Osama bin Laden Dead

May he get a 72-year-old virgin forever.

Check out the reactions in the Jihadi world. MEMRI now has a substantial collection of such responses.

Excellent articles from City Journal (HT: Andrew Melnick):


Solidarity, Then and Now | What Obama didn’t say


Justice for All | And for Osama bin Laden, finally


The Late Bin Laden | Thoughts on presidential leadership and the media


Pakistan’s Dangerous Game | Bin Laden is gone, but the nation’s military remains a destabilizing force.


The Guzmán Parallel | Bin Laden’s downfall resembled that of the Shining Path’s fanatical leader.

6 Responses to Osama bin Laden Dead

  1. Ray in Seattle says:

    Here’s a comment I found from an active US military blogger in Iraq that makes good sense to me.

    This is a win in the War on Terror, or the War on Man-Made Disasters, or whatever the euphemism du jour. This, however, is not a football game. In war, the only cause for celebration, in the eyes of a warrior, is its victorious end. There will still be the empty chair at the table, the salt of tears, the bitterness of friends and family no longer among us, and the emptiness that comes from their loss. We will continue this fight, and so will our enemy. We are in a war for survival as not just a nation, but western civilization as the beacon of light in the world. In the end, there can be only one winner. When that day comes, and I am sure it will, I will toast absent companions, and wish them fair skies and following seas, and celebrate. Until that day, I, and we in the Armed Forces, stand ready, ever vigilant, and ready to do violence on your behalf.

    The whole article is at:


  2. oao says:

    The comments are correct. There are, in fact, a couple of dangers in this kill.

    One is an almost certain attempt by Obama to present this as a victory and reduce the commitment to war against terrorists in order to appease “more moderate” islamists like the MB, Hamas and Hezballah.

    Reinforcing this is the euphoria I detect in Western media and elites to use the uprisings as evidence that AQ was sidelined by the “democratic” events in the Arab world and that it was those and not AQ which are the salient factor.

    These are delusions as future developments will prove. We already got very clear signals from Egypt and PA as to the direction.

    The best two articles on the kill I saw are Spengler’s in Asia Times and Tisdall’s in the Guardian. Read jointly, they should cause serious concern.

    I’ll shortly email RL the Gleanings on the kill.

  3. Ray in Seattle says:

    Before we Americans get carried away seeing ourselves as the defender of the world’s weak and defenseless against terrorism it would be useful to read this powerful essay by Carolyn Glick. She clearly understands the limits of such altruism. As on the playground or in the ghetto – few societies will ever stick their own necks out or risk their own comfort for the weak and defenseless – unless maybe there’s something in it for them. It would be good for Americans to remember that we did precious little for the Jews when it could have helped most and what we did finally do later was done against much political opposition. Rwanda is an even more recent example.


  4. oao says:

    Anybody with half a brain does not believe all that altruism crap. Americans as individuals are the most self-centered people in the world as a matter of ideology, and their government is altruistic? Let’s be serious.

    The problem with the US is that it’s not used to be not dominant and I would not want to be its ally in these circumstances. It wasn’t a very good ally when it was dominant, when it’s weak it’s a disaster.

  5. Cynic says:


    From your Glick link
    But legal obligations couldn’t compete with Britain’s belief that its national interests lay with the Arabs.
    and so it came to pass that Britain is succumbing to the Arab culture at ever increasing speed. Today London is witness to arrogant Islam inveighing against its sons with verbal and physical intimidation.

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