Insight into the deeply troubled mind of the Israeli organizer of the flotilla

One of the main organizers of this flotilla is Dror Feiler, an Israeli expatriate in Sweden. Six years ago, during the “Suicide Intifada” he created an piece of “art” 6: A sailboat with the name “Snow White” floating on “blood,” and placed like a sail was a photo of a smiling Hanadi Jaradat, the female lawyer who blew herself up in the Haifa suicide bombing attack against Maxim Restaurant, October 4, 2003 which killed 21 Israelis, including a number of Arabs.

Snow White and the Madness of Truth

Ellen Horowitz has added Feiler’s work to her cartoon about the Flotilla.

UPDATE: Dror Feiler in concert. It explains a lot. (HT/EH)

5 Responses to Insight into the deeply troubled mind of the Israeli organizer of the flotilla

  1. Lorenz Gude says:

    Well, they don’t call it Stockholm syndrome for nothing.

  2. TW says:

    I have seen this man in many debates on tv, etc, over the years and “greatly troubled” just doesn’t cut it for this guy. He is deranged, big time. He claims that he was pushed to the ground by two soliders when he didn’t comply with their demand to hand over his passport. The man shóuld win the Darwin-award, what on aerth did he think was going to happen? By the way, the swedish police would have acted much the same way, so would any other police or military.

    To bad he wasn’t on the Mavi Marmara, as he then could have been hit as collateral damage. Maybe I would have done an exhibition, with a photo of the smiling israeli soldier that was attríbuted with the kill. He’d probably like that, don’t you all think…?

  3. obsy says:

    Flotilla organized to aid Turkey’s oppressed Kurds, Armenians; show up world’s hypocrisy after sharp criticism of Israel’s raid on Gaza flotilla,7340,L-3899835,00.html


  4. jay says:

    Dror Feiler is a good reason why I don’t bother myself much by anti-Israel activists. Virtually all of them are self-extinguishing batshit crazies.

  5. incognito says:


    I doubt it.

    Virtually all of them are self-extinguishing batshit crazies.

    But now they have a wide audience that is incapable and unwilling to discern they are crazy.

    The only regret I have is that it’s not possible for ONLY them to experience the consequences of sharia.

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