Death of Michelle Shatzman

I just received the following email.

I am the son of Michelle Schatzman.

Unfortunately, my mother passed away recently, last Friday in the early morning after a six-year battle with cancer. Her service is on Tuesday in Paris.

I know my mother was active on your website and appreciated your writing.

I know all of the regular commenters here will miss Michelle’s participation greatly, but surely not so much as her family and friends. Condolences to them, may they be spared any more sorrow for a long time

If anyone in Paris is able to attend her service, please let me know and I’ll get you in touch with her son.

As a memento of her contribution, this was her last substantive comments here:

Another consideration: it is much better to fight people who think like Hezbollah and Hamas, if you can enlist in an army whose job it is to fight them. If your main choice is to hide when you walk around with a soccer cap above the kippa and whatever tricks you can imagine or to be beaten, the choice is pretty obvious, isn’t it?

By the way, my feelers tell me that jewish intellectuals who identify to judaism are much more solid and trustable for a republican point of view than non jewish intellectuals or jewish intellectuals with no attachment to judaicity.

I have probably told here the story of this poor CNRS researcher who considered that he was treated by the CNRS administration as a Jew or as a chasid umot haolam during WWII. In fact, he had sent out a questionnaire, which was totally illegal with respect to the french law relative to inquiries that can be treated on a computer. In particular, he had sent out the questionnaire to researchers having an arab sounding name, so as to evaluate the integration of people from the former french north-africa in the research system. CNRS was trying to protect him and to help him change his questionnaire after the fact, so that it could become legal. Some reseachers who received the questionnaire protested violently, because it asked the kind of questions thst you get when you are up for a top secret accreditation.

Now, guess who protested? You got it : Jews from Algeria who got nice arab sounding names, and knew a bit about the law of the land.

There is simply much more fighting spirit among the Jews, and a much keener conscience of what is going on. So, they react, and they do not buy the organized lies. Of course, this work only with Jews having a jewish identification, which is why a Jew from Algeria, belonging to my generation, will certainly react if he gets such and such type of questions. He just understand what is going on. It is plain.

The pattern of migration of french Jews will be probably the following: the young, who are not yet well integrated in society – that is under 30, basically – will move and get jobs or simply complete their studies. The old ones, who are able to retire, will move, because they are fed up, provided they are in good health. The intermediate generation will wait more, because finding a job in a new country is not a trivial matter, especially if you are in a word job.

and this final one:

So, we shall see…Eliyahu, I completely disagree with your #103.

There were hidden costs of going after Jews in Britain. In France, the media agitation starting over the al-Durah hoax incited much of the Arab population, leading to years of car burnings and then the country-wide riots of November-December 2005 –which is still going on.

Car burnings had started before that. The muslim population in France has satellite dishes: it does not need the french media if it wants to feed its favorite hatreds. The Al Durah hoax is but one small part of the picture – unfortunately. Lots of media portray the IDF as baby killers.

Apparently, much of the leadership in France doesn’t yet realize how the incitement against Israel boomerangs against daily life in France, or maybe they don’t care.

They do, they care, and their message to the Jews is “stay quiet, do not react or things will get worse”.
It seems that the Arab violence in France cost the socialists the presidency in 2002 [also boosting LePen], and later helped the socialists to lose again to Sarkozy in 2007.

Incorrect on both counts: in 2002, the socialists lost the presidency (1) because they let emerge a large number of candidates from the left, while the first round selects the two best candidates (2) because Jospin made a very bad campaign, where the issues of violence was minimized, but it was only a small portion of the bad decisions he took.
In 2007, the socialists lost because Ségolène Royal got less votes than Nicolas Sarkozy, and I guess that the issue of violence was not at all central in her loss. Sarkozy was a smarter politician, and in particular, he succeeded in attracting votes from the people who usually vote for the extreme-right. Personnally, I could not stand Royal, and I particularly hated the argument that I should vote for her, because she is a mom. I just don’t need one more mom, and anyone who uses this kind of argument is unfit for government.

