Haiti and Israel

I have not had the time to post on the Haiti Earthquake and the Israeli response. It’s not really the subject of this blog, and I’ve just started teaching so I have no time. For those who want more coverage on this, go to the IDF blog, and this post by Woman Honor Thyself; and this entry at the LA Times blog.

But these pictures struck me as relevant to what I try to communicate here.

israeli soldier in haiti

surviving haitian orphan

The media, taking their lead from Palestinian spokesmen and women whose major purpose in life is to wholesale lethal narratives about Israelis, have left the world with an image of Israeli soldiers as happy murderers of little kids. I think the smiles on these men’s faces tells us a great deal about the IDF: they’re much happier saving lives than taking them.

Golda Meir famously said

When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons. (Statement at a Press Conference in London, 1969)

Many people, especially those from cultures in which you are not a “man” until you’ve killed another man, have trouble understanding this. But this man’s face illustrates precisely that point.

Golda also said,

Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. (Statement to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., 1957)

The 21st century version of that is, “There will be clarity when the “Left” and the news media care about their values and the rest of the people around the world, more than they want to dump on Israel.”

Variant: “They care as much about the rest of the people around the world as much as do Israelis.”

It’s not that the media exaggerate, or distort. They invert.

Of course, they get help from Jews/Israelis who just can’t beat their breasts enough: Steven Plocker, “What about Gaza?” Gee, maybe if the Gazan didn’t vote for genocidal maniacs, and abuse Israeli medical generosity to try and blow up hospitals, there might be an outpouring of help. But, no. For folks like Plocker (and the entirely predictable Akiva Eldar), Israelis have to be perfect, and pour out their generosity on people who do everything they can to destroy them.

Just like everyone else, no?

Actually, thinking about the evolutionary process, I’d say that no culture that allowed a ruthlessly hostile enemy’s narrative to colonize its brain — if it ever happened — lasted very long. Christian Rome?

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  1. Lianne says:

    The IDF did have a field hospital in Gaza,

    Following Hamas pressure on Gazans not to use it, the IDF hospital was replaced by this Jordanian one,in coordination with the IDF

  2. Angel says:

    thanks so much for the linky luv and keep up the good fight!!! :)

  3. Pococurante says:

    Engage Glenn Greenwald. He needs to learn how to embrace practical problem solving rather than finger pointing. A necessary stage of maturity.

  4. Ray in Seattle says:

    Such images are the perfect means to communicate the truth. They go directly into a reader’s brain because they show the profound “emotional truth” of Israeli humanity – not some intellectual explanation that requires reasoning by the reader already besieged by dreadful counter-images from Pallywood.

    I do not suggest that Israel is doing this for the PR but because Israelis welcome the chance to use their expertise in emergency response to help those who need it. Still, that one picture is going to do more for Israel’s image than the last 20 years of speeches by Israel’s ambassadors to the UN.

  5. Ray in Seattle says:

    I suspect there will be a reaction by leftist editors to not show such images if they can avoid it. They will sense instinctively that such images powerfully refute their beliefs. Someone with a Nexus subscription should start collecting data on the publication of these images of Israel’s Haiti rescue mission in the popular media.

  6. E.G. says:


    Golda never mentioned “Palestinians” except to say that such a people never existed. She talked about Arabs.

  7. Eliyahu says:

    Golda was right on that. The non-existence of a “palestinian people” was confirmed by a PLO, one Zuheir Muhsein, in an interview with James Dorsey published in the American weekly Seven Days [now defunct] and the Dutch Trouw back in early 1977 [Feb-March-April].

  8. RedPencil says:

    Went to the LA Times blog… ok cool… then I had to read the comments. 5 so far, 60% positive… 2 negative… here’s the first & more charming of the negatives:

    Great, I just hope the soldiers don’t harvest any of the dead Haitians’ organs without the permission of their families.

    I know, I know that was a cheap shot. But I believe well-deserved for a country that tries to use its U.S.-funded humanitarian efforts as propaganda to paper over its disastrous and vile treatment of the Palestinians.

