Apparently there’s a place in Muslim heaven for Useful Infidels

Ahmadinejad on Hugo Chavez:

In a condolence letter published by Ahmadinejad, he referred to Chavez as a “martyr” (shaheed), and said that Chavez will return on the day of salvation, along with the Mahdi (“the Vanished Imam”) and Jesus.

It’s nice to know that he got flak for this statement (which you don’t have to be Muslim to find grotesquely brown-nosing). Apparently, Ahmadinejad is so desperate for friends in the international community that he considers enthusiastic useful infidels honorary Muslims. Shades of the Mormons doing post-mortem baptisms.

One website made a particularly damning contrast between Ahmadinejad and his BFF, Chavez:

I wish Ahmadinejad was at least like Chavez. President Chavez won the support of the underprivileged masses in his country since he was able to use Venezuela’s oil revenues for the good of the people. He improved their welfare and increased their income, which won him the support of public opinion and propelled him to a third presidential term in a free election in spite of his illness. Ahmadinejad, on the other hand, has not improved the situation of his country’s citizens. Even though Iran’s oil revenues have increased by a similar extent to Venezuela’s, these revenues flowed into the pockets of just a few individuals, which is why Ahmadinejad does not enjoy the same level of popular support that Chavez did. Those Iranians who were hungry before have become hungrier, and those who were poor have become poorer (Baztab, March 6).


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  1. akmofo says:

    Ahmadinejad is not a Muslim. Ahmadinejad is an anti-Muslim and that is why he is targeted by Rome and new Rome.

  2. w.w.wygart says:

    Revolutions make strange bedfellows indeed. I’m just not sure that the Mormon ex post facto baptism process is the best metaphor for Uncle Ahmi Uncle Hugo’s late home coziness.

    I hadn’t heard that Uncle Ahmi was not a true Muslim before, but I have heard that he isn’t Persian but is a Turk – which could explain a lot if true.


    • akmofo says:

      Shii are considered apostle by the Vatican/Roman created and sponsored Sunni cult. Shiism is the Persian answer to the Roman Jihadi menace. That’s why they are targeted by Rome and its subsidiaries in Washigton, Riyadh, and Jerusalem.

      • akmofo says:

        Should read: apostate

        • w.w.wygart says:

          S’alright, I understood what you meant. So, what does that make the Sunni?

          • akmofo says:

            The Sunnis, a Vatican created proxy army, do the biding of Rome when it is temporarily politically inconvenient for Rome to be seen to be directly involved. This includes the genocide of Jews, Orthodox Christians, liberals of various persuasions, and all other non-Roman Catholics. From ancient times to today’s modern Nazis and Jihadi-Nazis the pattern is very clear. Nothing is coincidence, nothing is by accident.

  3. Richard Landes says:

    @Wˆ3 please don’t bait the resident CT.

  4. Rich Rostrom says:

    The claim that Chavez is popular because he provided benefits to the poor from the oil bonenza is false.

    Chavez’s popularity with the masses came from his background as a mestizo in a country which had always been governed by a criollo (white) elite. He was a powerful orator with a strong populist appeal to people who saw him as the first to care about them, who was one of them.

    He never actually delivered anything much. His social-welfare programs (misiones) had grandiose goals and claims, but little actual achievement. He squandered all of Venezuela’s oil revenue (the nation’s debts are enormous), while his cronies stole billions. Domestic industry has been wrecked, there are shortages of everything, highways are crumbling, the electrical system is breaking down, and crime is completely out of control.

    The Chavez era has been a period of extravagnt leftist rhetoric, rampant corruption, and grotesque incompetence.

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