Dupes or Demopaths? Homeland Security wants to deport “Son of Hamas”

I’ve seen various items on this and couldn’t believe that it was true (or at least, that it would continue very long). It would be just too stupid and vicious…

The Department of Homeland Security wants to deport Joseph (Masab) Yousef, the “Son of Hamas,” who has so ringingly denounced the cult of death spawned by his father and other Hamas leaders.

But it looks like it’s for real (see his facebook page). Which raises a question for me.

I’m not given to conspiracy theories, but I’m not stupid enough to think that they don’t happen. I’ve read Paul Sperry’s disturbing Inflitration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington, which I find perfectly plausible. And given the paralyzing political correctness of the current administration, which couldn’t recognize a “radical Islamist,” much less denounce him or her, why would Radical Islamists not take advantage of our principled stupidity?

They’re not that stupid.

So I want to know: Who in the Department of Homeland Security put together a set of quotes from Yousef’s book to make him look like a spy for Hamas? Either he’s a complete idiot, or he’s doing Hamas’ work. The odds stack up as follows: either someone, in good faith, completely misread the book (how did he find it without knowing what it’s about?), or someone has infiltrated Homeland Security and is working to kick Yousef out as a message to anyone else who thinks USA is safe haven from Muslim enforcers.

I hate to say it, but they’re probably both plausible. I just think it’s worth knowing which is the case.

United States looking to deport ‘Son of Hamas’ spy
By Avi Issacharoff
U.S. authorities are seeking to deport Mosab Hassan Yousef, the “Green Prince,” who reportedly worked as a Shin Bet security service agent from 1997-2007.

Yousef, who now lives in the United States, had unparalleled access to Hamas, which his father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, helped found and led in the West Bank. He first described his experiences to Haaretz earlier this year, and has since published a book, “Son of Hamas,” on the subject.

Recently, however, the Department of Homeland Security asked a California court to approve his deportation, on the grounds that he “provided material support to a [Tier 1] terrorist organization” – namely, Hamas.

The request is based on quotes from Yousef’s book, “Son of Hamas” – in which he described how he worked within Hamas to obtain information for the Shin Bet. Taken out of context, the quotes make it seem as if he worked for the group.

A San Diego immigration court is to hear the case on June 30. Yousef said he will appeal if it rules against him.

The deportation request is the Department of Homeland Security’s response to Yousef’s asylum application. Yousef, who converted to Christianity in 2005, wrote on his blog that he was stunned by the move.

“If Homeland Security cannot understand a simple situation like mine, how can they be trusted with bigger issues?” he demanded.

MK Einat Wilf (Labor ), a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, recently began collecting MKs’ signatures on a letter thanking Yousef for his contribution to Israel’s security.

Shades of Reutersgate 2.0
. We need to know who did this job of cropping.

In the meantime, sign the petition.

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  2. Eliyahu says:

    Maybe John Brennan gave the order to get Yousef out of the country. That would fit his “Muslim outreach” endeavors.

  3. Lorenz Gude says:

    I remember the frisson of inward despair I felt the night Bush created the super-bureaucracy of Homeland Security. Butter on a rich oily layer of Progressive political correctness and they get things bassakwards even without any help from the jihadis. On the other hand, as I recall Arabic translators were caught batting for the other side during the Bush years. So, yes both explanations are plausible.

  4. incognito says:

    I’ve seen a reference that the deportation may be some payoff for Hamas engagement, which I would not put past this administration.

    I urge everybody to read Lee Smith’s article which I linked to and even quoted in a few other threads here.
    A must read.

  5. incognito says:

    He is as usual very good:

    The Return of the Ottomans
    The sick man of Europe is back and causing ­trouble again.
    BY Lee Smith

  6. incognito says:

    Paris Police Scrap “Sausage and Booze” Fearing Muslim Response

  7. incognito says:

    Off topic, but have Spengler and Steyn been proven right or what:

    Gulf War Three
    Mark Steyn

  8. Ayatollah Ghilmeini says:

    This is the most disgraceful and despicable thing ever done by Obama. This is on par with shipping Elian Gonzalez back to Castro or the Russian sailor in the 80s.

  9. incognito says:

    Syria’s sharper tone vis-à-vis the U.S. should be examined in the context of what Syria considers to be the consolidation of a new regional and world order. In an interview with the Italian daily La Republicca, .Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad noted the historic change denoted by the challenge to U.S. hegemony by countries such as China, Brazil, and Russia. He added that an alliance was being formed among Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Russia based on mutual interests, and that this alliance would ultimately redraw the map of the Middle East.

