Goldstone Again: What to make of the Israeli Response

It’s time to take up Goldstone again. The Israelis have released the results of their investigation in four parts, and at some point in the not too distant future, they’ll release their final findings.

The Operation in Gaza: Factual and Legal Aspects (July 2009)
Gaza Operation Investigations: Update (Jan 2010)
ITIC: Hamas and the Terror Threat from the Gaza Strip (March 2010)
Gaza Operation Investigations: Second Update (July 2010)

I am preparing with others a systematic study comparing Goldstone’s findings with those of the Israeli army. I’ll post up each significant incident in turn.

Right now, I want to suggest reading two pieces, one pro, one contra Goldstone. Comments welcome.

Elder of Ziyon, Goldstone: Asymmetric Legal Warfare

Yaniv Reich, New Israeli report on Operation Cast Lead confirms Goldstone report’s main findings

7 Responses to Goldstone Again: What to make of the Israeli Response

  1. incognito says:

    I wonder how many in the west will read the Israeli reports?

    The damage done by anti-Israel forces are instant and very hard to reverse later.

    There is ample evidence that the MSM and anti-Israel bloggers continue to rely on and link to the various Goldstone kind of of sources a long time after they are dispelled, and actually never stop.

  2. Lorenz Gude says:

    The basic experience of reading the two suggested articles is that it is hard to tell they are talking about the same thing. Chicken coops! Forced to search with a gun to his head! Jousting narratives.

    Bang!! The glistening hammer ricochets off the two by eight and sails off against the clear blue sky. My father is building chicken coops and has smashed his finger with the hammer and hurled it in fury. It is 1944. I am two years old. I am the only person still living who remembers this moment but I know it happened. There are others, still living, who remember what happened in Poland in 1944. Truth exists. We experience it. Not just the sense experience, although I think that is more important than Kant and others would have us believe. No, I mean the truth they speak about in Barcelona at the bullfights – ‘the moment of truth’.

  3. Barry Meislin says:

    Martin Kramer has linked to Peter Berkowitz’s comprehensive analysis of the report.

    It is a most disturbing evisceration.

  4. incognito says:

    Efraim Karsh on UK anti-semitism:

    Shimon Peres versus the Brits

    There must have been something there if it induced Peres, one of the foremost ass-kisers of the west, to say it publicly.

  5. incognito says:

    The MSM propaganda machine on the Lebanon border incident:

    Today’s Example of Ridiculous Media Bias Against Israel

    They don’t even bother to check anymore, just automatically blame Israel.

    This will end badly at some point.

  6. akmofo says:


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