Goldstone recants… sort of.

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Melanie Phillips: Richard Goldstone recants. What price the Israel witch-hunt now?

By his own admission, the man stands revealed as at best an abject idiot and at worst a moral and judicial bankrupt. His report blackened Israel’s name for defending itself against existential attack; encouraged its attackers to ratchet up their onslaught safe in the knowledge that the international community now had official confirmation that Israel was morally beyond the pale; put Israeli civilians, along with Israel’s very survival, at increased risk by helping delegitimise Israel as a global pariah; and fuelled the pressure on Israel not to defend its civilians by military means against the attacks which have relentlessly increased in audacity and scope.

Regardless of its manifest moral and intellectual inadequacies, however, his recantation carries inescapable consequences. All those who have used Goldstone’s report as a basis for their own delegitimisation of Israel now also stand revealed as having endorsed one of the worst officially sanctioned international falsehoods in history. All their attacks on Israel which relied upon Goldstone’s report are now shown to be equally baseless and discredited. Any future such attacks which use this report as an authority will be demonstrably false and malicious. The UN should now declare the Goldstone report null and void. Any less will make it knowingly and demonstrably party to a travesty of justice.

But of course, like all previous blood libels against the Jews, the poison this one has injected into the global bloodstream has no antidote. The damage is done – and no amount of self-serving recantations by Richard Goldstone will undo the terrible harm he has done.

CAMERA: But Why Didn’t Goldstone Know Then What He Knew Then?

While that’s a dramatic and notable admission, the question remains: Why didn’t he know then what was known then?

Ron Radosh: Judge Richard Goldstone’s Stunning Re-evaluation of His Own Report

So whatever Judge Goldstone’s current obfuscations, and his intent to pass off his report’s failures as the fault of Israel’s non-cooperation rather than his own weaknesses and lack of impartiality, his current re-evaluation is more than welcome. Despite its limitations, Goldstone’s article today helps minimize the damage attempted by those like Adam Horowitz, Lizzy Ratner and Philip Weiss — the left-wing enemies of Israel who compiled the volume that Berkowitz reviews.

David Bernstein: Richard Goldstone: Chief Kangaroo

Goldstone apparently is starting to regret his role in the whole fiasco, and it’s certainly amusing to read various anti-Israel blogs that formerly lauded Goldstone as a hero for speaking truth to power now worrying about the “damage” he is doing to their cause. The key lines in his op-ed: while “the crimes allegedly committed by Hamas were intentional,” “civilians were not intentionally targeted [by Israel] as a matter of policy.”

But Goldstone agreed to lead a kangaroo court appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council, which includes such human rights stalwarts as China, Cuba, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Penance is always welcome, but Goldstone will go down in history as the head kangaroo.

Jeff Goldberg: Judge Richard Goldstone: ‘Never Mind’

It is not clear, reading Goldstone’s mea culpa in The Washington Post, that he fully understands the consequences of his work … Well, I’m glad he’s cleared that up. Unfortunately, it is somewhat difficult to retract a blood libel, once it has been broadcast across the world.

Roger Simon: Will Goldstone’s semi-apology be a wake up call?

Late and weak as Richard Goldstone’s apology for his execrable report on the Gaza war in today’s Washington Post may be, the fallout should be interesting. Ron Radosh here on PJ has much to say, but I hope this is only the beginning. The amount of public lying about the Arab-Irsaeili conflict that has been countenanced in our society is reprehensible beyond words. It has infected our public universities to an extraordinary degree, not to mention our media and even the Jewish community, a significant portion of which suffers from their own version of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Ya, basta! Time for everyone to wake up!

DAVID HOROVITZ: Goldstone the belated penitent

By alleging, unfoundedly, that we were an immoral enemy, the sanctimonious judge put all of our lives at greater risk.

Michael J. Totten: Quote of he Day

Richard Goldstone repudiates his own report … Those of us who have been covering the Israeli military without an axe to grind knew this from the very beginning, but it’s better he figured this out belatedly than not at all.

Ed Lasky: Richard Goldstone’s Mea Culpa

Sadly, it may be too little and too late … Or perhaps, the blowback to him personally led him to backtrack from his conclusions. After the release of the Goldstone Report his history as a “hanging judge” in apartheid  South Africa came to light. Some drew the conclusion that Goldstone, far from taking to heart that the role of the judiciary is to be judicious, seems to approach with alacrity the goal of pleasing his superiors — be they South African leaders or anti-Israel UN apparatchicks. Will the conspiracy-minded Middle East just chalk up his op-ed to the machinations of the all-powerful Jews? Probably.

RL: And Charles Enderlin? What’s up with you?