  10. John P. says:

    I think there is a move afoot to make an example of Yosuf and tyo demonstrate that those betraying or obstructing islamist objectives in Israel ( or elswhere)will no longer find safe haven in America.

    I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid as to misinterrept his book to such an extent. If, however, some clueless quango actually did, then we’re really in hot water.

  11. Michelle Schatzman says:

    The petition has trouble taking off. This is very disquieting.

  12. incognito says:

    If, however, some clueless quango actually did, then we’re really in hot water.

    They ARE clueless.

    The petition has trouble taking off. This is very disquieting.

    I noticed that myself when I signed. But:

    1. Whoever is doing this is not gonna be affected by the petition. The US govt is desperately trying to appease the islamists, who have nothing but contempt for it and the more contempt it gets the more desperately it appeases. It is making sure that America will never be able to rise again.

    2. I’ve always doubted the polls on which people rely to believe that the US population is significantly different than in the rest of the world. It is one thing to respond to a survey and quite another to take an action consistent with that support.

  13. incognito says:

    I asked Helen Thomas about Israel. Her answer revealed more than you think.
    By David F. Nesenoff

    To quote:

    In the past weeks I have relived this moment over and over, on television and radio, in newspapers and blogs. I’ve listened to a constant stream of commentary. And my sharpest impression is this: Where before I saw a foggy anti-Israel, anti-Jewish link, it’s now clear. This feeling is not about statehood. It’s about an ingrown, organic hate. It’s a sentiment that bears no connection to history, dates, passages or verses. Erase the facts, the dates and the lore. Erase the Jew. Incredibly, even the Nazis said to the Jews, “Go home to Palestine.” But Thomas and a babbling stream in our world and country dictate to Jewish people to “go home to Poland and Germany.” Yeah, I said “oooh.”

    But most still won’t wake up.

  14. andrew says:

    Here is a short text, by Shmuel Trigano (reproduced from http://www.controverses.fr or http://www.controverses.com (I do not remember),
    which is, I believe, worth reading.

    Shmuel Trigano, le 11 juin 2010

    Il ne faut pas recourir à des périphrases. L’affaire dite de « la flottille » nous a donné la triste occasion d’assister à une crise antisémite virulente qui a pour spécificité de n’avoir embrasé, pour l’instant, que l’opinion, quoique ici où là aient pointé des velléités d’agression, heureusement inabouties. Par opinion, j’entends les médias, les manifestations sur la voie publique, l’unanimité du discours public tant du côté des leaders d’opinion, qui se relaient de plateaux TV en plateaux TV, que du côté des hommes politiques.

    Cette crise est cyclique : elle se reproduit épisodiquement (Djénine, Gaza, etc.), c’est à dire que la potentialité de l’explosion est latente et permanente, ne demandant qu’une occasion de l’actualité pour se matérialiser. C’est une véritable bombe à retardement et la question urgente que les autorités doivent se poser très sérieusement est de savoir ce qu’elle annonce comme événement grave. Il y a en effet une forme de répétition générale dans ces explosions périodiques. Un climat se crée; un paysage se met en place dans lequel le passage à l’acte se produira naturellement. Depuis 10 ans, nous assistons à la progression de cette évolution sans avoir réussi à convaincre la société nationale de sa gravité. Nul doute qu’avec la pseudo « flottille » nous avons franchi une nouvelle étape qui lève l’ambigüité des discours en demi-teinte.

    La spécificité de cet antisémitisme tient à ce qu’il prend Israël pour cible tout en ayant une portée directement locale. Ainsi, les courants de l’immigration, qui se livrent à des manifestations de rue, utilisent-ils la cause palestinienne pour s’affirmer sur la scène politique française. Ainsi, des partis marginaux comme les Verts et les Communistes contribuent-ils intentionnellement à enflammer les esprits pour se renflouer. Ainsi, des hommes politiques comme de Villepin utilisent-ils l’hostilité à Israël pour se promouvoir, exactement à la façon de Dieudonné : une sortie sur Israël vous procure du charisme. Le lendemain de ses paroles violentes sur France 2, il visitait les « jeunes » de Saint-Denis et leur adressait un discours… D’autres expressions radicales témoignent par ailleurs de cette étape, comme celles de Roland Dumas, ou le livre de Régis Debray qui met en cause les Juifs de France pour leur identification à Israël.

    Les foyers de ce nouvel antisémitisme ne concernent donc pas uniquement les milieux de l’immigration et de l’islam mais aussi l’ensemble du réseau médiatique qui ne fait qu’attiser l’hostilité en créant un climat de scandale permanent.

