Suicidal Auto-stupefaction from a Belgian Deputy

People’s Party” Belgian deputé, Laurent Louis, espouses conspiracy theory (HT: Jean-Philippe Desmet):
Les attentats de Boston ou comment en quelques instants stigmatiser la Russie et les Musulmans… Encore un beau coup médiatique des sionistes ! Quelles seront les conséquences de ce pseudo attentat ? Une nouvelle limitation des libertés fondamentales ? Une nouvelle attaque contre les pays musulmans ? L’invasion de la Syrie ou pourquoi pas la déstabilisation de la Russie ? Il ne s’agit peut-être aussi que d’un coup de poker politique d’Obama pour justifier une reprise de la mobilisation militaire américaine dans le monde… Un prix Nobel de la Paix, ça ne peut pas partir en guerre pour une broutille… Les frères Tsarnaev, ça me fait penser au cas de Mohamed Merah, ce jeune pion utilisé par Sarkozy pour créer un vent de panique en France et espérer assurer sa ré-élection… Ah, que de manipulations !!!”The Boston attacks, or how in a few moments one can stigmatize Russia and the Muslims… Another great media coup of the Zionists. What will be the consequences of this pseudo-attack? A new limitation of fundamental liberties [e.g., the right to stay unbelievably stupid things – rl]? A new attack against Muslimc ountries? The invasion of Syria or why not the destablilization of Russia? It may just be a political poker move of Obama to justify un renewal of the american military mobilization in the world… A Nobel Peace Prize winner, can’t just go to war for nothing… The Tsarnaev brothers makes me think of Mohamed Merah, that young pawn used by Sarkozy to creat a wind of panic in France in the hopes of reassuring his re-election… Ah, what manipulations!!!
Nothing can penetrate the conspiratorial mind bent on self-destruction.

5 Responses to Suicidal Auto-stupefaction from a Belgian Deputy

  1. DavidS says:

    By calling the author a “deputy”, I assume that he is a member of the Belgian Parliament. Do you know from which party?

    • Richard Landes says:

      People’s Party, which styles itself a “liberal conservative” party. So he’s not even one of the socialists formally supportive of the Islamists.

  2. w.w.wygart says:

    Sadly it’s not even a fifth grader conspiracy. Laurent Louis didn’t even mention George Bush, junior or senior, once! Not even Oliver Stone could make a movie out of this. /sarc


  3. Rich Rostrom says:

    Laurent Louis is not just a Delegate of the People’s Party, he is its only Delegate. The PP is a minor party with 1.29% of the vote in 2010.

    So this is both more and less significant than it first appears.

    A large party, such as the U.S. Democratic Party, India’s Congress Party, or Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party, may and often does have a few “backbenchers” who believe and say such things. This is a black mark against the party, but not a mortal sin, especially as such members are often kicked out soon after. (E.g. Cynthia McKinney.) They don’t speak for the whole party.

    Louis however is a leader of the PP; his views do represent the whole party.

    On the other hand, in parliamentary terms, he is the whole party, which is very small. So he doesn’t speak for many people.

    • w.w.wygart says:

      Thanks for the input. I was reacting mostly to the headline: “People’s Party” Belgian deputé, Laurent Louis, espouses conspiracy theory”

      My joke was both for and against Laurent Louis firstly in that the “conspiracy theory” wasn’t much of a conspiracy at all, very tame, American political liberals all seem to have hugely convoluted and paranoid conspiracies that tie into the meme that Bush1 and Bush2 are responsible for all evil in the world. Secondly I was ‘busting’ on Mr. Louis for not coming up with a more diabolical and paranoid conspiracy for his theory. It was all a joke.

      I’m just glad he’s not a member of our Congress, we’ve got enough jokers of our own.


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