Ouch: BP Ad from 1999

Can we call this ironic? (HT/YK)

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  1. rl says:

    ouch. doubly ironic. this guy sent me some other stuff that snopes said was fake. i shd have checked.

  2. Eliyahu says:

    But Judy Klinghoffer reports that BP had the worst or one of the worst safety records among the oil majors, while at the same time playing up to the “ecology” and tree-hugging crowd and winning their sympathy as an oil company that was looking for sustainable replacements for petroleum.

  3. I’ve been following the oil spill here at the direct undersea feeds.

  4. Gringo says:

    As an engineer on drilling rigs in a previous lifetime, my response to what BP did on the day that the well blew out was what were these idiots thinking? BP made decisions based on bean counting, not on engineering. It was no accident that the Transocean people had profound disagreements with BP that day, and that they based their disagreement on BP’s previous plans.

  5. Eliyahu says:

    Gringo, thanks for some professional insight. As a non-professional in this field, it seems to me that BP was egregiously responsible for what happened back in April [what you say supports what Judy Klinghoffer said about BP recklessness about safety]. But once the disaster happened then it was the Federal govt’s problem too, that is, Obama’s problem. And it seems that he didn’t do much concrete to help the situation, to save the environment of the bayous [his followers’ oh so precious environment], to stop the leak and the flow of oil to the shore. So he too is responsible. It seems to me –tell me if I’m wrong– that the Feds could have done a lot to prevent some of the environmental damage that has already taken place. Naturally, Obama and his gang blame BP, while for weeks they seem to have mainly sat back and watched.

    Is this a reasonable view of what happened?

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