Gleanings, 20.03.11

ABDULATEEF AL-MULHIM: What if Arabs had recognized the State of Israel in 1948?

If Israel was recognized in 1948, then the Palestinians would have been able to free themselves from the hollow promises of some Arab dictators who kept telling them that the refugees would be back in their homes and all Arab lands will be liberated and Israel will be sent to the bottom of the sea. Some Arab leaders used the Palestinians for their own agenda to suppress their own people and to stay in power.

Omri Ceren: Obama Administration Goes Easy on Palestinian Authority’s Celebrating a Child-Murderer

The Israelis were not violating specific agreements with the United States when they got that treatment, while the Palestinian Authority is obligated to end incitement. So it would seem that what Abbas’s subordinates did was worse than what Netanyahu’s subordinates did. There are very few explanations short of personal antipathy for why the White House would be harsher with a stable democratic ally than with a terrorist-celebrating quasi-government. Certainly “objectively promoting American interests” doesn’t seem to be on the list. Also that line about how “all parties have an obligation to end incitement,” as if the Israelis were also naming squares after terrorist child-murderers – kind of obnoxious.

PowerLine: More Jobs Americans Won’t Do. Unfortunately.

Under Obama’s new, post-industrial order, petroleum engineering and exploration, drilling and refining are more jobs Americans won’t do. Instead, others create wealth and we pay them for it. With what? doesn’t seem to be a question that occurs to our President.

John Rosenthal: Saving the Libyan Islamists

American troops are today providing support to some of the very same forces that were recently fighting against them in Iraq. (Related: “Libyan rebels: ‘Now is the time of Jihad!”)

Patrick Poole: Obama Punked by the Arab League on Libya

If I were a betting man I would take the Arab League’s reversal as an indication they believe Gaddafi is going to survive. Welcome to Barack Obama’s AWOL presidency.

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