Choose Life

H/T: Shlomo Halak

Here’s a good metaphor for the Middle East: Israeli civil polity vs. the Arab world’s prime dividers.

In the Israeli national anthem, there’s the line: “to be a free people in our own land…” Seems so simple and obvious from the perspective of modern principles of freedom and human rights. But from the perspective of those for whom “rule or be ruled” is the imperative, such freedom is an affront to their honor. It’s not what Israel does that drives triumphalist Arabs and Muslims up the wall, it’s what they are – no longer dhimmi.

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  1. Jonathan Levy says:

    RL, have you seen this Video, translated by MEMRI?

    I could not think of a better example of honor-shame/hard-negative-sum mentality. And as Pallywood productions go (the burning plane is a mig 29 from a crash in England in 1993), this one is rather well polished.

    Plus, the tune is really catchy. Udrub Udrub Tal Abib!

  2. w.w.wygart says:

    Is what we are witnessing in Gaza a gesture of suicide by IDF? In human psychology the concept of thanatos, the death instinct, is considered to be somewhat passé, but I wonder sometimes if we are not witnessing something like a death-wish emerging out of the Palestinian collective subconscious.

    A rational mind, or at least my mind, cannot imagine what the Palestinian people and their leadership think they are up to; they appear to me to be acting like a drunk with a broken bottle trying to provoke a policeman into ending his addiction – OR – maybe it’s just as Richard has been writing all these years, the cold-hearted calculation of the honor-shame mind that requires as much death as is necessary to redress the perceived loss of honor… there we are back at suicide again.


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