Demonstrating on rekaB Street: SNJ supports their confrère Charles Enderlin

As noted in an earlier post, the Société nationale de journalistes, France Télévisions (SNJ) sent out an appeal to members to come show solidarity with Charles Enderlin at the trial. Below is the text, with commentary about the deeply superficial nature of the claims. Basically, the observer is left with the following question: are they dishonest or truly (and inexcusably) uninformed, or, to paraphrase Karsenty on Enderlin, they are certainly misleading their readers; but are they misled? In any case, clueless on rekaB Street seems an apt depiction of their existential condition.


Solidarité avec Charles Enderlin ce mercredi 16 à Paris

Le SNJ a toujours été solidaire de Charles Enderlin ( France 2 ) injustement accusé, poursuivi et harcelé pour son reportage sur la mort de Mohammed Al Dura, un jeune Palestinien de 12 ans, tué à Gaza le 30 septembre 2000.

Note that, neither here, nor below, is there any link to some serious arguments in favor of Enderlin. Presumably, when they write “unjustly accused, pursuied, and harrassed…” they have looked at the evidence and found the criticism completely wanting. Or is this just the rhetoric of people who defend their own without examining the evidence? Shades of the pre-modern trope: “my side right or wrong”, or, in the language of the French “du communautarisme journalistique” [partisan journalism].

Pendant plus de 10 ans, quelques acharnés ont tenté de le discréditer, le salir, le faire condamner.

Le SNJ a multiplié les actions de solidarité. Lors de son congrès de Lyon, en 2007, après les journalistes de France 2, ce sont plus de 150 délégués de toutes formes de presse qui ont signé la pétition : “Charles Enderlin, l’honneur d’une rédaction”.

Note again, no session on the case and its evidence, just solidarity with Charles as if, like one of the others mentioned in the same petition, he had been thrown into prison by his government for criticizing it. Actually, one would have thought that the fiasco of the original petition in favor of Enderlin, signed by people who openly admitted they hadn’t seen the evidence, but only signed to show solidarity with a colleague, might have instilled a small measure of embarrassment in his supporters… but, no. Like Enderlin showing footage from France2 that Karsenty had just systematically dismantled as false and unprofessional, apparently support for Enderlin is shameless because clueless.

Son reportage, qui a fait le tour du monde et sert toujours de référence, est cependant encore l’objet d’attaques en justice.

They themselves admit that this report on al Durah went around the world and serves to this day as a [valid] reference. But as to whether it was inaccurate seems of no interest to these alleged journalists, allegedly committed to principles of proper behavior.

C’est le cas ce mercredi 16 janvier où notre confrère doit faire face à un de ses accusateurs permanents.

One could not know from this remark that it’s Charles, their colleague, who is the accuser, using the courts to bully his critics.

M. Karsenty, directeur d’une agence de notation des médias, avait demandé sa destitution en dénonçant la diffusion “d’un faux reportage, une pure fiction comportant, en première partie, une série de scènes jouées”. Il doit être rejugé par la cour d’appel de Paris pour diffamation contre Charles Enderlin.

Nous avons donc la possibilité de témoigner de notre solidarité avec notre confrère et de notre exigence pour une information de qualité, dont il est un des symboles.

Again, the evidence is of no interest. Charles is the symbol of quality information, which they, as journalists, support. Again the question: are they superficial fools? or are they intentionally dishonest?

Venez le 16 janvier à 13h30, 4, boulevard du palais, chambre 7, pole 7 de la cour d’appel de Paris.

As far as I know, none of them showed, and if they did, they “manifested” so quietly only a practiced eye could have noticed.


mardi 15 janvier 2013

2 Responses to Demonstrating on rekaB Street: SNJ supports their confrère Charles Enderlin

  1. mika says:

    “Again the question: are they superficial fools? or are they intentionally dishonest?”

    This question was long answered by anyone of even the most minimal intelligence.

    The way to counteract these criminals is to throughly delegitimize them by exposing and boycotting them and their system of deceit and control. That means exposing and boycotting their banks, their corporations, their military, their schools, their media, their “history” books, their religious institutions, their courts, their government mafia, their NGOs, their poison foods, their divide & conquer tactics — their fake and fraudulent version of the world and “reality”.

  2. Rich Rostrom says:

    FYI – SNJ is the “Syndicat National des Journalistes”, not “Syndicat National des Journalistes”.

    What is their motive? They consider themselves part of the elite class of intellectual “knowers”, and it is not permitted to outsiders to question their authority, especially on behalf of a pariah such as Israel.

    Enderlin, in attacking Israel, was acting out the white-guilt motif of modernist thought. Israel as a settler colony is the scapegoat for all the crimes of colonialism. Enderlin as a liberal Jew joins in the ritual expiation, thereby confirming his status as a good transnational progressive – a status that French intellectuals nearly all aspire to.

    By showing that Enderlin’s reporting was false, Karsenty threatened this entire structure – which must not be allowed.

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