    Posted by: Smart Alex | January 19, 2010 at 01:57 AM


    Blood Libel Is Alive And Well in the LA Times Blogs…

  9. Chaim says:

    to #9, EG

    The rest of the world would rather ignore Israel’s amazing work in Haiti and not take advantage of Israel’s superior medical care than to credit Israel, franchise Israel’s system internationally, and save countless thousands of lives. Reminds me of Iran turning away Israeli help when they had their last disaster. Pride and bigotry doesn’t allow for utilizing the best Israel has to offer the rest of the world. They’d rather slash their own throats.

  10. E.G. says:


    Well, yes, though the CNN report found the “right” angle: comparing the Israeli (“from the other side of the world”) advanced-tech medical equipment and immediate operational deployment to the less-efficient US one… So now the progressives have a dilemma: bashing US by Aaaaach! Israeli humanitarian know-how!

  11. Sam, USA says:

    It is simply very difficult for me to understand the fact that Israelis are willing to fly all the way from the middle east to offer help to the Haitian people while they have Gaza with its entire population under siege, lacking food, medicine, and the very fundamentals of life!!! It is amazing how Israeli’s conduct themselves…They truly don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves…They will do what ever it takes to deceive public opinion…Stop this propaganda it makes me want to throw up!

  12. Ray in Seattle says:

    it was just a matter of time. Here’s one sick Israel hater who figured out a way to do it. Haitians be careful of those Joos! Check your organs before you check out of the IDF hospital.


    Fortunately, I think this guy’s website mostly gets hits from a couple dozen other Israel haters / anti-semites in his neighborhood.

  13. Ray in Seattle says:

    Sam, Have you considered that the election of Hamas who is committed to Israel’s destruction and the launching of some 8000 plus rockets and mortars into Israel civilian populations by that regime might have something to do with the difference in how Israel reacts to Haitians and Gazans?

    Well, now that I’ve asked it I realize that’s a silly question to ask you. Of course you haven’t. Your deep hatred for a people who just want to live in peace free from attack reveals something about your mind and the toxic beliefs you have allowed to grow in it. It must be consuming you. And now you will have no idea what I’m talking about.

    Maybe you can explain why you hold those beliefs. I’d like to hear your reasons if you are brave enough to justify them. Was it hard for you to use “Israeli’s conduct” in your comment rather than “Jew’s conduct”? It kind of reads that way. Normally one would say “the Israeli’s” in that sentence whereas the term “Jew’s” would not need the article.

  14. David says:

    Stephanie Gutmann, whose book (“The Other War: Israelis, Palestinians and the Struggle for Media Supremacy”) has been discussed at this blog, has a fine tongue-in-cheek article in the London Telegraph about the IDF’s field hospital: “Israel builds a field hospital in Haiti. Anti-Zionists not fooled!”. Here’s the link:


  15. E.G. says:


    Now that you’ve vomited the venomous propaganda you’ve been fed, you have some place to ingest a few facts. There is no food shortage and no medicine shortage in Gaza, thanks to Israel that not only provides these essentials (as well as electricity, for ex.) but also helps provisions from other countries and organisations (UN is just one of them) destined to the population enter the Gaza-band on a daily basis. How Gazan authorities (Hamas) handles the distribution of these goods is a different matter. On the other hand, Egypt, also bordering Gaza sealed its passages and at present is constructing an above and below the ground wall to prevent smuggling.

    As for “the very fundamentals of life” – depends what one considers as being fundamental. If it’s education, there’s no shortage of UNRWA funded schools, Islamic ones and University. There are also educational TV programmes on TV, where the children are taught how and how great it is to be a Shahid killing “the sons of apes and pigs” (that’s the Jews for them).
    If by fundamentals one considers arms and ammunition to direct on Israeli civilians, well, there’s enough although they may consider it insufficient.

    Indeed “It is amazing how Israeli’s conduct themselves”. Any other country, civilised or not, would simply shut all the gates and let those great democrats who freely elected Hamas, rule the population to starvation or death by self-explosion, instead of filling its hospital beds with Gazan patients or helping Gazan products (e.g., strawberry) get exported.

