The Soft Underbelly of the West: A Brief Introduction to Jihadi Cognitive Warfare in the 21st Century

I recently attended a meeting where I was asked to speak briefly about cognitive warfare. Here are the remarks I prepared.

Cognitive War’s goal is to convince a more powerful enemy not to use its superior force, but rather to surrender without a fight. Most often this is a defensive war: like the Maccabees, get the enemy to leave. Advanced modern democracies, however, both immensely powerful on the battlefield and immensely vulnerable in their public sphere, have created conditions favorable to a new phenomenon: invasions by weaker military powers who seek to convince the enemy to surrender on its own turf.

None of these invasive insurgencies has had a greater and more unanticipated success than global Jihad, whose goal is to submit the entire world to Dar al Islam. The audacity of this idea, that Islam could conquer the West, that the Queen of England would wear a burkah and the green flag of Islam would fly from the White House, that Jihadis could bully and manipulate the West into surrendering to their demands for Muslim dominion, struck most Westerners as ludicrous, a bad joke at best.

And certainly, if one looked at the situation in later 20th century, such a dream seemed impossible to all but the most committed millenarian fanatic. Indeed, if we imagine the mindset of someone with such outrageous hope – that the entire world will either convert or bend the knee to Islam – he might have prayed as follows at the approach of 2000 (a Muslim apocalyptic date):

Oh Allah, the all-merciful, give us enemies who…

  • …help us to disguise our ambitions and acts of war, blinding themselves to our deployment targeting them.
  • …accept those of us who fight with da’wah (cogwar) as “moderates” who have nothing to do with the violent “extremists.”
  • …chose these false “moderates” as advisors and consultants in intelligence and police services, and as community liaison.
  • …attack anyone, including Muslims and ex-Muslims, who criticize Islam.
  • …believe that Islam is a “Religion of Peace,”
  • …teach themselves a version of Islam where they don’t even know about Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb.
  • … treat anyone who warns about our intentions for world conquest as a paranoid, conspiracy-minded, war-mongerer.
  • …adopt our apocalyptic enemy (Dajjal), so that they turn against their most important ally.
  • …legitimate our terrorism as “resistance” and denounce any recourse to violence in their own defense, as “terrorism.”
  • …respect the dignity of our beliefs even as we heap disdain on theirs.
  • …introduce our intimidating “Street” in the heart of their capital cities..

And may those who so act, play prominent roles in their public sphere. Only then can we, your loyal servants and agents, accomplish your will, that the entire world become Dar al Islam.

Alas, those prayers have been answered singly and collectively, again and again, since 2000, so consistently, that were I Muslim, I’d be convinced Allah indeed wanted us to conquer the world. So we infidels now find ourselves – and by “we” I mean the modern democratic West – on the defensive, even though our advantages, both military and cognitive, still far outstrip those of our foes. Secular democratic Europe only commits suicide over the next thirty years if it continues to speak and act as it does now, not because it lacks the cultural resources with which to resist. On the contrary, like our military advantage, the West’s cultural repertoire is immensely greater, more flexible and resilient than that of Muslim theocracy.

In significant part Jihad’s astonishing success comes from finding the West’s soft underbelly – anti-Zionism. Starting with the Al Durah hoax in October 2000, Jihadis have gotten the most outspoken of the Western “progressive” left to adopt their Antichrist – the state of Israel.

The destruction of Israel has immense significance, both military and symbolic, for Jihadis. And getting the West to abandon Israel, whether as part of a moral crusade (BDS), or “for the cause of peace” (Oslo Logic), would represent an immense victory for Jihad, possibly a decisive one that would shift the battle from its cognitive theater to open warfare in many places. It would deal a devastating blow to the West’s ability to resist the increased aggression this Western folly would inspire in Jihadis. From this perspective, the demonization of Israel is not merely a dagger pointed at the Zionist heart, but at the hearts of all Western democracies.

If you had told the drafters of the Hamas charter in 1988 that within two decades, infidels would be shouting “We are Hamas” in the streets of Western capitals, they would have responded “only Allah could make someone that stupid.” Perhaps the single greatest vulnerability of the West is its mainstream news media, which has, especially since 2000, been dominated by lethal journalism, which, pumps Jihadi war propaganda against Israel into the Western public sphere as news (from al Durah and Jenin to Goldstone and Mavi Marmara).

This lethal journalism, provides the jet fuel for comparisons of Israel with the Nazis (the adoption of the Jihadi Dajjal), for massive “anti-war” demonstrations against Israel that empower an aggressive “Muslim Street” in the West, for “Apartheid Weeks” that justify BDS.

