Norway tries to deal with a wave of Muslims raping Norwegian Infidels

NB: I have received several comments and a letter from a Norwegian journalist questioning the validity of this report. We are checking into it, but as of now, there is no corroboration of the account that Yehuda Bello gives. Will update as soon as I know. (I have added the comments from the journalist below in the comments section.)

UPDATE: Ursula Duba, a writer of great integrity and courage has posted the following.

“The sentence “Norway’s justice minister blames Israel for Muslim rape wave” which is posted on Robert Spencer’s wall on FB (the link has been removed in the meantime, even though the headline  is still on Robert Spencer’s wall) and is also quoted on Professor Richard Landes website The Augean Stables should be considered a lie. The statement by Norway’s justice minister was allegedly quoted in a headline in ARUTZ SHEVA by Gil Ronen. From there it spread around the globe like wildfire. I never saw that headline in Arutz Sheva of Dec 5, 2011. As of yesterday or even earlier, the statement attributed to Norway’s justice minister is nowhere to be found in Arutz Sheva, nor does Gil Ronen offer an explanation as to why he altered the headline to “Muslim ‘Rape Wave’ Reported in Oslo” at Without proof as to when and where the alleged statement by Norway’s justice minister was made, the statement itself should be considered as untrue and as slander.
We owe Norway an apology. I herewith apologize to Norway for this slander. I hope that all decent people will join me in a) apologizing to Norway and b) will make sure that any such statements are in fact TRUE. Quoting a sixth or seventh blog as a source is totally unreliable. This is how lies and defamation run amok on the internet. I will have none of it.”

After more than a week of waiting for the people involved in this story to get back to me about what the real sources are, I have come to the conclusion that this is the most appropriate position to take. I apologize to Norway for running this unverifiable approach, and hope that they show the courage necessary to tackle this grave problem of rape.

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  1. Lorenz Gude says:

    Hmmm….the opposite of an honor shame culture would be one without shame and without honor. If this keeps up I think it may well be the women who put an end to the nonsense.

    I suppose it is worth saying that the sheer unconsciousness of the minister’s self revealing remark is indicative of how the defense mechanism of projection gets more florid as the position becomes less tenable. Still it is just a crack in the armor, the politically correct will go on sacrificing virgins to their multicultural gods for some time to come.

  2. Cynic says:

    Norway’s justice minister defended the police report but also said that “Israel must be glad to hear about it.”

    No as a matter of fact that is not correct because all the Israelis I’ve met have never taken pleasure in the suffering of others, not even Arabs. They have expressed shock and anger at the brutal treatment generally.
    The only time the schadenfreude has broken through is when some thug has got his comeuppance.
    In commenting about the rape occurring in the Scandinavian countries they have only expressed outrage at the authorities for permitting the situation to fester and reach this stage.
    That the Norwegian govt., behaves in its hypocritical and bigoted manner towards Israel is just part and parcel of the problem its officials have towards right and wrong which is amply demonstrated by their attitude to the safety of its citizens and their “human rights” to a secure and dignified existence.
    That this minister can make such a statement just shows what a crass idiot he is.

    • hans rustad says:

      this is absolute bollocks, we have problems enough and don’t have to construe them, this is very harmful for israelis view on norway and vice versa. The quote from the justice minister is pure invention. one should always look for a link when reading such incredible stuff. it is tellingly not there. this person bello is either highly malicious or does not understand norwegian at all. very disappointing read.

  3. David says:

    Sir, I’d delighted to have found your website via your article on the Telegraph!! So pleased to see there are still “normal” people out there who call black, black and white, white. There is still hope!
    It’s so sad and shameful that the Norvegian authorities are more obssessed with Israel than they are preocuppied to protect their women. 45 out of 48 rapes done by Muslim should sound the alarm in the Norvegian camp before it is way too late for that nation.
    Again, many thanks for being a voice for the truth!

  4. Bjlørn Gabrielsen says:

    The claim concerning the Justice Minister does not bear scrutiny. Tundra Tabloids quotes this blog which in its turn refers to this piece from the Norwegian Broadcasting Company. Israel is not mentioned here. Nor can I find any reference to the Justice Minister implying “Israel would be happy to hear this” anywhere else.

    He adds in an email to me: Sir,
    I am a journalist at Dagens Næringsliv, the Norwegian business daily. I often write critically of what I consider to be massive anti-Israel bias in Norwegian media, universities and NGOs.

    I am disappointed that you have chosen to publish the piece “Norwegian leaders complain that report on wave of Muslims raping non-Muslims “serves Israel’s policy of occupation”. Jehuda Bello, the Israeli blogger used as a source in this piece, does not back up his claims concerning the Norwegian minister of justice.

    As a Norwegian speaker and a journalist, I can claim a slight advantage when it comes to finding out if the minister of justice ever claimed “Israel would be happy to hear this,” concerning the report on rapes in Oslo. And I can simply not find anything indicating such a comment was ever made.

    Indeed, Tundra Tabloids offers the following caveat:
    Yehuda Bello, and his blog post (google translation) that INN (Arutz Sheva) referred to in the article below. This is ´the very best I can do in verifying the veracity of the article. The person is a real Israeli blogger.

    That’s the proof here. That he’s a real blogger.

