Conning the Public: The Clash between Lethal Journalism and Journalistic Ethics

One of the most salient features of lethal journalism is the stark conflict between journalistic ethics and the actions of journalists who purvey lethal narratives as news. Given the (inexplicably?) overriding commitment of some journalists to these narratives no matter how obviously false, they must avoid facing up to their professional commitments to accuracy and fairness. Often this leads to a situation of a “public secret” in which they privately admit things (they’re intimidated, the Palestinians stage stuff all the time) which they publicly deny.

CAMERA has a brief video about just this kind of situation. For reasons that perhaps only he (and Bob Simon) can explain, the public face of the station – “if you make a mistake, own up to it” is the opposite of the way they make their sausages. Is the man a hypocrite? Does he not know what he’s doing? Does he think it doesn’t matter when the subject of the mistake is Israel? Is he, like Charles Enderlin, someone who pushes cognitive dissonance to the point of dissociation?


By the way, the comment about Bethlehem surrounded by wall and therefore an open-air prison is only the most egregious of errors in Simon’s report, which is a classic example of lethal journalism disguised as investigative journalism.

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  1. Cynic says:

    It is time to realize that many of the stories put out by the media are malicious by intent.
    Journalists are often described as naive or ignorant which in many cases is the projection of the reader.
    In some instances a case can be made for fear intervening in a contentious criticism of the story.
    It is about time that the media’s story tellers be held accountable for inflammable material and in many cases incitement to hatred and violence.

  2. mika. says:

    Engaging this murderous mafia is complete folly.

    Boycott them and refuse them all legitimacy. Let them die and disappear in obscurity, irrelevancy, bankruptcy.

    • Sshender says:

      What’s that? No Vatican/CIA involvement this time?!! Surely they’re worth at least a passing mention….

      • mika says:

        The murderous mafia refers to the Vatican/CIA mafia. Hope that clears things up for you.

        The Vatican/CIA mafia is a conglomerate. A medusa with many snakes: banks and central banks, corporations of all strips (including the media corporations), governmental organizations such as the secret services and defense agencies, “non-governmental” advocacy groups, universities, legal and medical associations, etc.

        By way of centralization and top down control, emotional manipulation through propaganda lies, distractions, ignorance, concealment, cover-up, corruption, blackmail, intimidation and murder, we are institutionally managed manipulated and controlled.

        We are slaves on their slave plantation. Propagandized people thinking they are free and independent, but we are anything but. The theater put on for us, is to make us believe that we are participants in our future. In fact, we are incidental automatons. Lab rats caught in a matrix and a scripted narrative.

        Since his father was highly connected, JFK managed a glimpse into some of the workings and machinery of this mafia. What JFK didn’t know and didn’t realize, is how truly mind-bogglingly pervasive the matrix of control really is.


        NOTHING is coincidence.
        NOTHING is by accident.
        EVERYTHING is planned.

        • SerJew says:

          “NOTHING is coincidence.
          NOTHING is by accident.
          EVERYTHING is planned.” (Mika Meshugannah)

          Then, so is your conspiracy obsession. Ergo, YOU are part of the conspiracy too. Now, you can relax and stop your non-sense.

          • mika says:

            If it’s nonsense, it shouldn’t bother you. Obviously it does bother you. You are threatened by what I say. Why are you so threatened by what I say, SerJew? You work for the Vatican/CIA mafia?

          • SerJew says:

            What bothers everyone is your idiocy repeated ad nauseam. You are insane and urgently in need of medical care.

            And, yes, I work for the Vatican/CIA/KGB/NKVD/Rocicrucians/Freemasons/Templars/Scientologists/Illuminati/RotaryClub/DinersClub/CreditCard/Visa/Master/Card/AmericanExpress/ClubMed/Stasi/Smersh/Okrana/etc, etc.

            However, the salary sucks and I’m planning to retire and work as consultant for those same people. You should do the same, Mika Meshugannah.

  3. mika says:

    Rude. Ignorant. Propagandized to want to hear only what the Vatican/CIA mafia emotionally programmed you to want to hear. There’s a good Hebrew word for that — behema. I’ll let you on in a little secret, SerJew. That’s exactly how they see you. I’ve yet to see you prove them wrong.

    • SerJew says:

      Rude. Ignorant.

      Awww, Mika Meshugannah is so sensitive. A delicate flower indeed. In fact, I’m beginning to think that YOU are working for the Vatican too. What’s your code name? Let me guess: agent “dodo”?

      • mika says:

        You obviously have no argument to offer in the way of a counter argument to what I. Your pathetic name calling stunts, SerJew, are just that — pathetic.

      • SerJew says:

        LOL! And you think that your hysterical rantings about the Vatican count as arguments? You are not only mentally deranged but also quite stupid.

        And I’m still wating for a proof that you are not a Jesuit agent.

