Dry Bones on Obama on Israeli Partisanship

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dry bones pro israel

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  1. Margie says:

    This ties in beautifully with Seth Freedman’s latest attack on Israel in The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2009/jul/31/israel-british-jewish-community?showallcomments=true&commentpage=8&commentposted=1
    where he suddenly switches from a western metaphor to that of a captain at the helm, where instead of pulling oars the sailors apparently pull rank. The point is not that most people don’t mix their metaphors but that the anti Israel crowd applaud him for brilliant writing when what they are applauding are his attempts to discredit Israel supporters.

    The sheriff’s posse can be rounded up at the drop of a hat, and once they’ve mounted their steeds, the dissenters are swiftly run out of town, or at least driven underground and denied a public airing for their differing opinions. Those at the helm of communal affairs pull rank whenever Israel is deemed to be vulnerable, even if to do so means defending the indefensible in times when Israel’s leaders wildly overstep the mark.

  2. Lorenz Gude says:

    It was with some interest that I read a post of Barry Rubin’s recently that the Israeli left was not buying Obama’s nonsense. That’s a start.

  3. oao says:


    read glick’s latest: it’s not that they are not buying it, they are desperate.

  4. E.G. says:

    Yet Israelis as well as American Jews are… not pro-Israeli enough.

  5. oao says:

    Yet Israelis as well as American Jews are… not pro-Israeli enough.

    they are more “progressives” than they are jews.

  6. Lianne says:

    If this is their idea of getting American Jews to pressure Israel (ie. writing op-eds attacking Aluf Benn)


    Then I have to quote Carl in Jerusalem on the matter – “Good grief”.

    Just a couple of minutes on the net would have saved Marc R. Stanley, the chairman of the National Jewish Democratic Council from making a total fool of himself.

  7. Eliyahu says:

    RL, here is a vivid illustration of your theory of an honor/shame value system as a motivation for the Arabs in the anti-Israel struggle. The following is a comment by an Arab woman to an article by Hilary Krieger on plans for an Obama “peace plan” to soon come to a theater [of war] in our neighborhood [JPost, 3 Aug 2009]. The Arab state must be “string [= strong] and fully armed” so that the Arabs can get back their honor. Also note that Israel is to be “a province” of “Palestina.”

    158. Welcome the peace people…finally israel will have a palestinian neighboring state…
    Halleloujia, praise allah for his mercy, that the US is finally seeing sense. It took several decades for a courageous Obama, and good hearted jews in the White house to admit that the middle east will not cool off till a well established and connected palestinian state has emerged. With time inshallah it will be a string fully armed state which will get back the arabs’ honor and pride. Long Live Palestina, and Israel has a province of it.
    Palestinian woman – UK (08/04/2009 17:30)

  8. oao says:


    i rest my case.

    american jewry is as ignorant about history and nature of the conflict than goyim. but it’s worth than that.

    i suggest people stop relying on american jewry to defend israel. most seem to be more concerned with distancing themselves from israel than with its existence (a la judt). the lesson of the holocaust is lost on them.

    as anti-semitism rises and the US govt starts manipulating them as alibama has started to, they will increasingly abandon israel, with the elite becoming outright hostile to it. signs of this are already obvious.

    just watch.

  9. oao says:


    so much for the delusion that most palestinians just want a state of their own and peace and a good life.

    arab strategy won, israel’s failed because the west collapsed.

  10. Eliyahu says:

    referring to my own #7:

    I forgot to point out that this “palestinian woman” wants to redeem “the arabs’ honor and pride,” not only those of the “palestinians.” Hence, for her the cause is a pan-Arab cause, not that of a distinct “palestinian people”, although she does sign her name “Palestinian woman – UK.”

  11. Eliyahu says:

    I ought to add furthermore that if Obama and the US foreign policy establishment want to truly earn Arab gratitude, they will have to humiliate the Jews, not only in Israel. Of course, if the Arabs get Israel delivered bound hand and foot –a task which ehud baraq seems to want to further– then there will be new demands, no longer referring to Israel or Jews. The Arabs want Israel in the subservient status of Jews in the Muslim lands since the Arab conquest, since Muhammad had the Jews of Medina enslaved and slaughtered.

    Obominable seems to have already started the humiliation of American Jews with, inter alia, the award of the “presidential freedom medal” [or somesuch title] to Mary Robinson who helped to prepare and presided over the Durban I conclave [rather, I should have written Konklave because of its resemblance to a KKK mob frenzy]. I’m not especially fond of the ADL or AIPAC, but both have properly complained about the award.

  12. Eliyahu says:

    It might be more accurate to describe Durban I as a KKK mob lynching, orchestrated by Mary R, by the Ford Foundation, etc.

  13. oao says:

    I ought to add furthermore that if Obama and the US foreign policy establishment want to truly earn Arab gratitude, they will have to humiliate the Jews, not only in Israel.

    ah, but that’s exactly what alibama is doing. debka is an uneven, questionable web site, but it sometimes is accurate. it now gives an outline of a ME conference alibama is purportedly planning which the UK, germany, france, china, russsia, india, the arab states agreed to participate. this would amount to ganging out on israel and force it to commit suicide — it would be impossible for israel to go against the whole world and there is nobody who would defend israel’s interests.

    the mistake that everybody is making is that alibama’s objective is peace and save the US economy. his true objectives is to get rid of the “sour wound” that is israel and to cut the US down to size and to control its economy. once he has everybody working for the state and depends on the state for their health, the american experiment will be over and americans will become as servile to the state as everybody else. as usual steyn puts this best.

  14. oao says:

    as to the jewry, it is humiliating itself. after all, it elected alibama, didn’t it?

  15. oao says:

    re humiliation:


    then there is this:


    why everybody gives alibama the benefit of the doubt in face of incontrovertible evidence that this is nonsense?

    because nobody can admit the horrible reality of who was elected as the president of the US. that’s the same rationale that downplayed hitler.

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