Bill Maher, High Priest of rekaB Street

UPDATE: Ben Smith has a fine analysis of just how bad Maher’s performance was.

Watching Bill Maher with Cory Booker, Eva Longoria (!) and Jackie Kucinich discuss matters. “The Republicans have disappointed me this week, which I never thought could happen.” How? By giving Hillary Clinton a hard time last week and then Chuck Hagel this week. Maher then proceeded to give a potted, bowdlerized version of who Chuck Hagel is, that didn’t give a clue as to why anyone might object. So why did they do it?

“Apparently Obama’s cooties are so bad that when Obama picks you, even when you’re a Republican now all the Republicans hate this guy.”


And Maher is supposed to be one of the more intelligent commentators on TV. And he’s surrounded himself with people who, also intelligent, are essentially yes-men and yes-women for whom the easy funny answers are just fine… cooties? seriously?

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  1. mika says:

    This is why I don’t watch or listen or read any of this MSM idiotic theater:

    1/ The “Israeli lobby” wont and didn’t win a single win for Israel, territorial or otherwise, EVER!
    2/ The “Israeli lobby” is not an Israeli lobby. It is a foreign lobby (Rome/CFR) masquerading as an Israeli lobby. Same as all the “Jewish” lobby groups.
    3/ This myth of the “Israeli lobby” perpetuates false and damaging stereotypes regards Israel’s political power and interference in US affairs. The fact of the matter is, the opposite is true. It is Rome/CFR that constantly interferes in Israeli affairs and always gets away with it.
    4/ The Israeli government mafia goes along with this charade because the Israeli government itself is a foreign government (Rome/CFR) masquerading as an Israeli government.
    5/ The whole political show is a revolting display of lies and deceit and idiotic theater for morons.
    6/ The media will never tell you the truth about anything that matters because the media is nothing but propaganda controlled by the Secret Services in the service of Rome.

    **Rome is code word for those who I am not allowed to mention, because mentioning them is a taboo subject here and pretty much everywhere. That should tell you something about where political power really resides.

  2. Walter Sobchak says:

    Your readers who wish to more deeply understand the psychological dynamic of honor/shame in Muslim society, should read:

    “The Murderer’s Honor” by Daniel Greenfield @ the Sultan Knish blog on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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