    Ever wondered why and how come Mohammad Dahlan chose to absent himself from his mother’s funeral in Gaza?

  16. Margie says:

    Sam, of course it’s difficult for you to understand, either because you are not in possession of the facts or because you reject the facts that don’t fit your world view.

    If you take a look at this website you will see that Israel established very much the same kind of hospital for uninvolved Gazans during the Cast Lead campaign.

    Hamas, sad to say, did not allow its civilians to attend the hospital and it remained empty.

  17. Eliyahu says:

    Here’s a summary in French of the story of Israeli organ stealing in Haiti. This moonbat is Seattle so of course he knows all the details of what is happening in Haiti.

    Israël accusé de « vol d’organes » en Haïti

    Un résident américain de Seattle a rajouté une vidéo sur YouTube ce mardi, accusant librement les soldats de Tsahal en Haïti d’être impliqué dans le vol d’organes provenant de leurs patients. L’homme, qui se fait appeler T. West, est membre d’un groupe appelé
    AfriSynergy Productions, dont le but déclaré est “d’habiliter l’homme noir”.
    [Guysen Israel News]

  18. Eliyahu says:

    Sam, stop repeating those lies of yours. They make me want to throw up!!! Why can’t you realize that somebody is lying to you about Israel for a purpose??

    correction to #18:

    This moonbat is IN Seattle. . .

    Query to Ray: Do they put something in the water in Seattle?

  19. Ray in Seattle says:

    Sam puts USA after his name. Strange. I would note that “Sam” is short for “Hassam” which is “sword” in Arabic. I don’t think Sam is nearly as naive as he pretends. He’s just crapping on a pro-Israeli website.

  20. JoshC says:

    I almost choked on my evening meal earlier today whilst watching the UK’s Channel 4 News (about as anti-Israel a mainstream news broadcaster as there is in the UK) when they reported on the rescue of a young women who was “rushed off to an Israeli field hospital.”

    Positive mention of Israel/Israelis in C4. Something I didn’t expect to hear in my lifetime.

  21. E.G. says:


    May you further choke upon hearing about Israel’s disproportionate life-saving response.
    (Not that I wish terrible things to happens)

  22. JD says:

    “while they have Gaza with its entire population under siege, lacking food, medicine, and the very fundamentals of life!!!”

    And so on. Sam has Jews on the Brain, one symptom, not allowing even one correct point to Jews, apologizing for the worst of the worst of Jew haters, Hamas.

    But he has a point. Gazans are not starving, the shops are full of food, plenty of money from the UN welfare state. But he believes this false Hamas narrative, and there are no media images to correct this. The play is akin to Pallywood, to transgress the leftist/Islamist narrative you need video of the truth.

  23. JD says:

    “I don’t think Sam is nearly as naive as he pretends.”

    He is.

    Also, what is it with people who think anti-semitic reasoning coupled with obsessions with Israel must be done by non-Westerners?

    These people are not aware of the political history of anti-Zionism and why it is mental habit in Western leftism.

  24. Daniel Bielak says:

    Prescription to cure anti-Israel bigotry:

    Videos of the truth.

    Images of the Truth.

    Simple clear honest accurate speech.

    Videos of the truth.

    Images of the truth.

    Simple clear honest accurate speech.

    Continue administer until anti-Israel fever subsides.

  25. Daniel Bielak says:

    “…Continue administer until anti-Israel fever subsides.”

    …Continue to administer until anti-Israel fever subsides.

  26. Ray in Seattle says:

    JD, I base my guess that he’s a non-westerner on my many hundreds of hours of online discussion with Western leftists who hate Israel. They tend to use phrases and terms that are part of that peculiar leftist belief system. Also they use Western persuasive styles and derogatory terms for Israel that are different from non-Westerners. Believe me, I hold no allusions that, ” . . anti-semitic reasoning coupled with obsessions with Israel must be done by non-Westerners.”

