Interview on BreitbartTV: Gates, Honor-Shame, Obama’s Foreign Policy

I was recently interviewed on the Skip Gates affair by The B-Cast hosts Scott Baker and Liz Stephens on BreitbartTV. Although we started with Gates, they were kind enough to ask me about my websites and current book project, so I got to discuss the problems with Obama’s LCE foreign policy. Given their remarks after I hung up, they apparently found it unsually clear (for a professor).

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  1. oao says:

    what i find flawed in the treatment of this case in the media is that it is all in the present — the analysis of only the behavior per se. to the extent that historic profiles were covered, it was about the cop but nothing about gates.

    but a few blogs profiled the HISTORY of gates and when you consider that the whole story becomes clear. they also mentioned his forthcoming movie and the publicity to be gotten from it. gates is clearly from the grievance mafia.

    as to alibama, despite the face that he usually shows to the world, given his associates throughout his life, he belongs to the sam mafia. that’s where his INSTINCTS are, which is what his “mistakes” are all about, when he is not calculated in his pronouncements.

    and i think that any analysis that ignores al that is as foolish as what the west does with islam and the pals.

  2. oao says:

    and i think whitey is gonna learn the kind of price they’re gonna pay for putting the grievance industry in power — alibama, michelle, holder and the rest of them.
    just how they’re gonna learn the price they’re paying for facilitating the soft jihad.

  3. oao says:

    one more thing: another thing alibama and gates have in common is the benefits from affirmative action which almost always inflates both the capacity of those it raises and their beliefe in it and in their own self-importance, while sustaining their hatred for the very system that raised them to that level.

    sort of like the pals.

  4. oao says:

    The Surrender to the Jihad Continues . . . [Andy McCarthy]

    looks like surrender to jihad is one of the mechanisms to take revenge on the US.

  5. oao says:

    Obama Presidential Medal of Freedom is Who’s Who of Lefties Who Took Away Freedom (Includes Anti-Semite)

  6. sshender says:


    A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ray in Seattle says:

    Fine interview. I was struck by how much easier it was to understand some of your concepts (like integrity / guilt based culture) when you use them in a context while you are speaking. I think it would be cool if someday when you have the time to consider doing some 10 minute explanatory video lectures covering key concepts that are discussed here – such as honor / shame, integrity / guilt, cognitive egocentrism, LCE, PCP, etc.

    I need to think some more about Gates-gate before commenting.

    sshender – thanks for the link.

  8. oao says:

    I need to think some more about Gates-gate before commenting.

    i suggest that before you think some more you learn some more about the backgrounds of gates and alibama.

    i make sure in my collapse of the west argument to emphasize that it involves a disregard for both KNOWLEDGE and reasoning. the latter can only be applied with sufficient former.

    you can think until you’re blue in the face, but if you disregard important evidence…

  9. oao says:

    i am stressing this because there is little in the media, even the mainstream bloggers about gates background, where he is coming from and what exactly his “body of work” is.

  10. […] course, everyone feels the desire for honor and the fear of shame (even Gates and Crowley and Obama). Even Western countries have private transcripts, and no press is free; no one can say whatever […]

  11. Lorenz Gude says:

    The foreign policy issues that are coming up in connection with Obama remind me of the pre 9/11 Bush who looked like he was going to spend his presidency on issues like tensions with China over spy planes. As RL asks – ‘how fast will he learn?’ and I would add – ‘how will he handle unforeseen events? This little saga has only just begun.

  12. oao says:

    As RL asks – ‘how fast will he learn?’

    I am not so sure he will. He has marinated his entire life in distorted views which induced a desire to transform the US as well as teaching it a lesson as well as affirmative action which propelled him well beyond his capacity and knowledge. It is a lethal combination.

    and I would add – ‘how will he handle unforeseen events?

    i for one would not want to experience that, but i have a scary feeling that we will.

  13. Ray in Seattle says:


    I finally finished it. Reading it was like taking a course in the international laws of war. I think they covered that as well as the context of Op Cast Lead as completely as possible – save for the few unresolved investigations still underway. It should be a model for responsible conduct of war by all Western nations.

  14. oao says:

    yes, but how many will read it or care about what it says?

  15. oao says:

    in fact, my guess is that none of the accusers and blamers will, but rather those of us who already know the truth.

  16. Eliyahu says:

    oao, Obama has been supported by some very influential white folk of the old school, former Carter and Clinton officials. He is the innocent Brown face on their old “white” [=imperialist, pro-war] policies. Obama’s mentors include zbig, chaz freeman, james jones [not the novelist], etc. The “left” of today is a very stupid manipulated body of public opinion. How else do you describe people who allegedly opposed because of the war in Iraq yet have yet to complain about afghanistan whither obama has sent MORE troops than Bush had there??

    Obama is dangerous because he’s a faker. The greatest faker since jimmy carter came to the White House as an alleged “outsider” to Washington. You ought to know the Talmudic story about what the ancient Jewish king told his wife as he lay dying.
    Don’t fear the Pharisees and don’t fear those who are not Pharisees; Fear the hypocrites.

    Obama has already betrayed myriad pre-election promises, although in some cases he cleverly allowed people to think that he was on their side [American Jews, retirees dependent on social security and Medicare/medicaid, etc]. The danger that he represents to the human future ought not be underestimated.

  17. Eliyahu says:


    …allegedly opposed BUSH because of the war in Iraq…

  18. oao says:

    Obama’s mentors include zbig, chaz freeman, james jones [not the novelist], etc.

    i often argue that myself. here i was referring only to why alibama won’t learn. it does not imply that the left has monopoly on crap.

  19. Michelle Schatzman says:

    Nice interview, Richard. I enjoyed it.

  20. oao says:

    more: remember when the US pushed israel to allow hamas participation in elections? looks like they never learned that lesson either:

    Notorious Palestinian terrorists among hundreds of delegates admitted for Fatah Conference

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