    I understand why this story might not seem entirely far-fetched. In this case, however, there does not seem to be a shred of evidence for the main premise: the quote by the minister of justice.

    Bjørn Gabrielsen

  5. Tom says:

    Yes, Richard are the full facts of your story verified? If true, this is a very important story. If false it’s rather worrying that you would publish without checking correctly, after all the hard work you’ve done on exposing the media manipulation of others.

  6. pretzelberg says:

    Aside from the alleged comments from the minister – this article is a scandalous example of Muslim bashing. The final two sentences illustrate this.

    • Richard Landes says:

      this is a good example of an aggressive assertion of liberal cognitive egocentrism. pretzelberg apparently assumes that the idea of religiously sanctioned rapes by muslim men of infidel women is a scurrilous defamation of islam. alas, the evidence is strong. Alas, we have fatwas that permit jihadis to capture and rape infidel women, in Pakistan we have Christian women as Muslim sex-slaves, in London we have demonstrators promising to rape Danish women as spoils of Jihad (at 2:29), in France we have Muslim youth gang raping French women (called tournantes – passing arounds), and on and on.

      These things are really quite unimaginable to the modern western sensibility, and since nothing in even extreme versions of Jewish or Christian fundamentalism come anywhere near this kind of permission/encouragement, it’s hard for us to imagine that this goes on in Islam. Of course, to get aggressive with your ignorance and accuse people who are not covering their eyes of “scandalous muslim bashing” is perhaps taking aggressive naivete several notches too high.

      • Sérgio says:

        This pretzele has this inner-soviet-commissar-cum-self-righteous-church-lady-syndrome, characterized by an uncontrollable urge to scream “racist, bigot and shame-on-you” all the time, a kind of substitute pacifier. Go figure.

      • pretzelberg says:

        No apology for the shameless Muslim bashing, however! And no, my posts here have nothing to do with what you clumsily call “cognitive egocentrism” and everything to do with common decency.

        The fact that you originally published the story without being remotely interested in any factual basis speaks volumes about you. Your hostility towards Muslims in general appears to be an obsession.

  7. Professor P. C. Salzman says:

    Pretzelburg’s opinions about Islam and Muslims are irrelvant to the question at hand. He seems to have opinions about what should or should not be reported, and this is a matter of freedom of the press, and also a matter of interest in understanding the real world as it is, not as some politically correct mulitcultural dictums indicate.

    What is relevant is what Muslims believe, and how this influences their actions. What do Muslims–who differ individually and from place to place and time to time on this question–believe that Islam justifies, or even mandates? And what sources do they cite to document their views? More specifically, what do young Muslim men in Oslo believe that Islam justifies, or mandates, in their relations with the infidel females who are part of the native Norwegian majority?

  8. Ari says:

    If you read Bello’s blog (in Hebrew) it doesn’t directly quote the justice minister, and in fact only says that he (Bello) had learned that the minister “admitted that Israel surely isn’t damaged by its [the police report] publication.” Even assuming this is true, it is open to interpretation, as we lack the exact words and the context in which they were said. (E.g., this might be an answer to a reporter’s question whether the report helps Israel. Of course the correct answer in that case would be “what’s Israel got to do with it?” but it’s not the same as the minister bringing up Israel on his own. Anyway this is just idle speculation. We need both the exact words of the minister and the context in which they were said to accurately judge them.)

    On the other hand, the earlier quote from Bello’s blog regarding the government ministers is accurate.

    Bello provides no references to back either assertion.

  9. Tom says:

    Thanks for retracting the story. You might also like to reconsider whether the title is appropriate.

  10. Lorenz Gude says:

    After reading through the above a couple of time it isn’t clear to me if just the schadenfreude toward Israel is unverifiable or the statistics on rape. As I said the crack about Israel was pretty ‘florid’ but one would think the rape matter is one of simple fact and should be verifiable. Apparently not.

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  12. pacific_waters says:

    Though the referring article refers only to Stavanger ( it might be plausible to assume the statistics are replicable across Norway. Though they use the term “immigrants” in the headline the copy reveals that of 22 rapes only 1 perpetrator was not fo african or asian origin.

    The Local
    Norway’s News in English
    Jan 10, 2012
    ‘Immigrants behind most rapes in Stavanger’

    Published: 09 Jan 2012 05:31 GMT+1
    An overwhelming majority of men convicted of rape in Stavanger in the last three years come from first and second-generation immigrant communities, a review of the city’s court rulings has shown.

    * 98-year-old woman killed by sex attacker: witness (04 Jan 12)
    * Three tram conductors stabbed in Oslo (05 Jan 12)
    * Indians in Norway aborting girls: study (09 Jan 12)

    In all, 18 rape judgments were handed down from 2009 to 2011 in the south-western city, according to a review carried out by state broadcaster NRK.

    The cases involved 22 men, two of whom were cleared of rape charges.

    Of the 20 men found guilty of rape, half were of African origin, five had Asian backgrounds, one had Polish roots and three were ethnic Norwegians, said NRK, which did not disclose the ethnicity of one of the men.

  13. MountainHome says:

    Yes, the word ‘immigrant’ is used because the media really isn’t there for your convenience so they can spew their agenda on you instead of reporting the true facts.

    Good article!! Thanks.

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