    I have also had tens of hours of discussions (not nearly as many) with foreign English speaking Arabs who despise Israel. There is a stark difference between the two groups. He only left one message that was not very long and I could certainly be wrong but I think there’s a decent chance this guy is in that category.

  27. JD says:

    Thanks for setting me straight Ray. I defer to your experience.

  28. Ray in Seattle says:

    JD, Well, like I said I could be wrong and it is just a guess. I suspect my experience might be quite different than most here . I really didn’t know much about the A/I conflict until after the 2000 election when I started hanging at a large Democratic forum. Then 911 happened and I got interested in terrorism. That got me to the Israel/Palestine sub-forum there where I was shocked to see the anti-Israel venom coming from many of those people. I eventually understood it was not a mainstream Democratic forum. It was really a progressive left forum.

    That’s when I started really reading and studying the psychology of behavior. Also, I boned up on the Mideast and Isreal’s history and the history of the Jewish people. The more I learned and the more bigotry I witnessed the more I was drawn to Israel’s support. I spent about five years there threading some very arbitrary moderation rules that were heavily stacked against the pro-Israel minority before I was finally banned. But I can say I spent a lot of time up close and personal with the worst of the anti-Israel left which I don’t think many others here can say. It would be more accurate to say I spent thousands of hours there – not hundreds.

    That’s where I shaped my present views on the power and nature of ideological beliefs in the mind as I was studying the psychology of behavior. That’s why I know firsthand the futility of reason when facing such forces.

  29. Ray in Seattle says:

    BTW – that’s also where I became an un-Democrat disdaining political parties generally – which I came to realize use the worst ideology to reach their goals. I now try to look at issues not as liberal or conservative but as good or bad in terms of the USA. That causes problems because most politicized people (which is almost everybody on the Internet) see me as an enemy if I don’t overtly wear their colors. So, I avoid politics if I can because now everybody hates me. ;-)

  30. Eliyahu says:

    Here are some photos of well stocked markets in Gaza, including a shot of tony blair’s sister-in-law, one Lauren Booth, one of the pro-Hamas UK loonies, standing in a large grocery store or small supermarket with full shelves. Her generous avoirdupois demonstrates a strong-minded woman who will not tolerate starvation.


    Note also that Ms Booth’s favorite minimarket is equipped with a bar code reader, a multi-line telephone set [perhaps made in Israel], and a flat screen computer apparently used as part of a cash register. The Third World poverty of this bucolic, albeit rugged and primeval, scene is striking.

  31. Daniel Bielak says:

    “…to be use in conjunction with parallel curative treatment for anti-Israel bigotry…”

    “…to be used in conjunction with parallel curative treatment for anti-Israel bigotry…”

  32. Daniel Bielak says:

    Identification of, and Analysis of, the primary carrying, and transmitting, agent of anti-Israel bigotry:

    O The subtypes of a particular type of Stockholm Syndrome that almost all Jewish people experience to varying degrees,
    O and various actions of Jewish people who are experiencing, to varying degrees, subtypes of a particular type of Stockholm Syndrome that almost all Jewish people experience to varying degrees.

    series of 3 comments begins here: <a href=”http://www.theaugeanstables.com/2010/01/04/apocalypse-again-daniel-kalder-on-current-trends-with-an-assist-from-rl/#comment-540999″

  33. Cynic says:


    WRT O/T # 33 (Okay to SMS?)

    I’m just champing at the bit to start sniping at the Haaretz tears shed.
    And poor Judy Nir Moses Shalom what will she have to inherit? But what does that have to do with the stables that have to be cleaned?
    But it’s O/T.

    And as for the NYT link
    why so many liberals — and so few conservatives — want to be professors.

    because they are arrogant opinionated snobs. Ask Joe the plumber.

  34. E.G. says:


    The press feels threatened – and blames anyone but itself.

  35. Cynic says:


    Seeing we are discussing Haiti this is not too O/T bringing this link to bare (oops :-) )
    I don’t remember where I found it but the comments by many speak volumes about the inability of people to comprehend the written word:

    Israel builds a field hospital in Haiti. Anti-Zionists not fooled!

