My latest piece at PJTV: Cotler, Rubenstein and Herzberg on Iran and the NGO giants

Time to Name and Shame: Iran’s Human Rights Violations

Bibliographical notes to the above piece:

Background Material:

Cotler’s Report: The Danger of a Nuclear, Genocidal, Right Violating Iran (PDF)

Executive Summary

Endorsers (PDF)

Elihu D. Richter and Alex Barnea, “Tehran’s Genocidal Incitement against Israel,” Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2009, pp. 45-51.

Op-Ed on the report in Ottowa Citizen.

Cotler Impresses Australian NGOs

The Three Human Rights NGOs Cotler commended for their work:

1) United against a nuclear Iran

2) Stop the Bomb

3) International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

Global Human-Rights NGO Giants and their Critics

Human Rights Watch on Iran

Amnesty International on Iran

NGO Monitor, the major critic of the Human Rights NGOs tendency to pick on democracies.

NGO Monitor’s Critique of HRW:

NGO Monitor’s Critique of Amnesty International:

Aggressive Lack of Solidarity against Iran

Israel ambassador to Portugal reprimanded for Iran comments JPost 7/14/10

Why is German Public Television Courting Ahmadinejad’s Media? The Weekly Standard

Benjamin Weinthal, “Germany’s chance to get serious on sanctions” JPost

Benjamin Weinthal, “Germany robs sanctions of their power” JPost’

Russian and Chinese Support for Teheran

Attacks from the Left:

Richard Silverstein attacks an anti-Iranian NGO – hint, not on content but smear by association)

Norman Finkelstein’s attack on Cotler. Much projection.

While the [Western] NGOs are away, focusing on their own culture’s violations, groups like Hamas will play…

Hamas’ culture of impunity in violations of the human rights of Gazans

translation here.

Possible Sanctions/Attacks on Iran

AP: Ex-CIA chief: Strike on Iran seems more likely now

Elise Cooper, “Former CIA Director Sets the Record Straight Regarding His Comments on an Iran Attack,” PJMedia

CHARMAINE NORONHA (AP), “Canada imposes tougher sanctions against IranWashington Post, July 26, 2010.

EU tightens sanctions over Iran nuclear programme BBC, July 26, 2010

More extensive bibliography of recent articles at The Israel Project.

23 Responses to My latest piece at PJTV: Cotler, Rubenstein and Herzberg on Iran and the NGO giants

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  2. Lorenz Gude says:

    Your PJTV piece is truly a superb piece of PoMo irony RL. It is so different to present, po faced, your counter narrative when playing the role of the Olympian TV presenter instead of the penetrating academic essayist. Damn, it stirred me up so much I had to go out in the back garden and play fight with my pet roo for half an hour.

  3. Cynic says:

    What is it with PJTV that I cannot get to watch their videos?
    YouTube is no problem.


    Maybe you could expand a bit just to satisfy my curiosity?

  4. incognito says:

    Of course, there is nothing new here.

    As I have been arguing for years, the world is upside down and backwards when you have Iran and Lybia elected to human rights and particularly women rights int’l bodies.

    But it’s OK: the world is getting what it deserves. It does pay the proper price for its shameful and suicidal behavior.

  5. Cynic says:

    Talking about upside down how’s this
    New UK Premier David Cameron employs extreme rhetoric against Israel

    Britain’s new Conservative Prime Minister, David Cameron, is being quoted on Tuesday as employing the kind of deeply hostile rhetoric against Israel that is more usually associated with the extremist and activist community or with well known detractors of the Jewish state in the British media.

  6. incognito says:

    Yes, I noticed that.

    And he pushes to accept Turkey in the EU too.

    Looks like the muslim mass, societal and financial collapse in the UK mean that no government, whether conservative, liberal or labor, feels free to change foreign policies.

    Which is the real end of EU civilization, once these things happen.

  7. incognito says:

    Melanie Phillips explains Cameron:

    Note his claim of a difference between Islam and its extremist version. It was Erdogan himself who denied that there is extremist Islam — there is only Islam.
    Cameron did not even know he said that.

  8. Lorenz Gude says:


    MacLuhan says look at the form – don’t be distracted by the red meat of content. So here is RL delivering content very close to what is normally delivered on Augean Stables. The big difference is the form. We accept the TV news form so unconsciously that RL can slipstream his content into it just like he was an ordinary reporter. It is like palming off a Degas as the real thing, except the irony is that RL’s report is reasonably true while the MSNM version is demonstrably fake. Delicious. If you were inquiring about the roo – sorry, I have nothing more to say on that topic. ;-)

  9. incognito says:

    Must read: Rubin on Cameron

    Now please tell me the west has not collapsed?