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  2. E.G. says:

    Enderlin is too occuied trying to blame the Israelis for Giuliano Mer’s assassination in Jenin.

  3. E.G. says:

    I’d like to express my gratitude to both RL and Fabian Pascal for the “gleanings”.
    Thank you, Todah both!

    • oao says:

      Goldstone was dumb and realized; Enderlin is too but does not.

    • Cynic says:

      And for the one I gleaned? Sniff!

      • E.G. says:

        Todah Raba!

        • Cynic says:

          Ooh, the sun just came out.

          Funnily enough the past few days the weather here has been depressingly British.
          Have you made the acquaintance of the Commentator yet?
          Robin Shepherd is involved and the first “gleaning” I got from it was
          Britain pledges continued support for Goldstone report against Israel, even as Goldstone retracts allegations
          What left me gobsmacked was the total vacuity of the FCO statement: “Allegations of breaches of International Humanitarian Law made against all parties to the Gaza conflict are not limited to the Goldstone report and have arisen from certain other credible organisations. We firmly believe that any and all such allegations must be met with credible and independent investigations by the parties to the conflict.”
          Credible organizations? Which? HRW; Amnesty …?
          Credible and independent investigations by the parties? Independent? I can see and hear scenes from Monty Python.
          Nothing one of the parties to the conflict would present would satisfy the FCO.
          They have never been satisfied with that particular party.

          Did you by any chance read this Ynet article
          Goldstone, the useful idiot

          It’s hard to ignore the fact that’s you’re Jewish. You admitted that this adds another dimension to the matter. Indeed, one hell of a dimension. The reason you were chosen as the “perfect” candidate by those who sent you is your descent. That way, nobody would accuse you of being anti-Semitic. In fact, you constituted the kosher stamp for this blood libel.

          • oao says:

            Hey, did you think that the British have changed since the Mandate? If not, why are you surprised?
            But there’s poetic justice: look at where the UK is today and who they exchanged the jews for. And they sure knew to elect their smarter people who brought them here, no? Cameron and Hague are the culmination.

            As to Goldstone, how does an apartheid judge become a human rights somity? If that does not tell you everything you need to know about the world we live in, nothing will.

            Incidentally, he seems to have retracted the retraction, just as I predicted he would.

          • E.G. says:

            Excellent! Thank you, Cynic!
            These days I’m occupied (and we know occupation is horrendous, don’t we) by other activities, so not enough time to read and comment.
            Here’s the most recent of Meoti’s op-eds on Ynet:
            The anti-Israel Jews

          • E.G. says:


            He didn’t retract his amendments. Who ever thought he’d go further than acknowledge that he did a good (hatchet) job?

          • Cynic says:

            oao & E.G.,

            Don’t remember where I posted this link about Goldstone and his Apartheid commission in 1994 South Africa ; but take a look at this criticism
            Goldstone Damaged South Africa as well
            Dr Anthea Jeffery, head of Special Research at the Institute of South African Race Relations wrote this about Goldstone’s report for the “South African Jewish Report” just after his UN report came out.
            It’s a PDF file but the link should take you straight to page 9.

  4. oao says:


    Re the anti-israel jews, here’s incontrovertible proof that even when Jews are idiots, their idiocy is much more powerful than the gentiles’. :)

  5. E.G. says:


    Neither do I recall where you posted the paper, but I do recall its content.

    • Cynic says:

      Someone mentioned to me that he saw Melanie Phillips on BBC tv this past Sunday (03/04/11) afternoon where she let fly in her criticism of perfidious Albion amongst other things.
      Have you any idea of what program it was? Is there any likelihood of there being video visible on the net for a particular BBC production?

      • E.G. says:

        A tough one, esp. since I’m “under occupation”.
        I’ll try.

        • Cynic says:

          Dang! Occupation? Eh!
          What did you do to deserve that?
          Who’s doing the occupying? Those nasty settlers?
          By the way, another gleaning came my way about an article by Ari Shavit

          But Juliano Mer-Khamis was not murdered by Jews. So instead of a huge headline he got a story below the fold. Instead of five angry essays, he received only one (beautiful ) eulogy.

          Nobody talked about racism, fanaticism and fascism. Nobody spoke of education systems spreading hatred and about primitive clergy. Mer-Khamis did not become an icon and thousands of people did not demonstrate.

          Mer’s murder raised neither protest nor outrage nor holy rage. The Israeli left, which knows exactly what to do with a murder by Jews, does not know what to do with murder by Palestinians.

          To be quite honest I just coudn’t stomach reading some of the other opinions if I am to keep my supper down.

      • E.G. says:


        Sorry, tried and failed.

    • Coltin says:

      Glad I’ve finally found smetoihng I agree with!

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