    As one commenter put it:
    Stephanie, oh, well, just goes to prove that the reason Americans aren’t considered to be able to “do” irony is because many readers read with their prejudices instead of their eyes and minds! I thought it was very funny, yet completely justified.

    Ray your thoughts on beliefs and emotions are vindicated.

    I don’t think it is Just Americans who “misunderestimate” (hee) satire as this is on the Telegraph’s blog page.

  36. Ray in Seattle says:

    Yeah, I saw that one yesterday – and was surprised then that so many didn’t get the irony that Stephanie put into it. But IMO those folks aren’t unintelligent. Writing like that can be taken either way – just like some optical illusions – depending on your frame of mind when you first read it.

    I’ve done the same thing before; wrote up some comment and then really felt embarrassed later when I finally got it.

  37. Daniel Bielak says:

    (I apologize for commenting off-topic but I am commenting on this post because I want to comment on the most recent post.)

    The type of phenomena, of which one example is reported on in the following article, are just one aspect of just “the tip of the iceberg”.

    What is happening in the world is a nightmarishly co-dependently arising set factors that are causing a surreal nightmarish reality.

    I will say it again, the root factor is the behavior of Stockholm-Syndrome-affected Jewish people.

    It is as though I am screaming into an abyss.

    I do not have the ability, because I am disabled by severe obsessive-compulsive disorder which seriously affects my ability to communicate in writing, to communicate my understanding in this forum. I would like to be able to talk to somebody.

    Oliver Stone says Hitler an ‘easy scapegoat’

  38. Daniel Bielak says:


    “…What is happening in the world is a nightmarishly co-dependently arising set factors that are causing a surreal nightmarish reality…”

    What is happening in the world is a nightmarish co-dependently arising set of factors that are causing a surreal nightmarish reality.

  39. Daniel Bielak says:


    “…the root factor is the behavior of Stockholm-Syndrome-affected Jewish people.”

    …the enabling, most influential, factor is the behavior of Stockholm-Syndrome-affected Jewish people.

    Almost all Jewish people are affected, to varying degrees, by Stockholm-Syndrome.

  40. Daniel Bielak says:

    The following video is on the website (hosted on http://www.jcpa.org) of The Institute for Global Jewish Affairs in the section titled “Lectures Online”. I tried, multiple times, unsucessfully, to post forms of this comment, with the web link to the video included, previously.

    “Are We Reliving the 1930s? How West European Philo-Semites became Anti-Semites before the Second World War”, (Video) talk by Dr. Simcha Epstein; video is on the website of The Institute for Global Jewish Affairs in section “Lectures Online” (hosted on http://www.jcpa.org); about an almost completely ‘forgotten’ part of history (a part of history which is the main factor that caused World War II and the Shoah) – about how so-called “Pacifist” Liberals during the 1930’s believed and promoted a narrative of “Warmongering Jews and Maligned Victimized Germans” which was a narrative that was seeded by, and exploited by, National Socialist (Nazi) German propaganda

  41. Daniel Bielak says:

    An almost completely ‘forgotten’ part of history (a part of history which is the main factor that caused World War II and the Shoah) is the fact that so-called “Pacifist” Liberals during the 1930’s believed and promoted a narrative of “Warmongering Jews and Maligned Victimized Germans” which was a narrative that was seeded by, and exploited by, National Socialist (Nazi) German propaganda

  42. Daniel Bielak says:



    I, in reference to my behavior, take one of the points that, I think, that Yaakov Kirschen may be making in the cartoon, and which I think that may be a point that you may be beneficially making by posting the link to the cartoon. I apologize for my behavior. Thank you for what, I think, may have been, in part, your gentle admonishment.

  43. Daniel Bielak says:

    I apologize in advance if a bunch of, perhaps, unbeneficial (in being unbenficially off-topic in the same way that my previous comments were, I think, unbeneficially off-topic) duplicate comments that I posted earlier on this post, and that, initially, were not accepted by, and that have not yet been accepted by, the blog server, eventually show up.