    A quoi sert pour les pouvoirs publics de lutter contre l’antisémitisme si cet embrasement se produit en roue libre ? On se demande d’ailleurs ce qu’ils peuvent faire dans une société que nous croyions libre et démocratique mais dont cette unanimité violente ne vérifie pas la réalité concrète. L’opinion est en proie à une idéologie, une croyance de type quasi religieux. Les efforts d’information, de raisonnement, de démonstration ne suffisent pas à déraciner les idées fausses qui la structurent. Un réel fantastique s’est superposé à la réalité, ruinant toute interpellation.

    Dans les commandos des organisations pro-palestiniennes (pour le boycott) on trouve de jeunes militants mystiquement convaincus, qui ne sont pas tous – loin de là – originaires de l’immigration. Dans le moindre coin de France, vous avez un « Comité Palestine ». C’est dire la profondeur de la foi palestiniste.

    Cet engagement mystique rejoue cependant, sans cesse, la même scène qui repose sur des mythes archaïques. Tous ces scandales promus au nom de la morale, toutes ces condamnations fustigeant l’inhumanité des Juifs, leur violence cruelle envers les enfants (ainsi l’expression d’« assaut meurtrier contre la flottille humanitaire », sans doute forgée par l’AFP, met en réseau symbolique le « meurtre » et « l’humanité »), toute cette réprobation se rejouent de façon très archaïque la scène du déicide et de la Passion, du meurtre rituel qui lui est lié.

    Quel spectacle 60 ans après la Shoah ! Il annonce sans doute l’éclipse terminale de l’Esprit en Europe.

    *A partir d’une chronique sur Radio J, le11 juin 2010.

  15. obsy says:


    did you read the comments about Iran’s persecution of opponents in western countries (incl. USA after Obama changed the laws) which Daniel and I posted a few weeks ago?


    Comments: 36, 37, 39, 48, 64, 178 (e.g.)

    Not interpol, but interesting (esp. in comparison to the reactions to the alleged Mossad case in Dubai):


    Comment 24

    On the other hand, interpol does not seem to persecute inside of Iran:


  16. Michelle Schatzman says:

    If you want to have fun with french media, I recommend the reports of the demonstration which took place yesterday in Belleville by a large, mostly of far-eastern origin population.

    The official reason for the demonstration was «insécurité», i.e. a significant number of violent agressions against the far-eastern people living in this area, by some youth.




    What is interesting is that the tale told by the newspapers is quite different from what one can make up from the testimonies in the talk-backs. The agressors are mostly from North-African and sub-saharian African descent. The demonstration was peaceful, until a youth, exterior to the demonstration (guess his origins : nobody says anything) stole the hand bag of a lady inside the demonstration. Then, about 50 people from the demonstration caught the perp and delivered him to the police, who not only did not arrest the guy, but started hitting the people who had caught him. He disappeared behind the police. Then, the demonstration became violent, cars were turned over by some demonstrators, and eventually, the police came back, with larger forces and reestablished the quiet.

    What is impressive is that :

    the three newspapers use the same AFP source

    they never say clearly what seems to have been the cause of the demonstration or the reason why it became violent

    they call “chinese” people who could have come as well from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia or China itself ; this is an ethnic description. But they shy away from the ethnic description of the agressors and originators of insecurity de nounced by the demonstration

    they say nothing bad about the police, which seem to have acted against republican rules. The french law says that any citizen can arrest the author of an illegal act, if he sees the act being committed, and it is his or her duty to do so, in case of possible bodily harm.

  17. sshender says:

    Prof. Landes’ daughter Aliza is profiled in Haaretz as head of the IDF’s “new media desk”. A good read:


    And the EoZ blog has an excellent post on The symbiosis of Western guilt and Eastern shame
    with a reproduction of an article by Shelby Steele and and his own spot on epilogue. A must read:


  18. incognito says:


    Here is a short text, by Shmuel Trigano (reproduced from

    Similar piece by Shelby Steele in WSJ. And many others, including the US not just Europe by rabbi who exposed Helen Thomas.


    The French elite is scared shitless of muslim violence and have turned, in essence, into dhimmis, protecting them and facilitating whatever they wanna do. The Asians have not been violent, at least till now.

    This is true of most EU countries and a major explanatory factor in the anti-Israel policy of their govts. EU has replaced its jewry with muslims and the chickens come home to roost.

  19. incognito says:

    BTW, I disagree with Trigano that the “crises” against Israel are cyclical. They have been until now, but from now on be afarid, be very afraid.

  20. incognito says:

    A Politically Correct War
    Nine years after 9/11, we still don’t know how to deal with radical Islam.

    Underlying this article is the inability of the left to deal with conflicts which do not lie on the left-right continuum. Their dogma imposes this continuum of everything when islamism has nothing to do with it.

