Hamas Refuses Manipulation Flotilla Aid: My First Report for PJTV

I just produced my first TV news item for PJTV (whose temporary Jerusalem Bureau Chief I’ve just become). They do not permit embeds, so please view the story at their site, leave comments there and constructive criticism here.

In my title to this post I mention an expression from the COGAT (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories) official who briefed us that fell out of the video report in the editing process. Answering one reporter’s question about how Hamas could ignore these materials sent to the inhabitants (I can’t use the word “citizens”) of Gaza, he replied: “It was never about these goods; it was about the media. It’s not a humanitarian flotilla, it’s a manipulation flotilla.” Dupes and Demopaths anyone?

Omri Ceren of Mere Rhetoric has sent me the following series of posts in which Hamas (and other Palestinian “leaders”) have victimized the Palestinians in order to demonize Israel.


Would Palestinian Officials Intentionally Starve Palestinian Civilians Just So They Could Demonize Israel? We Think They Would…

Vulgar Palestinian Propaganda Succeeds with International Media – Again!

Palestinians Reject Israeli Humanitarian Efforts – Easier to Demonize Israel That Way

Palestinians Intentionally Create Humanitarian Crisis, Red Cross and Reuters Parrot Their Claims


Hamas Trying To Turn Gaza Into A Humanitarian Disaster – They’re Stopping Gazans From Getting Medical Aid

Hamas Blocks Israeli Food Shipments, Intentionally Starves Gaza
Civilians To Create A Humanitarian Disaster – Again!

UN And “Gaza Businessmen” Agree: It’s Israel’s Fault That Hamas
Has Intentionally Created A Humanitarian Disaster In the Gaza
Strip By Blocking Food and Medical Shipments

AP: Yup, Humanitarian Crisis Intentionally Caused By Hamas Is
Still Israel’s Fault

Hamas Intentionally Creating Humanitarian Disaster In Gaza – Now
They’re Shutting Down The Few Medical Clinics That Are Still

UN Set To Blame Israel For Intentional, Hamas-Engineered
Humanitarian Crisis In Gaza

IDF Colonel: Hamas Creating Humanitarian Crisis. No Kidding.

Palestinians Going Global With Program To Demonize Israel For
Deliberate, Hamas-Engineered Gaza Humanitarian Crisis (Updated:
WaPo Hops On Board)

Hamas Intentionally Creating Humanitarian Crises In Gaza By
Stealing Fuel From Hospitals For Their “Operations” Against Israel

Palestinians Intentionally Creating Humanitarian Crises In Gaza By
Refusing To Accept Israeli Fuel


Hamas Soldiers Tank Up As Israel Restores Full Fuel To Gaza

Palestinians Shut Down Generator To Create Gaza Humanitarian
Crisis, UN Blames Israel

UN: Gazans Have More Than Enough Food, But Lack Of Fruits And
Vegetables Is A Humanitarian Crisis

UN Statement On Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Somehow Misses “Hamas
Intentionally Causing It” Part

Hamas Confiscates Aid Trucks, Promises To Deliver Them Some Time

Breaking: Two Israelis Murdered By Fatah, IJ Terrorists – /While
Supplying Fuel To Gaza/ (UPDATE: Israeli Towns Shelled For Hours
Before And After Attack)

Hamas Creates Humanitarian Crisis By Stealing Fuel For Terrorism,
Preventing Israeli Gas Shipments, And Cutting Off Gaza Civilians.
/Again/. (Plus: International Press, Human Rights Groups Blame
Israel. /Again/)

New Data Confirms Old Data: Blaming Israel For Gaza’s Medical
Collapse Is A Vicious Lie

Fuel Shipments Renewed After UN, EU Blame Israel For Hamas’s
Intentionally Created Humanitarian Crisis

Palestinian Authority: /Of Course/ Gaza Humanitarian Crisis Is
Manufactured By Hamas (Plus: United Nations Still Trying To Blame

Evil Israeli Apartheid State Responds To Weekend Rocket Barrages
By Delivering Humanitarian Aid To Gaza

AFP Lede: “Crippling Israeli Blockade”

Evil Israeli Apartheid Regime Responds To Another Day Of Rockets
By Sending Money Into Gaza

Breathless HuffPo Headline About Gazans Eating Grass Contradicted
By Rest Of Headline, Linked Picture, Reality (Plus: Anti-Semitic
Comments Ensue Anyway)