        • mika says:

          What you want to believe, SerJew, is your business. I’m not here for you or your pathetic insecurities. It’s enough for me that Richard Landes becomes familiar with this subject and with the writings of such historians as Anthony Sutton, Barry Chamish, Edwin Black, Eric Phelps, Carrol Quigley, John Loftus, Hyam Maccoby, Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, Alan Watt from Cutting Through The Matrix web site, etc.

          There’s a wealth of information and history that backs what I say. That you refuse to consider it and learn it, is your problem, SerJew.

          • SerJew says:

            Hey, Mika Meshugannah, I have no problem. In fact, it’s you that seem troubled by all those conspiracies fighting each other in your alternative paranoid universe.

            But, seriously, tell us your Jesuit code-name, c’mon! We all know that your hysterical act is just a smoke-screen so that everybody will think that you are a deluded moron, while the real Vatican/McDonalds conspiracy can prevail.

            CONFESS! NOW!

          • Richard Landes says:

            Mika, Please don’t post anymore on the site. Your posts are repetitive to the point of obsession, unconvincing and ultimately uninteresting. Please find somewhere else to post your stuff.

          • mika says:

            That’s your opinion — today. Ten years ago, Richard, I would have said exactly the same regards your blog and your posts. Fortunately for you, I understand their marketing techniques and its psychological effects. What I say needs to be said and needs to be known just as what you say needs to be said and needs to be known. I know you don’t appreciate what I do. You will later. Believe me.

            Our enemy has completely blinded us to reality to the point of complete absurdity. Btw, Richard, why do you wear that catholic head cap? Can you name me one Hebrew from the TaNaKh who wore such?

          • SerJew says:

            Hey, Mika Meshugannah, didn’t you get Richard´s msg? Please get lost and take your paranoia with you.

          • mika says:

            My “paranoia” is well founded. The Vatican mafia has a long history of genociding Jews. They created and sponsored Hitler and the Nazis. They created and sponsored Stalin and the Communists. They managed the murder 7 million Jews and millions of other “heretics” by way of their Jesuit Hitler and Jesuit Stalin. Their next move is concentration camp Israel, which they are planning to turn into death camp Israel, by way of their Jihadistani proxies.

  4. mika says: argument to offer in the way of a counter argument to what I ^say..

  5. dcdoc says:

    SerJew, you have demonstrated the obvious, that is that Mika is a nutter with nothing to contribute here other than distraction. Now, do you have an answer to a more puzzling and consequential question, that is why does Richard Landes let Mika and his craziness roost here? Is Professor Landes a free speech absolutist who thinks he is obliged to let everything come in no matter how crazy, digressive, offensive, etc.? Or what, he thinks “contributions” like Mika‘s are good for his blog? IMNSHO, these unmoderated(?) comment threads, which could add value, are a big net negative.

    • SerJew says:

      I agree. I don’t subscribe to this free-speech absolutism which ends up helping propagandists and demopaths to spread non-sense and/or hatred. But this is up to the blog owner to decide.

      I’ve seen this rype of phenomenon happening at other blogs: glaring nutter (typically anti-Semites) are allowed to post an inordinate amount of filth because they were “polite”. There’s this view nowadays that “politeness” trumples truth and that “alternative narratives” should be heard no matter what: it’s a blessing for professional demopaths. But no one has the obligation to provide a free platform for liars, nutters and haters. My humble opinions, of course.

      • dcdoc says:

        Ironic that you use the word “demopath,” sinceI think it is Professor Landes himself who coined it. (Am I wrong, did someone else give us “demopath,” which serves so well to describe the likes of the Morsi’s crowd?) But Mika isn’t a “demopath” (though who knows what is in his squirrel brain), he is just a nutter who Professor Landes inexplicably allows to perch on these comment threads.

        As for other blogs (e.g., Commentary) that do themselves a great disservice by allowing crap (e.g., trash talk, bigotry, viciousness, ad hominem, etc.) and thereby discouraging serious people who would engage in serious conversations, I think you have an example of Gresham’s Law at work. Though Professor Landes’ posts are thought-provoking, you don’t find many meaningful comment threads at, do you? It’s a shame.

        • SerJew says:

          You are probably right about Mika Meshuganneh, who seems to be just an idiotic conspiracy nutter. However, I’ve seen other vicious anti-Semites explore this BS about “freedom of speech” to barf disgusting filth, always in a very “polite” manner. I find it just amazing that people think it´s natural (even mandatory!) to give these obvious haters a privileged free platform.

  6. Cynic says:

    Since the topic posted here is about Journalists and “journalism” I thought I’d include this link which is pertinent to mis and dis information:
    Conning the public

    Sometimes, fortuitous coincidences occur. Last Friday, we ran an article in Israel Hayom about the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth’s tendency to publish unfounded stories that have no relation to the facts. And, as if by magic, just to prove our point, that very same day Yedioth Ahronoth published, prominently, a story about a person who doesn’t exist.

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