Notes from a Reader: Documenting the (Unofficial) Sharia Zone in Tower Hamlets and Other London Sites

In a previous post about Sharia Zones in London, one of my readers, who claims to have lived in Tower Hamlets, insisted there was no such problem. Another reader, also a resident (now former resident) sent these links to illustrate a different “take” on reality.

Spot the Fag at East London Mosque

Religion Teacher Attacked

Asian women threatened with death for not wearing headscarf

Community activist who took down Gay Free Zone stickers threatened with death on previous occasions:

Tower Hamlets declared sharia zone

Eid celebration Stepney Park (you can find these for other years on you tube too).

Maps showing how east london was full of gay people 20 years ago

Video of a man who was at the George & Dragon when it has been attacked

These  attacks have never been reported by gay media in Britain at the time they happen.  Here is a report that mentions an attack that happened several years earlier.

That attack came after one of the gang was imprisoned for his part in their brutal attack on Oliver Hemsley.  You can see how bad the attack was from this description.  He spent 134 days in intensive care.

Here’s the story of another gay man attacked in the centre of Tower Hamlets.  (These attacks on gay people & gay bars get so little coverage, even in the gay media, that that is the only report I can find of that attack).

Here’s the story of the man attacked by 30 racist muslims with machetes.

Here’s a story of a man in Tower Hamlets pushed in front of a train by another gang of muslims.

The European Muslim Research Centre put out a report about how much “cultural terrorism” there was against muslims.  It was refuted in this analysis (showing there are far more attacks against gay people than against not just muslims, but all religious people). Exeter University withdrew the report after this, and re-issued it with changes.

The mayor of Tower Hamlets is supported by the islamist Islamic Forum of Europe.

Anwar Al Awlaki spoke at East London Mosque, even after he was identified as someone who advised muslim terrorists.

Each gay pride marcher has 1 police officer for security (plus helicopter) following Gay Free Zone campaign.  Compare the numbers and the level of security, with the numbers and lack of security at the Eid celebration.

Hizb ut Tahrir frequently hold their annual conferences in Tower Hamlets.

At election time, Muslims stand outside the Tube stations handing out cards telling Muslims that if they vote they are apostates.  They also paste them on walls and lamp-posts.

The black, female, Jewish, socialist MP was ousted in 2005.  She was subjected to jew-hatred during the campaign, from the party that was aligned with Muslims.

I have been told by different people (some liberal, Guardian readers) in different parts of Tower Hamlets, that they have been stopped from going into public parks by gangs of Muslim men, who told them “this park is for Muslims only”.  I can’t find any corroborating reports for their stories.  But these were people (one Jewish) whose families had lived in Tower Hamlets for generations, long before any Muslims were there.

Here’s a report about weapons being hidden around the area.

The muslim dominated council banned biscuits from council meetings during Ramadan (thus imposing muslim restrictions onto non-Muslims, another feature of Sharia for Dhimmi).

Homophobic abuse shouted at gay councillors during council meetings, and nothing being done about it.

Alcohol is banned from the streets of Tower Hamlets.

Tower Hamlets council to ban lap-dancing, strippers.

Those restrictions on alcohol and licentiousness might not seem so bad.  However, bear in mind, that in the so-called puritanical Victorian age, east London was a den of sin and vice: masses of prostitution, drinking, and drug-taking.  Yet Tower Hamlets council is even more puritanical than the Victorians.  The Salvation Army was founded in Whitechapel in 1878,  East London is far less boozy and licentious now than it was in the19th century, but they did not ban drinking on the streets until a couple of years ago.

The 2001 census says that the proportion of muslims in Tower Hamlets is 36%.  Yet 66% of the councillors are muslims.  This means that the census underestimates the number of muslims, or that muslims only vote for muslims, or that the at the selection meetings of the political parties only Muslims are being selected.  Under sharia, non-Muslims cannot have positions of authority above Muslims (see the Hizb ut Tahrir manifesto).

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  1. mika says:

    As long as the West prostitutes itself for oil, this is what we’ll get. Money from the oil monopoly racket is what drives Jihadistanism. My suggestion, is that we replace the “Saudis”, “Qataris”, “Kuwaitis”, “Iraqis”, “Iranis” and other fake made-up Jihadistani nationalities, with the more civilized people of the region. We have the power to do so and we should do it. There’s obsoletely no reason to allow the Jihadistani monopoly in the region. I think the West would be much better served with Israel and others European powers extending their national sovereignty over what is now a Jihadistani monopoly. Why are we tolerating these Jihadistani savages? We need to extinguish Jihadistani imperialism, their oil monopoly, and their savage retrograde culture.

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