  10. Eliyahu says:

    Ben-Dror Yemini of Ma`ariv [quoted on the Stables before] reports the manic, fanatic, unquestioning Israelophobia of some of the beneficiaries of the New Israel Fund. A young woman social worker who thought that NIF funding was meant to improve Israeli society, not destroy it, was shocked and distressed by a seminar conducted for a week or so [apparently] in the desert [a place of isolation] supposed to develop leadership for “social change.” She found that most of her seminar fellows [apparently all women, many if not mostly Arabs] were extremely hostile to Israel, wanted to destroy the state, compared it to Nazi Germany, etc.
    The NGO Monitor has translated this young woman’s heartfelt letter to Daniel Sokatch, the NIF leader, asking what was going on. NGOMt has also translated Yemini’s account of the affair of the young woman’s distress. That is all very interesting and important in showing what kind of people and groups NIF finances [with cooperation from the Ford Foundation]. It clearly finances extremely anti-Israel bodies and persons, despite NIF’s claims made earlier this year that it did no such thing, etc.

    I also recommend that those who read French look at the commentary and analysis of this episode by Mark Brzustowski on the [and lessakele] site. He discerns psychological methods for shaping consciousness and conscience. His commentary is on the upper link. The NGO Monitor translations from Yemini and the young woman are in English on the NGOM site at the lower link.

  11. Cynic says:


    Your link to the WSJ is useless to us who have no subscription.
    Maybe you could have provided a a précis for us to better understand the WSJ’s point of view?

  12. incognito says:

    I don’t have a subscription either. I provided the link for those who have it.

  13. Eliyahu says:

    I have argued on the Stables several times that the notion of a “left-right political spectrum” is foolish and misleading as to political reality. At the risk of being more of a bore than some may think I am already, here is a concrete case that supports my point. The Austrian neo-Nazi party led by Joerg Haider was financed by Libya. During each election campaign, Kadhafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, would arrive in Austria and present Haider with a few hundred thousand dollars in cash which is a fair sum considering that Austria is a fairly small country with a relatively small population.

    An old pal of Haider tells the story:
    “Un ancien proche raconte comment un des fils du dirigeant libyen Muammar Kadhafi, Saïf al-Islam Kadhafi, ami de longue date de Haider, «nous faisait parvenir régulièrement de l’argent en liquide avant les campagnes électorales». Entre 150 000 et 200 000 dollars, à chaque fois, que l’entourage de Haider devait changer discrètement en euros.”

    Now, we know that today it is fashionable for “leftists” and peacemongers and humano activists to proclaim their undying love and sympathy for the poor, downtrodden Arabs and other Muslims. Meanwhile. some of those poor, starving and downtrodden Arabs were supplying funds to the so-called “ultra-right” or “far-right” in Europe, specifically to a party that hated immigrants as well as Jews [whether immigrants or not]. Maybe Le Pen got $$$ from Arab sources too.

    We know that Nasser’s Egypt gave funds to neo-fascists in various European countries back in the 1960s, and that the Trotskyite Commie party of Gerry Healy in the UK got funding from Arabs, if I am not mistaken. George Galloway and other Euro politicians got money from Saddam Hussein as part of the “Oil for Food” scandal revealed several years ago.

    So how can anyone still sustain the obsolete notion of a “left-right political spectrum”???

  14. incognito says:

    Anti-semitism is a disease of both the left and the right. The more extreme the dogma, the more intense the anti-semitism.

    Why do you think that ideology interferes with getting money from wheover wants to give it?

  15. Eliyahu says:

    yes, Incog, ideology is often a weak reed, too weak to withstand the power of filthy lucre. So even the ultra-Leftist, Vladimir Ulyanov, cioe dire, Lenin, accepted favors from the German Reich [the 2nd Reich to be sure, not the 3rd] which brought him back to Petrograd from Switzerland in 1917. On this I recommend the article of Joel Carmichael in Midstream about 20 to 25 years ago.

    On the other hand, Incog, you did not answer my question:

    So how can anyone still sustain the obsolete notion of a “left-right political spectrum”??? And then tell me why you want to continue to hang on to that stupid notion.

  16. incognito says:


    I think you got backwards.

    It’s the strong dogma/ideology that pushes people to accept money from any source: the goals justify the means.

