Gleanings, 25.03.11

NB. Most of the postings (and the regularity of) the Gleanings comes from Fabian Pascal (oao), who blogs at The PostWest.

Caroline Glick: Understanding the third terror war (MUST READ)

But in truth, the discussion about how the US will respond to the planned Palestinian declaration is largely beside the point. The point of the threatened declaration is not to get a UN Security Council resolution supporting it. The point is to get the EU to enact further sanctions against Israel …  The fact that Fatah and Hamas have neither waited until after September to attack nor sought to differentiate themselves from one another as the attacks coalesce into a new terror campaign indicates strongly that the Palestinians no longer feel they need to pretend to oppose terror to maintain European support for their war against Israel.

Barry Rubin: Egypt’s Revolution Plus U.S. Government Mistakes Makes Israel-Hamas War Inevitable (MUST READ)

Given this situation, there are only two ways to stop Hamas from waging war on Israel. A shorter-range solution is deterrence through strength and weakening Hamas with tough sanctions. The defeat Israel inflicted on Hamas in the 2008-2009 war and the tight sanctions in place until 2010 forced the organization to retrench and  be cautious for a while. The only longer-term solution is the overthrow of the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip and the maximum possible destruction of that group’s leadership, structures, and resources. Events in Egypt and U.S. policy, however, have destroyed this shorter-range solution and made impossible the longer-range one.

Brendan O’Neill: Danny Alexander the Great? Do me a favour

This is one of the most worrying things about the West’s vain and vacuous mission in Libya: it is being led by people who know next to nothing about how geopolitics works. David Cameron’s emotionally incontinent adventures in foreign affairs since he became PM have been uniformly disastrous, from his foot-in-mouth comments in India/Pakistan to his isolation of Israel to his ill-advised jaunt to post-Mubarak Egypt on his way to sell guns to various Arab authoritarians. Nicolas Sarkozy is apparently being advised by Bernard-Henri Lévy, an Armani-wearing, two-bit philosopher who fancies himself as a liberator of foreign underdogs almost as much as he fancies himself. President Obama seems clueless and indecisive on anything foreign-related, and is apparently torn between his national security adviser, the genocide-obsessive and zealous interventionist Samantha Power who couldn’t wait to hurl a few missiles at Libya, and his secretary of defence Robert Gates, who advised against rushing into the Libyan conflict.

Charles Krauthammer: Obama and Libya: The professor’s war (MUST READ)

A man who dithers over parchment. Who starts a war from which he wants out right away. Good God. If you go to take Vienna, take Vienna. If you’re not prepared to do so, better then to stay home and do nothing.

Hillel FradkinLewis Libby: Egypt’s Islamists: A Cautionary Tale

We should not delude ourselves. There is a great possibility that a state either under the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood or deeply influenced by it will adversely affect our position in a crucial part of the world. Secular forces would recede. More radicals would be schooled. Islamists would dominate the most populous and most developed countries in the Middle East—Iran, Turkey, and Egypt. The dire straits in which Israel would find itself would not be limited to the Jewish state alone. At long last, and to the world’s great peril, the Muslim Brotherhood would have no more need of caution.

Peggy Noonan: The Speech Obama Hasn’t Given

He has no happy experience as a rallier of public opinion and a leader of great endeavors; the central initiative of his presidency, the one that gave shape to his leadership, health care, is still unpopular and the cause of continued agitation. When he devoted his entire first year to it, he seemed off point and out of touch. This was followed by the BP oil spill, which made him look snakebit. Now he seems incompetent and out of his depth in foreign and military affairs. He is more observed than followed, or perhaps I should say you follow him with your eyes and not your heart. So it’s funny he’d feel free to launch and lead a war, which is what this confused and uncertain military action may become.

What was he thinking? What is he thinking?

Jamie Gump For FBI Director?

Is President Obama really thinking of nominating Jamie Gorelick to head the FBI? It seems almost inconceivable that anyone would consider appointing her to run anything … Ms. Gorelick has been a disaster everywhere she has gone. Like so many Democrats, she combines self-interest and self-righteousness to a remarkable degree. Through corrupt self-dealing she has become rich, while at the same time contributing to both the worst episode of terrorism in our history and the worst economic debacle since the Great Depression. For God’s sake, Barack, don’t inflict her on us again! She is rich enough, and the rest of us are poor enough, already.

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