Ummm… Why aren’t you going to Damascus?

Flytilla 2012

posted Apr 5, 2012 10:56 AM by Michael Rabb

Welcome to Palestine 2012:  Confronting Israel’s Blockade & Apartheid

April 5, 2012

On April 15th, hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists from around the world will converge on Israel as part of “Welcome to Palestine 2012”.  I’m proud to say I will be among them.

There is no way into Palestine other than through Israeli control points. Israel has turned Palestine into a giant prison, but prisoners have a right to receive visitors.

Welcome to Palestine 2012 will challenge Israel’s policy of isolating the West Bank while the settler paramilitaries and the IDF commit brutal crimes against a defenseless Palestinian civilian population.

We call on governments to support the right of Palestinians to receive visitors and the right of their own citizens to visit Palestine openly.  The participants in Welcome to Palestine 2012 ask to be allowed to pass through Tel Aviv airport without hindrance and to proceed to the West Bank to take part in a project there for children to benefit from the right to education.”

You’d say, “don’t change the subject; you’re just trying to bloodshedwash Israeli sins.”
I’d say, “you are too cowardly to confront the real victimizers of innocent and imprisoned Arab masses; Israel’s such a choice target for your moral outrage – safe, high profile, and oh so satisfying for your self-destructive addiction to Moral Schadenfreude.

2 Responses to Ummm… Why aren’t you going to Damascus?

  1. Emmanuel Seitelbach says:

    The answer to your question is confirmed here:,7340,L-4219636,00.html

  2. Eliyahu says:

    Commies & fascists have pulled similar political stunts. Many of the leading advocates in France of “peace” with Nazi Germany before June 1940 found themselves serving in jobs in the Vichy regime. This included socialists like Marcel Deat & Pierre Laval & Communists like Jacques Doriot, & Trot Communists too, etc.

    The liws of this Rabb person are worthy of Commies & fascists.

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