    Moreover, since we agree that extremism at both ends of the left-right line (it is rather a circle where the ends meet, another aspect of their similarity) ends up in anti-semitism, I fail to see why you dismiss the spectrum?

    That extremism blurs the distinctions between the two ends does not mean the spectrum does not exist. Their proponents come from different ideologies and end up with certain similarities, but still maintain differences which are pertinent drivers.

    The left-right continuum is a classical continuum and will survive in some form or another, no matter what.
    It serves as an interpretive framework for those who are either incapable or too lazy to think for themselves and to rely on evidence which requires effort.

    Hatred of jews or acceptance of funds by both ends of the spectrum does not imply that the spectrum does no longer exist or is irrelevant.

  17. Eliyahu says:

    why no “spectrum”?

    How about a three-dimensional political-ideological universe, if we must use terms borrowed from physics?

    Let’s take Judeophobia as a test variable. Judeophobes/antisemites can be “left”, “right,” or “center” or “middle of the road.” How do you explain the fact that “leftists” today use the same Judeophobic paranoia that used to be common on the “right” and commonly identified with the “right”??

    Consider that in Arab-Muslim society, hatred of dhimmis and of all non-Muslims [kufar] is traditional and conservative. Consider that Arab billionaires find themselves in the same political camp against Israel along with chomsky, norman finkelstein, hrw, amnesty, Cynthia McKinney? So socio-economic class is not essential in defining the anti-Zionists. Consider that the Western “left” has little to say about the millions of disenfranchised foreign workers in the kingdom of saudi arabia and the Persian Gulf sheikdoms and emirates. Where is the class solidarity that we used to hear about?? Consider that many American & Euro “leftists” believe that Islamic jihad is the main target of Western, especially American “imperialism” and that Islamic jihad is the main threat to Western and/or American hegemony. Well, you could say that the “leftists” are stupid and ignorant. But that begs the question: Why is that?

  18. incognito says:

    If you read my previous comment, I did address your argument.

    Let’s take Judeophobia as a test variable. Judeophobes/antisemites can be “left”, “right,” or “center” or “middle of the road.”

    1st, jew scapegoating is a classical response to crises. It cuts across the spectrum, but this does not mean the spectrum does not exist. It only means that jew hatred is an emotional response to all people scared of a system collapse and having no control over it.

    How do you explain the fact that “leftists” today use the same Judeophobic paranoia that used to be common on the “right” and commonly identified with the “right”??

    2nd, as I said it is possible to arrive to the same conclusions based on two ideologies. E.g.

    * one factor in left anti-semitism is envy over jewish ability to achieve higher moral levels, despite their circumstances, beating the lefties at their own game, for which they deem themselves superior; another is the loss of the socioeconomic war and allying itself with the enemies of the west, who are enemies of the jews.

    * one factor in the right anti-semitism is purely racial or religious–jews are subhuman vermin who need to be exterminated.

    There’s always some good reason to hate the jews, but if the consequences are similar, the causes may be different.

    The left-righ continuum is pertinent to the west. I never said it is pertinent to the arab world or ME! There are a few arab lefties, but they have no standing in the arab world.

  19. Eliyahu says:

    Back in 1987 or 1988, a Hizbullah paper in Lebanon wrote: Le microbe juif est partout [the Jewish microbe is everywhere; I read this in LeFigaro; American papers at that time probably would have overlooked such a statement]. This was said in reaction to the French elections of that time in which Jewish voters had voted against the candidates that the Hizb wanted. By Incog’s definition, calling Jews “microbes” represents “right antisemitism. Indeed, the Hizbullah’s religious beliefs could be considered “right” [the very name Hizbullah = Party of God]. Now, the Hizb is supported by Western “leftists” and govts. Such statements by the Hizb or Holocaust denial [also common in the Arab world] by Ahmadinajad do not deter Western “leftist” support of either the Hizb or A-jad. Their support is not even “critical support.” Simply support. By their uncritical support of Hizb, A-jad, Hamas, etc., the Western “Left” is supporting their Judeophobic claims.

