Annals of Demopathy, No. 743,987,044

The Palestinian Authority has accused Palestinian Media Watch (which translates their Arab material into Western languages) of… wait for it… “incitement.”

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  1. Cynic says:


    It is terribly inciting to point out the flaw in the other.
    Firstly it causes offense for the infidel/kaffir and dhimmi (especially those who are worse than bacteria) to point it out.
    Secondly there is a loss of face when the others are made aware of it and
    Thirdly the shame with no daughter or wife to kill to appease one’s standing in the tribe.

    • oao says:


      I think you’re missing the point here.

      The Arabs have learned that when they are accused of REAL bads, no matter how strong the evidence is, it is not believed. OTOH, when they accuse the Israelis of even IMAGINARY or absurd bads without an iota of evidence, they are believed.

      In that context accusing the Israelis for what are the Arabs’ own sins is a stroke of genius.

      Has little to do with the Arabs and everything to do with a self-destructing West.

      • Cynic says:

        I was being sarcastic about the Arab’s cultural honour/shame hangup.
        Of course when they are accused of bad things the West for one believes them because for so many centuries the West has been projecting its own bad behaviour onto the Jews that it has become indoctrinated and now only the Jew conforms to their idea of bad.
        Just look at the relatively recent example of British behaviour with regard to Gaddafi, oil and terrorist bombers after having centuries of its scribes demonising the Jews for “money grubbing”.
        And Cameroon now withdraws from being the patron of the British JNF for Arab reasons.

        • oao says:

          But of course I knew you were sarcastic. I was just pointing out the important point of RL’s comment.

          If it weren’t projection it would be something else. The euros will always find a reason to screw the jews. It is in their bloddstream.

          As to hypocrisy, Americans are not much better. I always said that when they return the land to the indians, Israel will return theirs to the Pals.

          And what about their wars in Germany, Japan, Iraq and Afghanistan. Did they ever touch Israel in the loss of innocents or disproportion?

          The Jews are a convenient scapegoat precisely because of hypocrisy: when you blame the Jews you distract from yourself and you’ll have nobody who would disagree and stand up for them, while they will usually try to appease you into stopping. There is gain and no price to pay.

  2. European says:

    Sorry, I am a European who is not anti Israel nor anti-semite (in the sense of Jewish semitism!). My father did concentration camp in 1943 to 1945 as an avowed communist wich i am not.
    There are still Europeans that do support Israel and the Jewish people, only we are not in the majority and we cannot influence our governments to take it easy on Israel and to be realistic about the palestinian

  3. Alexander4 says:

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