Enderlin the Lance Armstrong of Journalism

Listen to the Oprah interview with Armstrong, and think Endelrin:

Did you think it was cheating? No.

And you not only denied it but did so emphatically? Yes.

Someone should do a study in cognitive dissonance and self-deception.

One Response to Enderlin the Lance Armstrong of Journalism

  1. Martin J. Malliet says:

    I don’t find it all that hard to understand Enderlin’s perseverance in maintaining his untruthful self-representation to cover up his failings. What will he do if the verdict goes against him? He only has one honourable way out, and that is to turn himself around completely and get on board with the clean-up operation of the Augean Stables. Philippe Karsenty should make him that offer, explicitly. While France2 and the big shots are made to pay the €13m.

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