    Next, many Lebanese Shi`ites have gone abroad to seek their fortune, many to West African countries where they form an important part of the middle class/petite bourgeoisie. Some have gone to the USA, especially the Detroit area, others to South America where they are likewise petty bourgeois. Yet, the Marxists [Commies, Trots, etc] used to claim that the petty bourgeois were prone to fascism by nature. And fascism is reputed to be “rightist.” Further, the Lebanese Shiite community in the Detroit area is reputed by reports to be very supportive of Hizbullah. The Hizb in Lebanon, by the way, closely collaborates with the Syrian National Socialist Party [often called the Syrian Socialist-Nationalist Party in Western press reports in order to disguise its ideological nature]. This party, formed in the 1930s in emulation of Nazi Germany, operates in Lebanon, believing in the Greater Syria principle.

    In sum, as I do not wish to multiply examples, the Western “left” is collaborating precisely with those who are not only sociologically inclined to fascism according to Marxist-Leninist beliefs, but who represent zoological “right antisemitism,” portraying Jews as “subhuman vermin” [in your words].

    Furthermore, the Western “Left” today for the most part spends more time and energy on crusading against Israel and the Jews than on oppressed, exploited workers, as in saudi arabia, the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, or anywhere. The supposed social class emphasis of the old time Marxist-Leninists is clearly out the window, for all practical purposes.

    And you still believe in an “ideological continuum” & the “right-left spectrum.”

  20. incognito says:


    I think I addressed all that, but you have not paid adequate attention.

    There is a lot of willful ignorance by the current left about what Hezballah and Hamas are all about.
    They lost the economic war at home and they take their revenge on capitalism by allying with the west’s enemies.

    On top of it they hate Israel because of a complex of moral inferiority vs. Israel.

    This is a valid explanation of the leftist support of fascist jihadis. They ally themselves with the devil in their desperation.

  21. Eliyahu says:

    Incog, I see that you are committed to the “right-left” notion. But bear in mind that it is only a paradigm. Don’t you agree. A paradigm is supposed to usefully explain observed phenomena. Does the “right-left spectrum” paradigm do that??

    You yourself explain that it doesn’t explain several significant political phenomena. You yourself say that it does not fit important parts of the world.
    The left-righ continuum is pertinent to the west. I never said it is pertinent to the arab world or ME!

    Then you claim that part of the problem is that the “Left” is ignorant about Hamas & Hizbullah.
    There is a lot of willful ignorance by the current left about what Hezballah and Hamas are all about.

    So, if they only weren’t so ignorant. . . But Why are they so ignorant? Didn’t Marx & Engels & Vladimir & Joe S tell us that Marxism encompassed all human knowledge. It was a science. Indeed, there was an American Marxist academic journal called “Science and Society.” Marx was always scientifically right, didn’t you know that?

    Then you want to believe that the “Left” is out for revenge. “Leftists” –some of them scientific socialists– wanting something so base, so politically incorrect, so out of line with the long-term “class interest” as revenge!??!! And for the sake of revenge, they ally with “the west’s enemies”!! Of course, Hamas, Hizbullah, al-Qa`ida, etc. are against the West as a civilization. But why have Western govts given them so much help?? Why did the Carter-Zbig administration help Khomeini take power in Iran against the Shah who was trying to raise the status of women in his country, albeit he suppressed dissent. But did he suppress dissent anymore than the ayatollahs have done since they took power with jiminy cricket and zbig’s help back in 1979?? Why has the UK had an obvious pro-Muslim policy since 1920??

    Tell me, please, how does the “left-right spectrum” paradigm explain or even somewhat help to explain the actual policies of Western govts and the actual policies of “leftist” movements in the past 35 years?? Especially in regard to Islamic fanaticism & terrorism?? A paradigm that does not help to explain or understand is of little value and should be discarded, n’est-ce pas?

  22. incognito says:


    I already have more than once, yet you continue to ignore it. I suggest you reread all my comments on the subject more carefully and you may catch my drift.

    Leftism is not MY paradigm, is the IDEOLOGY of the leftists. I have explained how CURRENT left — which is not the same as the old left — has bastardized the dogma in light of its loss to capitalism. THAT explains its support of the arabs.

    I never claimed that its ignorance is NOT willful ignorance. In fact, it would have to be at this stage.
    But this is well explained by the bastardized leftism: it is its hatred of the west that drives it. In that context they can neither comprehend nor are they interested in what jihadists are all about.

    What I think confuses you is that because the current left supports what seems to be fascist ideology, then leftism does not explain this reality.

    But such an alliance does not have to be based on shared ideology. Rather, it is the left’s ideology which drives them to ally with fascists abroad in order to bring down what they see as the right at home. Had it not been for this at home objective, they would not need to support the enemy of their enemy.

    And in this sense, leftism is explanatory, including the willful ignorance.

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