    That’s why they keep forcing a class-struggle on islmism — “they are moved by poverty or lack of economic development — even though the evidence is overwhelming that this is not the case, just the opposite. Their dogma limits them and is irrelevant.

    This is in part why they don’t comprehend the roots of the problem, ignore rather than address jihadist ideology and continue to pump money into Hamas and Fatah (Obama and Hillary have just allocated more funds to Gaza), which achieves the exact opposite: it funds and pumps up the jihad and the jihadis see that they are dealing with idiots.

    To those who do not comprehend why leftists are in bed with islamists, this is the main reason: lefties are blinded by their purely materialist doctrine to the real roots of the islamism — seeing them as just another oppressed makes it easy for them to ally with them.

    This is not to say that the islamists are not materialists in the sense that they aspire to the riches of the west (indeed, what makes the pals accept a crappy life today is the hope that they will get Israel’s riches tomorrow). But this materialism is rooted in the islamic doctrine of dominating and subjugating the infidel, and not in the economic class struggle of the left, and the former is quite anathema to the latter, to which the left is blind.

  21. incognito says:

    Good News and Bad

    Stop the illusion/delusion that the US is different.

  22. incognito says:

    Watch this:

    MSNBC, Joke Network

    Mainstream media.

  23. incognito says:

    Another thing our friend Rostrom does not seem to get, and David Thompson readily explains:


    These are the people who most likely ally with the islamists and probably for the same reason: they think they can avoid the effects of sharia on the plebos, who must live with the consequences. I wish it the other way around: impose sharia only on them and leave the rest of us outside it.

  24. incognito says:

    Here it is in all Israel’s glory — the suicidal stupidity which won’t stop:

    The high price of coalition stability

    Please don’t tell me I’m a pessimist anymore. Between the west and Israel’s own elite they must as well lie down in coffins.

  25. incognito says:

    Barak and Barack — two idiots.

  26. incognito says:

    Do you see any outrage and UN investigations?

    In the first four months of this year, NATO forces killed some 90 civilians, up 76 percent from the same period in 2009 – a record that has created tremendous resentment among the very population that COIN theory is intent on winning over. In February, a Special Forces night raid ended in the deaths of two pregnant Afghan women and allegations of a cover-up, and in April, protests erupted in Kandahar after U.S. forces accidentally shot up a bus, killing five Afghans. “We’ve shot an amazing number of people,” McChrystal recently conceded.

    From the interview of Gen. McChrystal

  27. incognito says:


    One soldier shows me the list of new regulations the platoon was given. “Patrol only in areas that you are reasonably certain that you will not have to defend yourselves with lethal force,” the laminated card reads. For a soldier who has traveled halfway around the world to fight, that’s like telling a cop he should only patrol in areas where he knows he won’t have to make arrests. “Does that make any fucking sense?” asks Pfc. Jared Pautsch. “We should just drop a fucking bomb on this place. You sit and ask yourself: What are we doing here?”

    IOW, you either kill civilians and lose the population or you don’t and lose the war. And western military seem to be doing both simulataneously. Why would the jihadis give up?

  28. incognito says:

    The whole thing. MUST READ.

    Stanley McChrystal: The runaway general

  29. incognito says:

    Where are the Chinese when you need them?

    Sharia Comes to Michigan

  30. Joanne says:

    I signed the petition, and I hope it does some good.

    I cannot understand the stunning stupidity of the decision to deport this guy. I’ve seen videos about him. He seems to be a genuine convert to the anti-Hamas cause.

    Of course he helped Hamas at first. He grew up in the movement. The guy is in fact a defector. Should we blame a defector for what he did before his defection, especially when he was very young? This is outrageous.

    And think about what will happen to him if he goes back home, or to areas of Europe where he won’t be safe. I cannot believe the inanity here.

    Unless someone deep inside Homeland Security came up with impeccable documentation showing him to be a sleeper, and his defection to be a blind. Yeah…sure.

  31. Michelle Schatzman says:

    Today’s news : Yousef’s case has been taken care of favorably.

  32. Mike N says:

    Can you dig up the links for the Ramadan series “Horse without a carriage”? is that what it’s called that played on Ramadan in Syria and/or Egypt with Arab actors playing rabbis taking the blood of a Palestinian kid?

    Also do you have a link for the story about the Italian reporter that had mass footage of Palestinian celebration post 9/11 but was threatened by the PLO and then at the footage for the cause?

  33. incognito says:

    Today’s news : Yousef’s case has been taken care of favorably.

    You know, I signed that petition and I am relieved that he got asylum, but I was very underimpressed by his interview with the Israeli TV. But I am willing to judge him on his deeds rather than his interviews.

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