  44. Daniel Bielak says:

    I wrote:

    “…in being unbenficially off-topic..unbeneficially off-topic.”

    I, maybe, should have written, instead:

    …in being unbeneficial…unbeneficial…

  45. E.G. says:


    I too posted off topic above (and it’s not the first time) so I’m really far from entitled to admonish you.

    If I may request something, if it’s not too much asking, could you please try re-reading your comments before submitting them?
    It’ll spare you a few correcting comments, and greatly facilitate reading your posts.

  46. Regal Road says:

    Re the pictures: why are these pictures not framed and motivated, like everything else in the mass media?

  47. Daniel Bielak says:


    Thank you for replying to me.

    “I too posted off topic above (and it’s not the first time) so I’m really far from entitled to admonish you.”

    I understand. Thank you for the cartoon, though. :-)

    “If I may request something, if it’s not too much asking, could you please try re-reading your comments before submitting them?
    It’ll spare you a few correcting comments, and greatly facilitate reading your posts.”

    I’ll try. It is very hard for me. I have severe OCD.

    I’ll try very hard, though, so that what I write may be more easily read.

  48. E.G. says:

    This one is only in the Hebrew online edition

    Two scholars analyse the role of honour in Arab and Israeli diplomacy and policy.

  49. Cynic says:


    In reading your first link in # 54. Unbelievable. the first thing was to agree with the writer but then to mock the hypocrisy of the very paper he was writing in for its inaction at the time.
    All the papers were with their PC knickers in a twist and their silence lent credibility. Had they started screaming official Israel might have flexed its gluteus maximus.
    The media basically ignored the facts and Shapiro and Karsenty had a hard time with the idiots of charanot and co., here.
    When I was trying to expose some supposedly thinking people to RL’s work they politely dissed it dismissed me.
    Now they cry.

    For the second link; it was obvious to anybody with functioning eyesight when Hamas and Islamic Jihad destroyed the industrial areas set up, under Oslo, to supply work for the Arabs of Gaza, that the political goal was to maintain the proletariat dependent on socialist handouts.
    As Hamas became more powerful so they resorted to more feudal behaviour taking for themselves that which belonged to their human shields.

    Tell me what were the comments like? :-)

  50. Ray in Seattle says:

    @54: EG, Thanks for the article. In it the author says,

    After the collapse of Israel’s public-relations apparatus, such humanitarian deeds in disaster zones remain the only means to buttress Israel’s standing in the eyes of world public opinion.

    Anyone: Did Israel have a more coherent and effective PR apparatus in the past sometime that fell apart for some reason? Or is this just a turn of the phrase to say Israel doesn’t seem to have one now?

  51. Ray in Seattle says:

    @54 – The al-Dura article.

    I’d add that with all the solid evidence that has accumulated to destroy the Palestinain version of the events of that day, the fact that Israel does not use that evidence to discredit the Pal version no doubt causes some to wonder if perhaps the true story of what the IDF did that day may be even worse than the Pal version somehow.

  52. Cynic says:


    The worst part of it all was the Israeli media seemed to ignore the facts. Had they started screaming the “official” side would have moved their butts.
    A physicist at the time did a forensic analysis of the bullet holes in the wall with respect to the Israeli position showing that the bullets did not come from that angle but the media basically ignored him.

    The second of E.G.’s links tries to point out that Hamas is the problem but again the media could have connected the dots from the time Hamas and Islamic Jihad started attacking the industrial areas set up on the border to provide work, thus maintaining a subservient proletariat dependent on their “social largess”.
    Hamas always portrayed itself as an organization providing social benefits but the media never bothered to question how they coerced the people into needing such help. Some of it became visible when even UNWRA complained how they were stealing supplies etc.

    I don’t think there was a collapse as such of Israel’s public relations apparatus so much as a complete absence of such a system.
    For many years they were a pig headed crowd (how was it phrased in the bible?) and nobody could tell them anything but it may be getting through now, although rather late in the day.
    As for the media they continue with their insufferable arrogance.