To be sure, Sarkozy has been a disappointment in many ways but his foreign minister, the smug, self-satisfied jackass Kouchner, a certified humanitarian no less, was very quick to condemn Israel over the Turkish Thug Armada incident of 31 May, which could only encourage the jeunes Jeunes [or Racaille, as Sarko called them],

Not only Sarkozy, but many people call these “jeunes” racaille, and they even call themselves “caillera”, using the popular “verlan” deformation of words, where one puts the end before the beginning.
telling them that they and their cause were basically in the right and that Jews and Israel were bad, which could only encourage more violence by the Jeunes.

More like a new instance of s..t in pants. Think of the story of the chinese demonstration in Belleville: the police has instructions not to fight the “racailles”. Quite terrifying.

For example, As you probably know, there were riots and the usual car burnings in Grenoble in France over the weekend after a group of Jeunes [originaires de la Jeunesse Seoudite] had robbed a casino on the outskirts of town and then were chased by police. According to the prefect, one of the robbers shot at the police car. Then the cops shot and one of the Jeunes was killed. This led to the commandeering of a tram car. Passengers were told to get off [how kind and thoughtful!!]. Rioting and car burning ensued.

Not only that, but also a group of gypsy thugs devastated the center of a small town called Saint-Aignan in the center-west of France, after one of their friends had been shot down by a gendarme. Thery burnt cars, shops and one or two buildings, they sawed down very old trees, and the gendarmerie let things happen for two or three hours without interference. Now, a few people have been arrested, and maybe some change of policy is in the air. There is a good article here :,6960

and in particular, the author remarks that if thugs do not agree to be arrested, it is because they have lost the notion that jail protects them against the law of Lynch.

15 Responses to Death of Michelle Shatzman

  1. Eliyahu says:

    This is very sad news. Michelle’s intelligence, broad knowledge and commitment to truth will be missed.

    יהי זכרה ברוך

  2. Cynic says:

    Amazing our sadness and sense of loss of someone, thousands of miles away we never saw nor heard, but came to respect by way of the pixels on a screen.

    משל שאצמן ז”ל

  3. Andy says:

    To Michelle’s son :
    I was saddened to learn of your mother’s death. I admired her clarity and intelligence, and I wish I could have communicated with her.

  4. E.G. says:

    Michelle’s vividness, knowledge, curiosity, her sharp and open mind, her sense of humour, her integrity, her fighter spirit… enriched the discussion and those who participated.

  5. incognito says:

    We often disagreed to the point that she dismissed my contributions, but this is what intellectual exchanges are about and, unlike others, I never take it personally and I suspect she never did either. The number of people capable of that is smaller than is thought.

    I emailed her son and daughter and offered my condolences.

    I hope she had a full and happy life.

  6. RedPencil says:

    I will miss Michelle’s contributions, she was profoundly observant as well as intelligent. Her discussions on this site were never broad-brush, ideological statements, but rather an informed, detail-oriented yet wide lensed view of things, tempered by grace and humor.

    She will be missed by many who never knew her. My regards to her family, who doubtless miss her more.

  7. E.G. says:

    Pour Michelle.

    Maurice Ravel
    Deux Mélodies Hébraïques / Two Hebrew Songs
    1 – Kaddish
    2 – L’Enigme éternelle / The Everlasting Enigma

  8. Lorenz Gude says:

    My Condolences – she had wide knowledge and a critical mind and I always took on her comments with interest and respect. Rest in peace.

  9. sshender says:

    My condolences to her family and friends. Her erudition, clarity of mind and good soul will be missed tremendously.

    תנוח נשמתה עדן

    שלא תדעו עוד צער

  10. Cynic says:


    Would it not be appropriate to include the drawing that Michelle submitted in a post, to be part of this epitaph?

  11. E.G. says:

    Cynic and RL,

    Perhaps coupled with her photo?

  12. Joanne says:

    My condolences for your loss and for the loss of a friend to Richard and the regular contributors here.

  13. she gave intellegent true comments she unerstood situation, she was one of not many who supports jews and israel in media. my condolences for everybody who knew and love her.

  14. Andy says:

    Andy condolences for your loss who supports jews and israel in media. my condolences for everybody who knew and love her.

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