Hamas Now Doing Everything Humanly Possible To Generate Gaza
Civilian Casualties


Gaza Hospitals Overflowing With Hamas Weapons, Palestinian
Vigilante Murder

Confirmed: Gaza Has More Fuel Than Most Of Eastern Europe As
Russia Shuts Down Gas Pipelines

UN Imposes Collective Punishment On Gaza Population In Response To
Hamas Crimes, Suspends Humanitarian Shipments

Hamas Soldiers Threw “Medicine Grenades” At The IDF


Aww… Glut Of Gaza Products Putting Small-Time Smugglers Out Of

UN Officials Hosting Anti-Israel Tours And Media Events In Gaza.
Obama State Dept Boosts Their Funding [Video]

57 Responses to Hamas Refuses Manipulation Flotilla Aid: My First Report for PJTV

  1. incognito says:

    Here’s another funny TV piece that should not be missed:


  2. incognito says:


    This would be a very good exposition of the modus operandi of Hamas.

    Unfortunately, those of us who follow events closely and are knowledgeable about the conflict already know all this. And the ones who you’re trying to convince have their minds close to it, as you could see from the drivel that your correspondent Mack.

    The Hamas method works because (a) the media serves them well (b) the majority of the western audience don’t know much and they cannot conceptualize the blatant lies and victimization of Hamas’s own subjects. As Mack said “No one believes you or Israel anymore”.

    The world upside down and backwards.

  3. obsy says:


    if I am not mistaken, you argue that no media coverage (at this point) should look like this pjtv clip, because the audience is either close minded or already knows.

    Well, I disagree. The simplest reason is that it is a good thing to show how good media coverage would have looked like.

    Also, not everything is about knowledge. A lot of people demonstrate multiple times on the streets to show their support for an issue as impressive as possible.

    Positions on issues need faces.

    Many voices complicate hominem attacks.

    Memes must be reinforced.

    Different channels and different arguments and different argumentation styles reach different people.

  4. andrew says:

    To French-speaking readers: Philippe Karsenty has won
    his defamation lawsuit against the French-German TV
    channel ”Canal Plus” which accused him, in vicious terms, of ”manipulations” in the al-Durrah affair.
    Details on http://www.desinfos.com

    Congratulations to him and to R.L.

  5. E.G. says:


    Beau cadeau pour Chabbat, n’est-ce pas?
    Will you follow to check whether the press has a word about it?

  6. andrew says:


    Yes, this is very nice. I shall post any possible follow-up in the French press or on the desinfos.com
    site. Details about the judgment are still missing:
    especially in questions regarding defamation, the
    judgment sometimes makes it compulsory for the losing
    part to have the result published in a few of the major
    newspapers. Let us wait and see: also, the Cour de
    Cassation still has to pronounce whether it will validate (we hope so) the last appeal judgment concerning the defamation lawsuit France 2 lost against

  7. incognito says:

    if I am not mistaken, you argue that no media coverage (at this point) should look like this pjtv clip, because the audience is either close minded or already knows.

    You are mistaken.

    My position is that evidence and reason takes considerable time and effort and is ineffective. No matter what Israel does, it will be condemned and demonied.

    Putting so much effort in explaining its actions, which gets interpreted either as (a) being on the defensive and therefore weak (b) lies and manipulation Israel should start doing whatever it deems necessary to defend itself, paying no attention to what the world thinks of it, just as everybody else does (2) it should create the impression of a “cray state” of which there should be fear, not contempt.

    The defenders of Israel should not waste time on trying to persuade of Israel’s righeousness, but go on the attack aggressively exposing the hypocrisy of its enemy and all the violations of law, human rights, etc. This is not likely to change many minds but at least it won’t play to the tune of the enemies’ music.

  8. obsy says:


    The defenders of Israel should not waste time on trying to persuade of Israel’s righeousness

    In my point of view, the defenders of Israel are demonstrating the lies, bias and lack of professionalism of western media (which seems to be an enemy of Israel).

    And therefore they are IMO going “on the attack aggressively exposing the hypocrisy of its enemy”

  9. incognito says:

    They are going on the attack aggressively in a way that’s ineffective.

    When push comes to shove, the only thing that can have an effect is Israeli behavior which (1) is effective defense wise (2) demonstrates that is unaffected by what the world thinks of it.

    As long as defenders go against the media while Israel constantly bends to curry favor with the world, they’re grinding water. As you saw with the RM exchange, the world simply declares that Israel/defenders fakes things.

    The best they can do is expose what others do that are much worse, and even that is not gonna decide the issue.

