Galactic Consciousness on the Eve of Yom Kippur

First light: image of a spiral galaxy, known as NGC 891, approximately 3.3 million light years from Earth, obtained with the newly commissioned Discovery Channel Telescope. BU is among the partners responsible for construction of the $53 million state-of-the-art telescope at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. Photo courtesy of Phil Massey, Ted Dunham, and Mike Sweaton, Lowell Observatory

Just as the universe expands outside of us, so, within, are infinite expanses of consciousness. Yom Kippur is just such a day to explore the more painful parts of that inner world. Indeed, self-criticism opens up worlds of relationships with others… as long as those “others” share that path. May everyone of good will and integrity have a sweet, good and fruitful new year, and may those who are not yet on that path, find it this year.

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    Very nice. Gmar Hatima Tova!


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