the infrastructure of terror not to reward it.

Abu Mazen: Yes I advised you of that but you did not succeed in that until now. I thought that you would succeed with this more quickly.

Dahlan: The levers of success are in our hands. Arafat has begun to lose control over matters bit by bit and we have begun to take control over institutions more than in the past in addition to the joint security force from the Preventive Security and the police. It is under Col. Hamdi Al-Riffi. You know him well. And we sent you all the documents concerning these matters in detail. What is important here is that this force does not submit to Arafat, and takes no orders from him. We will begin our work in the north of the Gaza strip as a beginning. As for the Al-Aqsa Brigades, soon it will be like an open book before us. We have put in place a plan so that they will have a single leader, and he will liquidate anyone who hinders us.

Sharon: I agree to this plan. And so that it quickly succeeds, and doesn’t take a long time, there is a need to kill all the most important political leaders, besides the military leaders. Like Rantisi [Hamas leader], Abdallah Shami [Islamic Jihad leader], Zahhar [Hamas leader], and Abu Shanab [Hamas leader] and Haniyeh [Hamas leader], Majdalawi [PFLP leader] Mohammed Al Hindi [Islamic Jihad leader], Nafez Azzam [Islamic Jihad leader].

Abu Mazen: This will explode the situation and will make us lose control on all affairs. We need to start to work for a hudna, so we can control the situation on the ground. This will be more successful for you and for us.

Dahlan: Without a doubt, there is need for your support of us in the field. I support the killing of Rantisi and Abdalla Shami because those, if killed, will create confusion and a large vacuum in the ranks of Hamas and Jihad. Because they are the effective leadership.

Sharon: Now you have begun to get it, Dahlan.

Dahlan: But not now. It’s necessary for you to withdraw for us from large parts of Gaza so we can have the stronger argument, before the people. And when Hamas and Islamic Jihad violates the hudna, you can kill them.

Sharon: And if they don’t violate the hudna? Are you going to leave them to organize and prepare operations against us so that we will be surprised that this hudna worked against us?

Dahlan: They will not be patient on the hudna while their organizations are being dismantled. Then they will break the ceasefire. After that will be the chance to go after them. Then it is your grace, Sharon.

The American delegation: This is a reasonable and logical solution.

Sharon: I will not forget when you used to say to the Labor Party and even to us that you have control of everything, and the reality proved the opposite. Allow me to guide the way my own special way.

Abu Mazen: The first condition in the Road Map stipulates that you undertake steps supporting in confronting terror. We see that the best support that you can give us is to give us a part of the Gaza Strip so that we will be able to exercise control over it. We told you that we will not allow any authority other than us to exist on the ground.

Sharon: We told you more than once that supportive steps means that we will support you in fighting terror, i.e. with planes and tanks.

Abu Mazen: This is not support for us.

I may be wrong, but I feel like I’m witnessing something akin to the Russian secret police creating the monologue of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This must be how those Jews talk when they think no one is listening.

The sad thing is, it might very well be necessary for the PA to kick out Al Jazeera for spreading this stuff because enough people will believe it to the point where it becomes a liability. Anyone weak enough to let people lie about them (e.g., the Israelis) gets contempt and, soon thereafter, aggression.

6 Responses to Speaking of Paranoia and Forgeries, try out this one from the PA

  1. Lorenz Gude says:

    This bit of shadowy material is well beyond my ability to judge, but I did get the feeling that I was reading a bad play full of projections about how the players would speak privately.

  2. oao says:

    the accusations were by farouk kaddumi, a fatah rejectionist of peace and 2-state who has for a long time desired to take over as heir.

    i read some analysis somewhere that he did it to fail the attempts by abbas to organize a meeting of the PLO. the analysis said even though kaddumi is weird, he may have more support than abbas, who has almost none.

    having read another piece that the west bank is doing relatively well economically relative to ghaza, it is normal for the rejectionists to try to stop progress so that nobody gets into his head that a stop to terror and its consequences might be quite desirable.

    this happens like clockwork.

  3. JD says:

    Was there any prominent figure in history who looked more physically ill than Arafat?

    And yes, more than Keith Richards.

  4. Robbins says:

    Isn’t this what antisemitism is all about? First antisemites target Jews then they go after each other.

    There was a recent story that said that Ahmadinejad was of “Jewish decent.”

    What goes around….

  5. RickD says:

    I think Abbas did it. Maybe it was a lover’s spat.

  6. JD says:

    “There was a recent story that said that Ahmadinejad was of “Jewish decent.””

    I think that was an oppositionist joke, riling him. The ancestor name of concern looks Armenian, he may have Christian background. The taunter knows A. won’t even admit to that, so the taunter piles on with the Jewish accusation, knowing it will hurt A. more.

    That is my guess.

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