  10. incognito says:

    To all those who think Obama is not stupid:

    Let the Bidding War Begin . . .
    [Michael Rubin]

    A good example of cunning and wiping the floor with him.

    The fact that he does certain things intentionally does not mean that he is not stupid because he deludes himself he can achieve those intentions.

  11. incognito says:

    To reiterate: the only thing he can achieve with this is screw Israel, which is very easy. Nothing beyond that.

  12. incognito says:

    Here is Caroline Glick saying it much better than I:

    The first rule of strategy

  13. incognito says:

    And here’s what Israel could and should have done immediately after the fiasco: declare that any attempt by anybody else to violate the blockade will be treated as an act of war on Israel that will be responded with violence.

    The problem is that Israel has bent for so much time and in so many ways that the only way to make this credible is for Israel to do the things that it is being accused of falsely. But if they accuse it anyway, it’d better do them.

  14. obsy says:


    do you think the RM exchange is representative for Americans?

  15. incognito says:

    No, but I think it is representative of the world and the liberals/left in the US.

  16. incognito says:

    And if I were to bet, my guess is that Europe will actually invite Turkey into EU with strong Obama support.

  17. incognito says:

    Any more illusions about Turkey?

    Erdogan and the Israel Card
    by Steven J. Rosen

    The Europeans are not bothered by anti-Israel turks, as they themselves are the same. They will delude themselves that the way to convert Turkey back is to accept her in EU.

  18. incognito says:

    I became very concerned when I saw that Abbas has asked to meet with US jewish leaders — it smells of trying to fool them that he wants peace but expressing it in such a way that they won’t see he’s using “double entendres”.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that Obama told him to do this to put the jews in his pocket such that they won’t be in Israel’s pocket. In english of course.

    I became more concerned when I saw an article in an aussie newspaper where Hamas declares that they gave up violence, they accept the 67 borders and are weeks away from getting back together with Fatah. In English, of course.

    It’s starting to stink to me as manipulation by Obama to fool Israel’s US supporters, unify the 2 terror camps and then force Israel to commit suicide.

  19. incognito says:

    Mark Steyn: This job, too, is beneath Obama

    Saudi Arabia gives Israel clear skies to attack Iranian nuclear sites

    David Frum: The Gaza flotilla’s real message

    A Period of Consequences
    Our dangerous Iran policy.
    BY Jamie Fly and William Kristol

  20. John P. says:

    Unlike previous palestinian propaganda offensives, I don’t think that this one scored many points in world opinion. People the world over, in light of jihadist attacks around the globe, are beginning to understand what Israel has to deal with.

    In Europe there’s a lot of noise coming from a tiny group of excited leftists, but I’m of the view that those leftists are virtually alone, and that they don’t enjoy much support in the general population.

  21. incognito says:


    That’s wishful thinking.

    Here are the headlines in today’s Jerusalem Post. Makes one hopeful, doesn’t it?

    ‘EU will move to end blockade’
    Spain to propose EU exert pressure on Israel to end Gaza blockade.

    ‘Mossad agent arrested in Warsaw’
    Man allegedly helped al-Mabhouh killers obtain fake German passport.

    ‘Saudi airspace open for Iran attack’
    Saudi Arabia denies ‘Times’ report Israeli jets ok’d to fly through.

    Hamas to seek Greece-Gaza shipping
    Legislator negotiates with Athens for cargo to be inspected by EU.

    ‘Israel must apologize, compensate’
    Turkish President: Ties with Israel in danger, raid ‘al-Qaida-like.’

    Iran to build new nuclear site in March
    Iran’s nuclear chief defiant following new UN sanctions.

    1 dead, 4 hurt in Wadi Joz clash
    Arab runs over Border Policemen; driver shot dead, corpse stolen.

  22. E.G. says:

    incognito #25,

    Unconvincing, to say the least.

  23. incognito says:

    Oops, I forgot this:

    I know, E.G. And I understand the process of denial in Israel.

    This is alarming if true…
    Lebanese Threaten Mass March on Israeli Border

    This is an escalation of the Intifada strategy. First to create the situation where Israeli soldiers have to fight using only riot control techniques, any use of firearms, even when attacked with metal pipes, rocks or knives will result in condemnation by the international community. Then these infiltration techniques mount, become a swarm, combined with an intifada type uprising in Israel.

    As we saw with the Aid Boat Jihad, 15 Israelis armed with non-lethal weapons can not control 50 peace activists attacking them with metalpipes , knives, stun grenades, Molotov cocktails, bottles, and guns. The Israelis will be have no choice but to use deadly force. The international community, especially the EU, UN and the media, will howl and demonise Israel on cue.

