Demopaths, Cognitive Warfare and the UN: On banning Islamophobia

One of the key dimensions of global Jihad’s cognitive war against the West is the need to disguise the nature of the “weak” aggressor in this asymmetrical war. If the West knew what radical Islam wanted, they’d oppose it firmly, and they’d have no chance to position themselves favorably over time. Thus, while some of them play tough cop (violent Jihadis like Osama and other Salafi Jihadis), others play nice cop, and argue they would be “moderate” if only we treated them fairly.

Since this desire on the part of violent, fascist, even genocidal Islamic triumphalists who want to create a global Dar al Islam, is so ferocious and painful to contemplate, most liberals prefer to believe their demopathic pretences to moderation. As Barry Rubin points out, in some ways, the media tells us things that will pacify us, and keeps the bad news – news that might swell the voting ranks of (gasp!) conservatives and hawks — out of sight.

This approach has, by and large, dominated the approach of the MSNM for the last decade. The results: a president who thinks he can charm the Muslim world, even the radicals, and whose advisors think that it’s best not to even speak of “radical Islam” lest we offend “true Muslims” who know that any violence is against the “true teachings” of Islam – a useful infidel’s fatwa against Osama and his ilk, if you will. Shades of Grima Wormtongue literally sickening King Theoden of Rohan in The Two Towers.

(Note that I took this from a site which posted in 2008, suggesting that McCain was Theoden, and his advisors Wormtongue. I think that gets it exactly wrong. Tolkien, who had the Nazis in mind, had Wormtongue as a councilor of appeasement, in league with the warmonger Saruman, arguing that Rohen should not go to war.)

Of course, it’s hard not to notice the raging bull behind the curtain. And Muslims are becoming increasingly aware that their “Islam is a religion of peace” mantra is wearing thin. So what do they do? Go to the UN and ask it to ban Islamophobia in the name of “human rights.”

HT for much of this post to Elder of Ziyon.

Muslim states seek UN action on West’s “islamophobia”
16 Jun 2010 17:37:06 GMT
Source: Reuters
* Want investigation into West’s media on religion
* Say racism, xenophobia rife in Europe
* Part of majority group on U.N. rights council
By Robert Evans

GENEVA, June 16 (Reuters) – Muslim states said on Wednesday that what they call “islamophobia” is sweeping the West and its media and demanded that the United Nations take tougher action against it.

Delegates from Islamic countries, including Pakistan and Egypt, told the United Nations Human Rights Council that treatment of Muslims in Western countries amounted to racism and discrimination and must be fought.

“People of Arab origin face new forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance and experience discrimination and marginalisation,” an Egyptian delegate said, according to a U.N. summary.

And Pakistan, speaking for the 57-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC), said the council’s special investigator into religious freedom should look into such racism “especially in Western societies”.

Acting for the OIC, Pakistan has tabled a resolution at the council instructing its special investigator on religious freedom “to work closely with mass media organisations to ensure that they create and promote an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for religious and cultural diversity”.

The OIC — and its allies in the 47-nation council including Russia, China and Cuba — dub criticism of Muslim practices and linking of terrorism waged under the proclaimed banner of Islamism as “islamophobia” that pillories all Muslims.


Diplomats say the resolution, which also tells the investigator to make recommendations to the Human Rights Council on how its strictures might be implemented, is bound to pass given the majority the OIC and its allies have in the body.

The countries of the majority group, which also include India and Brazil, ensure that its members and their friends outside the council — such as Sri Lanka and Iran — are shielded from any serious criticism of their rights record.
The group ensures that council fire is largely aimed at Israel over its occupation of Palestinian territories and treatment of people living there as well as on the Israeli blockade of Hamas-ruled Gaza…

Pure demopathy. And reminiscent of this:

And what kinds of things can we not mention, lest we be guilty of the crime of Islamophobia? Oh, something like this sermon delivered in Gaza on June 11, 2010 and aired on Al-Aqsa TV (imagine how much we don’t hear):

Preacher: Whoever believes that our battle with the Jews and the Crusaders has subsided or is dormant is living in delusions. Do you know why, oh distinguished people? Do you know why the conflict continues and will continue until the Day of Judgment? Because the Communist East and the Capitalist West fear nothing as much as they fear the proclamation that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger. They fear nothing as much as they fear the words “Allah Akbar.”
The Jews are convinced that their annihilation and the destruction of their state will never be accomplished by secular, reactionary, pan-Arab, or Ba’thist regimes. Their annihilation and the destruction of their state will only be achieved through Islam, by those who bow before Allah.
Russia and the US may have their disagreements, but when the Prophet Muhammad is the enemy, they forget their differences. This is a fact.

And that’s a drop in the bucket.

Maybe we can invoke Eric Holder and John Brennan and say, it’s not Islamophobia to denounce these folks wherever we find them because they’re not “really” Muslims.

In any case, the grotesque hypocrisy of the Muslims in these matters, whether Erdogan and his buddies calling the Marmara the equivalent of 9-11, or the Palestinians, who plan to beat Israel by demographic growth accusing Israel of genocide, or the entrepreneur behind the Ground Zero Mega-Mosque, or the Boston Mega-Mosque, insisting that it’s to honor freedom of religion, must be recognized for what it is.

Of course the aggressive folly of the useful infidels who honor Erdogan, echo the accusations of genocide, present the builders of Mega-Mosques, and groups like IHH and even Hamas as true moderates, makes it hard for the uninformed observer to understand what’s going on.

The person (or entity) that cannot spot malevolent hypocrisy is a suicidal fool. What a pathetic epitaph.

