Gleanings 19/02/11

Elliott Abrams: How to Lose Friends and Not Influence People (MUST READ)

The Obama Administration cast its first veto in the United Nations on Friday, February 18, killing a Security Council resolution that would have condemned Israeli settlement activity.  Its poor handling of the entire episode has left just about everyone angry at the United States , and is therefore a manifest failure of American diplomacy.

Lawrence Solomon: The next oil crisis

The next oil crisis won’t resemble the last. Where once the West could count on most of the Middle East’s oil exporters to rally to its support in times of crisis, today the West can count on none. Where once all in the Middle East understood that American military power would keep the sea lanes open at all costs, today most in the Middle East see the U.S. as a declining, largely impotent power. When the next oil crisis hits, the West will no longer be able to count on the co-operation of Middle East nations to limit anarchy in oil markets and economic convulsions at home.

Steven Plaut: The Grand ‘End Of Conflict’ Delusion (MUST READ)

An Israeli politician with an ounce of common sense would understand that the Arabs’ refusal even to pay lip service to the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state nullifies the dubious promise of extracting a grand End of Conflict Proclamation from them.

CAMERA: Tariq Ramadan, Your Grandfather Was a Colonialist

“Or if they mean by “patriotism” the conquest of countries and lordship over the earth, Islam has already ordained that, and has sent out the conquerors to carry out the most gracious of colonizations and the most blessed of conquests. This is what He, the Almighty, says: “Fight them till there is no longer discord, and the religion is God’s” [Q.2.193].”

The Yankee Sage: Islamism Emerging from the Shadows in Tunisia

Power abhors a vacuum, and in most of the “post-authoritarian” Middle East, the best organized are the Islamists.

PowerLine: David Ignatius strikes again

David Ignatius is the prominent Washington Post columnist who specializes in foreign affairs. He writes highly regarded espionage novels in his spare time. And he is full of bonhomie toward some of the world’s foremost terrorists and murderers.

2 Responses to Gleanings 19/02/11

  1. SE says:


    From the review:
    Alexander’s conclusions may be summarized as follows: During the eighties, Israeli novelists such as David Grossman, playwrights such as Yehoshua Sobol, and politicians such as the far-Leftist Shulamith Aloni (long-time Knesset member and later Minister of Education), transformed Palestinian Arabs into Jews (“Making Arabs into Jews”). For example, when “Grossman – who was born in 1954– claims that Arab children who chant, ‘by throwing stones … we will free the motherland’ remind him of Jewish children ‘who sang patriotic songs when British soldiers passed by’, he does not merely mock memory and history, he comes perilously close to those Israelis … who can discover their Jewish identity only by pretending to be Arabs who are themselves pretending to be Jews.”(“Making Arabs into Jews: David Grossman’s The Yellow Wind”, 3)

    If Arabs had been transformed into Jews, then Jews became collaborators with Nazis or heirs to Nazi ideas and actions. For example, Yehoshua Sobol’s play, Ghetto, performed in Germany in 1985 by the Haifa Theater was acclaimed by German audiences. And, “many German reviewers spoke gleefully of how the play depicted Jews as ‘accessories to the Holocaust.’” And his play, The Palestinian (1987), demonstrates “that the evil spirit of Nazism found its continuator not in Europe at all but in the very state that had given lodging to those who survived the Holocaust, the state of the Jews themselves.” (“Anti-Semitism: Israeli Style”, (41). While these accusations of Zionism‘s affinity with Nazism had been common in Arab or Soviet propaganda for years, their presentation in Hebrew and in translation gave their advocates authenticity and authority. After all, if Israel’s prominent cultural figures castigate their country as racist and perverted, and the Holocaust as a political manipulation, others could feel free to do so as well, without the stigma of being called anti-Semites.

    Furthermore, these critics of Israel demand that Israel be judged by higher standards of morality and behavior than any other country or society. Moreover, Israel must be punished if it cannot be angelic, forgiving and tolerant to those bent upon its destruction and intent upon committing violent acts against Israelis or Jews. In “Why Jews Must Behave Better than Everybody Else: The Theory and Practice of the Double Standard”, Alexander exposes the New York Times’ Anthony Lewis, Flora Lewis and Thomas Friedman. The demands for perfection take an even more strident tone with Desmond Tutu (“Praying for Nazis, Scolding their Victims: Archbishop Tutu’s Christmas Message to Israel”), whom Alexander outs as a hypocrite with “a long record of hostility to Jews, Judaism and Israel” (66

  2. oao says:

    Furthermore, these critics of Israel demand that Israel be judged by higher standards of morality and behavior than any other country or society.

    No, these people are not as much concerned with the morality of Israel as they are showing off as how moral they themselves are. They are self-centered and about proving to other jews that they are immoral in order to demonstrate that they — the leftists — are the best.

    In striving for this they completely blind themselves to reality and the real immorality of the arabs they pretend to be just like jews.

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