    These peace Jihadis are not marching on Israel in order to put flowers in their guns, they are not interested in equal rights, they intend to slit the Jews throats and beat them to death. Eventually. That is the goal in stages. But first the Israelis must be harried, terrorised, demonised, weakened and exhausted on all fronts, political, financial and military.

    With all this pressure to delegitimise and harass Israel from all sides. How can they focus their military to fend off missiles and mortars from Hezbollah and Hamas, with their patrons Syria and Iran looming with still greater threats.

    The Israeli military, intelligence and government will be too preoccupied with the swarming peace Jihad and answering all the blood libels.

    The vile international community and media will be too occupied with fabrications of Israeli war crimes each time the Israelis use minimum force to ward off a beating, knifing, abduction, missile, rocket and mortar attack.

    How can a tiny country the size of New Jersey with a Jewish population about half the population of New York City survive against an endless Jihad on all fronts, military media, and political?

  24. E.G. says:


    Call it what you wish, it doesn’t matter.
    What matters is that we’re here. Now.
    Despite everything.
    And that we count on being here tomorrow too. And they day after.
    In order to live as we think it’s worth living: ethically and in dignity.

  25. incognito says:


    I understand the preservation instinct.

    My concern is that we criticize others for failure to rely on evidence and reason, but if we do the same ourselves…

  26. incognito says:

    It looks as if the flotilla has achieved another purpose: Israel and its defenders, as well as thethe US and EU are fucking around with the flotilla instead of preparing for the conflict with Iran+Turkey axis. I argued that myself and so did Caroline Glick.

    So does now Debka:

    debkafile’s Middle East sources report the explosive developments of the last two weeks, primarily the meteoric rise of a thrusting partnership between the two non-Arab powers, Turkey and Iran, have badly rattled Arab capitals, especially when they see the Obama administration and Netanyahu government immersed in tying themselves and each other in knots over the format of an inquiry into Turkish flotilla incident.

  27. obsy says:


    a while ago in Germany, there was a chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, who started a pipeline project with Russia that costs Germany a lot of money and undermined Polish interests severely. Poland is a Neighboring state, a member of the EU and Nato and important trading partner. Well, and part of the West. Was Schröder stupid?

    Only a couple of month after he left office, he was employed in a leading position in the Russian company that is to use this pipeline.

    Germans often criticize Schröder, but only rarely for this incident. It is almost always about a social reform that virtually every economists states as necessary and effective.

    You know what?
    Insisting that Mister “my wife is proud of America for the first time in her life, now that I am president” Obama is always trying to act in US interest, but failing because of his weak mind … that is stupid!

  28. E.G. says:


    We rely on more evidence than others, but it’s a dangerous illusion to believe that we reason (and with the correct appraisal of each element) on the basis of full information.

  29. Cynic says:


    it’s a dangerous illusion to believe that we reason (and with the correct appraisal of each element) on the basis of full information.

    Aah! The unkown unkown.

  30. E.G. says:


    Has my mind become an open book to thy penetrating sight?

    I suppose it’s time for me to revert to Greek. ;-)

  31. obsy says:


    governments can and must do multiple things at once.

  32. obsy says:

    Not an Anti-Israel Demo, but interesting:

    Yesterday, left-wing demonstrators (demonstrating against social cuts in Germany) threw a self-made explosive device at policemen, injuring two severely:


    Video is linked in the article. While many people leave immediately after the device exploded, a lot of people remained. One of the first reaction was someone screaming “bravo”. The announcer asks people to continue demonstrating and not to flee from the police forces. Not even two minutes later music sets in and demonstrators start jumping up and down as if no blood had been spilled.

  33. incognito says:


    You don;t have to convince me that european and american voters are ignorant and stupid. Why else is the US and EU down the drain, you think?

    We rely on more evidence than others, but it’s a dangerous illusion to believe that we reason (and with the correct appraisal of each element) on the basis of full information.

    Nice try. But I have never claimed full information. I am arguing on the available information, which overwhelmingly confirms my arguments. If and when information becomes available that confirms your position I will be glad to accept it. REAL glad.

  34. incognito says:

    #39, 2nd part is for e.g.

  35. incognito says:

    governments can and must do multiple things at once

    yeah, most of them messes.

  36. E.G. says:


    Not available but accessible info.
    And we all suffer from the confirmation bias (underestimating if not ignoring disconfirming evidence).