21 Responses to Demopaths, Cognitive Warfare and the UN: On banning Islamophobia

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  2. Lorenz Gude says:

    It has been obvious since not long after 9/11 that only a portion of Western peoples got it that they would have to fight the islamofascist jihadis sooner or later. I think people are slowly and quietly developing conscious Islamaphobia. That’s the good kind. Things like Ft Hood and Times Square add to the ranks of the people who get it. But we need something larger – a more effective ‘man caused disaster’ could leave the present American Administration in failure mode. Avoiding this outcome was why I voted for McCain. Just now, it looks like Obama may be getting out of Afghanistan very quickly. Once we back off they will be emboldened and you can bet those predator strikes in the Tribal territories have them ‘mad as hell’ precisely because they are an effective reply to asymmetric war. They are determined, angry, and the West is retreating.So they will continue to attack until we wise up. I am not terribly fussed if Israel takes out the Iranian nukes – if she can – despite all the trouble it will probably cause. Better fight them sooner or later.

  3. incognito says:

    I think people are slowly and quietly developing conscious Islamaphobia.

    Islamophobia AND islamofear.

    a more effective ‘man caused disaster’ could leave the present American Administration in failure mode.

    Not failure. It’s not gonna do much about it by design. It’s gonna use it to further appease the jihadis.

    So they will continue to attack until we wise up.

    Even if we will — and I doubt it — it’s too late. Welcome to the post-west.

    Read Lee Smith latest.

  4. Eliyahu says:

    We know that some fanatic Judeophobes operating in the paranoid mode fantasize that Jews control the world or certain countries. For instance, American neo-Nazis and agitprop academics like walt-mearsheimer accuse the “Israel Lobby” of controlling US foreign policy.

    I would not accuse the Muslim states of controlling the world. But Islamic states organized in the Organization of the Islamic Conference are the largest cohesive bloc in the UN [circa 56 state members]. The OIC exerts great influence over UN doings, especially the mislabelled UN “human rights council”. The OIC has issued its own Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam which is meant to compete and perhaps supplant the 1948 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Cairo Declaration vitiates, cancels out, parts of the 1948 Universal Declaration. Yet the OIC dominates the UNhrc.

    As everyone knows or ought to know, the UNhrc protects Muslim states from criticism for their horrid human rights records, focussing a high percentage of its time on alleged Israeli wrongdoings. Anybody who collaborates with the OIC or the UNHRC is objectively and/or subjectively pro-fascist, an enemy of human rights.

  5. Michelle Schatzman says:

    If one looks at the report by Mr Doudou Diène, special rapporteur on racial discrimination for the UNHRC, one finds out that the most important problem for him is islamophobia. The UNHRC is definitely a demopathic institution : using democracy in order to destroy one of the main attributes of democracy, i.e. freedom of spech, thought, religion (or no religion).

    A good read, indeed :

  6. Michelle Schatzman says:

    Better to click on this :

  7. incognito says:


    The post-west world is upside down and backwards: they demonize jews for “controlling the world” and they protect and facilitate islamists whose DECLARED objective is to subjugate the world under sharia.

    I’ve stated this before and I will again: in this circumstances the west should actually experience the human rights after Sharia.

    But that’s only because I am old enough to get out of this world before that will happen.

  8. incognito says:

    Forget cognitive warfare:

    Weathering the approaching storm

  9. incognito says:

    The Israeli government has decided to ease its blockade of the Gaza Strip, earning it kudos from the United Nations and contempt from Hamas, which dismisses it as a public-relations stunt. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri accuses Israel of manipulating public opinion by allowing more goods in, but there has been no shortage of misleading information from his side already.

    Now, doesn’t this take the cake?

    Upside down world or what?

    • thetaye says:

      No matter what Israel does, it can’t win. What Hamas and its ilk don’t like isn’t exactly what Israel is doing but Israel itself. But that’s stating the obvious, isn’t it?

  10. incognito says:

    Are You Sick Of Reading News From Iran? I Am Not. I’ll Share Mine With You.

  11. obsy says:

    Dirk Niebel, German Federal Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, attacks Israel for preventing him from entering Gaza to visit a German funded facility:,1518,701766,00.html

    The first reports that I read looked like he was not allowed to enter Israel and no reason was given. The one above is much better ― thanks to the Central Council of Jews in Germany.

    As it is known (to some) that all politician are prevented from entering Gaza, this looks like a staging of a “Free Gaza” action that this member of the government of a befriended country did.

    FDP, Niebel’s party, had connections to Anti-Israelism and alleged illegal Arab funding a decade ago:

    I guess this scheme is not meant for the public, because attention is on world cup and (non-public) reelection of the German president.

  12. incognito says:


    Those who think that Germany, of all places, has killed the anti-semitic virus are gravely mistaken, particularly now that they are full of Turks whom Erdogan instigate.

    Now that the whole world’s antisemitism is out of the sack, just watch the Germans revert to their good old selves.

  13. E.G. says:

    I don’t think Germans are more anti-Semitic than others.
    Nor less either.

  14. incognito says:

    I don’t think Germans are more anti-Semitic than others. Nor less either.

    Only because the rest of the world has scaled up to their level.

    Anyway, I did not say they are MORE anti-semitic. I said that in the new world atmosphere they will readily reveal their anti-semitism which they have kept hidden for a while.

  15. obsy says:


    I don’t think the incident was intended for voters in Germany (and therefore not aimed a german anti-semitism). It would be the worst possible time for this.

    My guesses:
    Either this federal Ministry did a terrible bad job in preparing this trip and now try to cover up by playing the bully, or it is intended to ensure/revive Arab funding by showing actions (of this party or a block of this party) against Israel.

  16. incognito says:


    None of that negates my argument about german anti-semitism.

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