    I tried commenting earlier but it has been swallowed up by the “filters” by the looks of things.

  53. Daniel Bielak says:

    Israeli Variety:

    Lethal Very Egocentric Stockholm-Syndrome.

  54. Daniel Bielak says:

    However, it seems, from the links the E.G. provided, that some prominent “members of” the Israeli mainstream political Left are beginning to wake up.

    This is good.

    I hope that this process of waking up continues and increases.

  55. Daniel Bielak says:

    I tried to post a comment before this last comment, but it was also, as cynic wrote, “swallowed up”, by the “filters” (by the blog server).

  56. Daniel Bielak says:

    “…as cynic wrote…”

    …as Cynic wrote …

  57. Daniel Bielak says:

    “…from the links the E.G provided…”

    …from the links that E.G. provided…

    I apologize for these mistakes and corrections.

  58. Eliyahu says:

    Ray et al.,
    Shimon Peres actually had a philosophy about NOT having hasbarah. He is quoted as saying something like: If you have a good policy, you don’t need hasbarah.
    This is something like the American saying that, if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door. This saying is simplistic. And Peres’ statement is a stupid statement. Peres is a smart person who is also stupid.

  59. Ray in Seattle says:

    Just a friendly suggestion Daniel. Unless your comment contains a mistake that changes its meaning, don’t worry too much about correcting it. I realize that’s not easy for you but I don’t think most folks here care too much about typos and misspellings. I make plenty. It’s difficult to make perfect comments in a forum where we can’t PREVIEW our comments before SUBMITTING them. Hint, hint, RL ;-)

    Also, even if some of your comments were a little difficult to read, I was able to understand the point you were making. I appreciate your comments.

  60. Ray in Seattle says:

    “Peres is a smart person who is also stupid.”

    Yes, but I’d say Peres is a smart person who holds not-smart beliefs, like that one.

    Most businesses based on novel designs and problem solutions fail because the inventor thinks his ideas are so great there’s no real need to sell them.

    OTOH the world is full of very successful businesses that produce crap products and services – but know how to sell them.

  61. Daniel Bielak says:


    Thank you for your kind advice. I appreciate it. It is helpful to me. I will try to follow your advice.

  62. Daniel Bielak says:


    Also, thank you for your expressing that you appreciate my comments. I appreciate your kindness very much.

  63. Eliyahu says:

    Ray, Vance Packard explained what you are saying about the power of advertising, PR, psywar, fifty years ago. And he was right.

  64. Cynic says:


    With regard to Peres, he is an intelligent person but a character trait of his demands that he conform to the neighbour’s (European) mindset trotting out pious but silly (under the circumstances) platitudes and not seeming to notice the audience’s lack of integrity in their applause.
    He doesn’t speak to Israelis but directs himself at Europe hoping to get their approval; the ones seen at cocktail parties with him but who would deign to invite him to a barbecue.

    He demonstrates another trait inculcated in European Jews to say nothing, not react to aggression, verbal or physical, (actually last year there were some of flying pig moments) in the hope that keeping a low profile would make it disappear (hasn’t helped British Jews in Manchester and London very much).

    Of course the irony in his intelligence expecting as Eliyahu phrased it above If you have a good policy, you don’t need hasbarah. those seeing his good policy in the same light.
    Or as RL has defined it: COGNITIVE EGOCENTRISM

  65. Cynic says:

    I should have added that Peres does not consider that he is competing for people’s attention with the likes of the BBC, Al Jazera, France 2 etc., and that he has to market his “good policy”.

  66. E.G. says:


    Tell me what were the comments like? :-)

    On the Hebrew version – mostly Gideon Levy-ish.

    Hypocrisy is what I thought too. But it’s not only that (I also thought the editor was at home with a flu). They are clearly and directly responsible for the state-of-mind formatting that gets readers to comment that way. And, instead of making their own soul-searching, holding themselves accountable, they blame their usual suspects. That’s depravity.