    People in Israel don’t sit and worry all the time. And I don’t think they should, although they have many valid reasons to worry.

  37. mitzimi says:

    Why is it so hard for some people to believe the Palestinians leaders would harm their own people’s welfare in order to mislead world opinion? These are people who glorify suicide bombers. What’s a little hunger or disease or suffering compared to that?

  38. andrew says:

    To E.G. (item number 6) and to people interested in
    the Karsenty vs Canal Plus decision:

    1) more details: the judgment will have to be inserted
    in 3 newspapers (which ones ? it does not say so) for
    a maximum expense of 4000 euros +VAT each, payable by
    Canal Plus. Recall that , 3 weeks before the France 2 vs
    Karsenty appeal case was due for a decision, Canal Plus
    had slandered Karsenty, comparing him to people (there are some) who claimed that no plane crashed against the Pentagon on 9/11.

    2) Oops ! Canal Plus is a French TV channnel, not the French-German one (Arte) as I wrote in number 5 (a
    consequence of emotion).

    3) it seems to me that this decision is the only one
    capable of forcing major French newspapers out of their
    absolute ignorance of the case.

  39. incognito says:

    Not available but accessible info.

    Only accessible info is available.

    And we all suffer from the confirmation bias (underestimating if not ignoring disconfirming evidence).

    Absolutely. However, optimism is a survival mechanism and, therefore, advantageous psychologically, so it is more likely for people under some risk to be lured into it than into realism. Furthermore, to the extent that there are solutions to the problems, denial/optimism does not induce to seek them.

    People in Israel don’t sit and worry all the time. And I don’t think they should, although they have many valid reasons to worry.

    I twice said that it’s understandable. But one of the results is an absence of leadership. You’ve got an elite which is utterly corrupt, non-creative and lacking spine. It’s primarily this which significantly raises the existential danger, because such elites don’t have the guts to stop kissing the world’s ass and do what they have to do to win.

  40. incognito says:

    it seems to me that this decision is the only one
    capable of forcing major French newspapers out of their
    absolute ignorance of the case.

    it will make them anti-Israel even more and more sophisticated in their libeling.

  41. andrew says:


    In one sense, you are right. But I believe that, by his action, Philippe Karsenty has achieved something:
    since the al-Durah case developed (agreed, certainly not in French media), major TV channels have generally been, as a consequence, more prudent (or more elaborate ?) in propagating downright lies. Even Canal Plus inserted a few half-truths in the development at the origin of the last judiciary episode: for instance,
    that R.L. claims that there was NOT ENOUGH blood as would be expected from such a major bowel injury. Does
    this mean that he would have liked MORE blood ? your
    guess is as good as mine.

  42. E.G. says:


    Thanks for the update. Where did you get (link) the n°1 info?

  43. E.G. says:


    Sorry, not enough time to discuss these days (re-45), but we’ll be back on this issue.

    This Spengler is brilliant!

  44. incognito says:

    But I believe that, by his action, Philippe Karsenty has achieved something

    Yes, but will it make any significant difference? I very much doubt it.

  45. andrew says:


    http://www.agoravox.fr gives more information.

    Another point: Elisabeth Levy (again, in French) once
    wrote a post about the al-Durah case entitled
    ”Le parti des medias”. Her point was that there is
    strong solidarity within the journalistic class
    (right or wrong, my friend Enderlin…). The funny thing is that some internet information sites, for
    instance the one I just referred to, are actually
    quite happy to denounce the errors of the usual media,
    and behave as if there was actually some competition
    with them. Could this way to break a monoply change he picture in a few years ? of course, television will
    always have the upper hand.

  46. incognito says:

    He says it better than I do:

    Steyn on the World

  47. incognito says:


    To your question: I doubt it.

    The Western mainstream media reflects their audience.
    Read Steyn.

  48. incognito says:

    Was it obsy who claimed the US won in Iraq?

    Those who agree should read IraqPundit, e.g.:


    2 facts:

    1. An arab country is an arab country is an arab country
    2. Iran won. 1st because it is the strong horse. And 2nd because there is no mechanism by which the Iraqis who don’t want Iran to meddle can prevent it.

  49. incognito says:

    Erdogan fans anti-Israeli, Anti-American sentiments for political gain

    2 points:

    1. Erdogan has learned that the west is a muslim kiss-ass and therefore will intensify its efforts to bring Turkey into the EU rather than “open its eyes” to what he does.

    2. There is practically no difference between EU’s and Obama’s positions on Israel and the conflict.

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