Gleanings, 21.02.11

Dan Eldar: Israel could be the one thing all Egyptians agree on (MUST READ)

Hostility to Israel, which is deeply ingrained in the Egyptian consciousness and supported by a growing identification with Islam, could become a bond between the various opposition elements and the army.

Aluf Benn: Egypt is no longer committed to an alliance with Israel against Iran (MUST READ)
There is growing concern in Israel that Egypt will become a hostile front, adding to the feeling of international isolation which has only intensified since Benjamin Netanyahu became prime minister.

Caroline Glick (video): Future Peace with Egypt is Imperilled (MUST WATCH)
As Israel moves into the uncharted territory of managing its relations with the post-Mubarak Egypt, it is imperative that our leaders understand the lessons of the past.

Elder of Zion: Islamists 1, young secular Egyptians 0
Thomas Friedman, Roger Cohen and the reality

J. E. Dyer: Iranian Warships Having an Outsize Impact (MUST READ)
The big shift here is in political perceptions of power. The important facts are that revolutionary, terror-sponsoring Iran — under U.S., EU, and UN sanctions — feels free to conduct this deployment, and Syria feels free to cooperate in it. Egypt’s interim rulers apparently saw no reason to block the Suez transit, in spite of the Egyptians’ very recent concern over Iranian-backed terrorists and insurgents operating on their territory. Saudi Arabia, for its part, considered it prudent to host the Iranian warships last week — in spite of the Saudis’ own conviction that Iran has been aiding rebel groups that threaten Saudi territory.

Jeff Jacoby: No rights for women, no freedom in a nation PERHAPS THE most shocking thing about the despicable sexual attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Cairo’s Tahrir Square is that to those who know Egypt, it wasn’t shocking at all … If there is no liberation for women, there is no liberation.

Martin Kramer: Is it surprising that the cultish pseudo-field of ‘genocide studies’ has become one more arena for defaming Israel? Not in the least. Genocide Scholars Battle Over How To Characterize Israel’s Actions by Gal Beckerman | Forward

4 Responses to Gleanings, 21.02.11

  1. JD says:

    Jeez more Israeli sites articles about the Arab revolts? They are the worst most ill-informed set of articles. And the fear they exude only feeds anti-Semites.

    And the idea that it is worse “now” for Israel is totally historically inaccurate.

    • [email protected] says:

      Well, I think I am capable of discerning and selecting those articles that are sensible. Don’t overgeneralize.

      Israeli articles by leftists are indeed bad. But western articles are way worse than the Israeli ones.

      I suggest you learn to find the pearls among the garbage.

  2. JD says:

    “Dan Eldar: Israel could be the one thing all Egyptians agree on (MUST READ)”

    Could be? Has not been the same for, say over 60 years? Really the ignorance of the Israelis is amazing. Totally unaware of their region and other people. I acknowledge though that these specific writers are likely completely engaged in Western pseudo-intellectual discourses about Israel and the world at large.

  3. [email protected] says:

    Well, I would have said “is” instead of the could be. I learned that hatred of Israel is the only thing that unites arabs as the first thing about the ME during my BA studies in the 70’s.

    That notwithstanding, the article is correct as it applies to the current situation in Egypt and which is totally obfuscated or ignored in the western media.

    The Tunisians are now mixing their calls against the current govt with cries of “Daeth to the Jews” and posters are appearing in Lybia with Ghadaffi painted as a Jew.

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