  67. Cynic says:


    By the way I tried to comment on an article in Haaretz

    Uphold talkbacker’s anonymity in defamation trial, court says

    which they did not publish. Just as well as I would not like to be associated with some of the commenters.

    I wrote:
    Another example of how the media tries to control content and force an agenda by treating criticism as an affront which should not be tolerated.
    In the paper editions it was very easy to eliminate those letters which did not conform.
    No wonder people seeking freedom to express their views resort to blogs and online discussion to the detriment of those who think they hold the truth.

    The reporter also works for Yedioth Ahronoth, one of the papers wanting to ban Israel Hayom because they cannot compete with it.
    Instead of supplying that which people want they resort to the tactics of dictators.
    It is a pity that these reporters are not doing the job of exposing the facts, for example with regard to Al Dura and other Pallywood debacles instead of leaving it to the efforts of Shapira and Karsenty in Europe and Professor Landes in the US.

    By the way I suppose you are aware of the manner in which Orwell’s Britain is leaning on the critics of despots:
    The British police forget what country they are in

    As reported here, two months ago the Seismic Shock blogger received a ‘friendly’ visit by two police officers who explained that Sizer and McRoy had

    objected to being associated with terrorists and Holocaust deniers

    on his blog. As a result, Seismic Shock was persuaded to delete his original blog site in its entirety while retaining his current website:

    Nice, so very nice. Journalists and despots.

  68. E.G. says:


    Hints: Too long comment; never mention bête noire (tfu-tfu) names…

    Well, there’s freedom of speech and there’s freedom of silence. :-(

    Read this?

  69. Cynic says:


    As I mentioned in the Prog., Case for Israel …thread I’m having trouble with comments being displayed.

    Here’s something about publishing reader’s letters but this time the same letter from many bogus addresses.
    Amusing in a way.
    The “Ellie Light” Scandal

    Some media analysts suggest that the traditional letters-to-the-editors page is devolving in the age of the Internet, where the commenters are routinely anonymous or use phony names. Are newspapers lowering their standards to the Internet era? If so, it’s bizarre that the Old Media continuously lecture the New Media for their lack of professionalism when they are failing to accomplish even the most basic accuracy and fact checking.
    The “Ellie Light” scandal was also broken in the newly accountable era of the Internet: The Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter started it all with a simple Google search.

  70. Ray in Seattle says:

    Ellie Light”

    Ellie Light, the ubiquitous letter writer whose name appeared in newspapers nationwide praising President Barack Obama, appears to really be a male health care worker from California.

    A man who identified himself as Winston Steward, 51, of Frazier Park, Calif., says he made up the name “Ellie Light” to protect himself from criticism and possible physical attacks, and used fake addresses across the country to get local newspapers to publish his letters.

    “I am Winston Steward and have been sending the letters from Ellie Light,” he told The Plain Dealer in an e-mail late Tuesday, following a phone interview in which he said the same. “I hope this ends any confusion and sets the record straight.”

    … News of the escapade also triggered suspicions in the blogosphere that Ellie Light was not a real name, and that the letter-writing campaign was directed from White House or the Democratic Party.

    The man identifying himself as Steward scoffed at that, saying the letters were merely his way of speaking up for Obama when sensing that support for the Democratic president was waning. While a liberal, he said that too many people on the “ultra-left” are demanding ideological loyalty rather than seeking results.


    Well, not quite the devious Whitehouse scheme that the blogosphere was so sure they’d uncovered. The interesting part is the far left seems just as outraged. Says s/he’s a RW shill out to make the left look bad.


    Maybe s/he’s really a LW shill out to make the RW shills look bad by making the LW shills look stupid. Who knows. All it really shows is how the far left and right can see the most devious conspiracies behind anything that makes their ideology look bad.

  71. This guy appears uncannily like a soldier from the famous Western Wall photo from the 6 day way;


  72. Cynic says:


    It also shows how many can be taken in by just one.

  73. E.G. says:

    steve bronfman,

    Yes, there is some similarity. But the 2010 “son” does not have the 1967 awed expression.

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