And BDS is the prime Jihadi cogwar strategy to get the West to do the job of eliminating Israel (which the Muslims can’t), by getting them to believe the incredible, facetious claim that this is a moral act that will ameliorate the situation. Of all the serious vulnerabilities of the Western public sphere to Jihadi cogwar assault – and there are many – none is more urgently serious than lethal journalism, which effects everyone on a daily basis.

We really don’t have to be this stupid.

18 Responses to The Soft Underbelly of the West: A Brief Introduction to Jihadi Cognitive Warfare in the 21st Century

  1. Elise Ronan says:

    The issue is why? Why did the west so easily absorb the anti-Zionist, anti-Israel rhetoric? What mental depravity makes it so easy for the left to glomb onto a political philosophy that in the end would ensure its own destruction? Yes, Antisemitism, Jew-hatred, anti-Judaism is an answer albeit a simplistic one. Yet at the same time, Jew-hatred does seem so endemic to the Western mind that the West is willing to slit its own throat simply to ensure that there are no more Jews in the world. There is no way that those who wish to gift the Jihadis Israel, can’t truly understand that they are on the list to be assimilated.

    I do believe that it is even more than simple Jew-hatred. When did this self-hatred for western liberty, equality and freedom become part of the political reality and why do journalists, major politicians and international philanthropists support it? The Communist propaganda machine of hatred of all things western, so inculcated into the West that even Stalin is being rehabilitated, did create the underpinnings for these latest depravities by journalists and the Left. Yet why was it so easy to embed into the entire spectrum political correctness, cultural relativism along with the soft racism of low expectations of persons in the third world, thereby paving the way for this clash of civilizations?

    • mika. says:

      Why did the west so easily absorb the anti-Zionist, anti-Israel rhetoric?

      Don’t be fooled by the reality distortion field manufactured by the Vatican/CIA propaganda outlets.

      I think one needs to be very careful to distinguish between the general public and the holographic lies and deceptions that pass as “reality” on the MSM. I understand that this is very difficult given the almost complete domination of the popular narrative by the Vatican/CIA propaganda outlets, but their long history of lies and deception is catching up with them, and their credibility with a large portion of the public is very quickly approaching zero.

      What’s needed is more public awareness. The general public needs to be aware and exposed to the knowledge that these are Vatican/CIA propaganda outlets and understand their agenda. For people that are tuned in, the internet is wonderful for this. But for those who are tuned out, I think that mass demonstrations against these propaganda outlets, government public denunciations of these propaganda outlets, along with very public government and legal punitive action, will deprive these CIA propaganda outlets (and the CIA sponsored NGOs) the the mask and cover that they hide behind.

  2. Cynic says:

    ” Advanced modern democracies, however, both immensely powerful on the battlefield and immensely vulnerable in their public sphere, have created conditions favorable to a new phenomenon: invasions by weaker military powers who seek to convince the enemy to surrender on its own turf. ”

    I think that the question that should be asked is, ” why have the powers that be enforced a PC approach to discussing and questioning Islam and its three holy books, publicly?”.
    Could it be that there is also a “crony-politics” current within officialdom prepared to sell out their culture for future generations by forcing a seemingly innocuous picture of the invasive counter-culture in return for some personal gains?
    How is it that the current administration, for example, is ridden with apparent ignorance regarding the culture that has attacked its state?
    How is it that they refuse an honest reckoning of events, past and current?
    That any exposition of theocratic demands of Islam immediately lead to shrieks of Islamophobia?
    We know that the State Department, Britain’s Foreign Office and the Quai d’Orsay have always worked against the interests of the Jewish State but that they are seemingly prepared to undermine their own countries is mind boggling.
    We know that activists have been bought and brainwashed in their thinking, but that officialdom denies free speech about one religion, but permits the most virulent mouthings for others is both horribly bigoted and under the Constitution terribly hypocritical.
    As for the media and journalism today, they are nothing but cheerleaders for mayhem.

  3. Cynic says:

    ” What mental depravity makes it so easy for the left to glomb onto a political philosophy that in the end would ensure its own destruction? ”

    Take a look at Melanie Phillips’ article,
    in which she discusses the many Protestant Churches hostility towards Israel.
    Now it appears that even some Evangelical Christians are being brought on-board.

    It’s a long read with this for consideration:

    ” Hand in hand with Christian Palestinianism has come the steady Islamization of the Church. Increasingly ignoring its Jewish roots, the Church has reached out instead to Islam. In a paper published in 2007, Margaret Brearley, a British scholar of interfaith relations and former adviser to the archbishop of Canterbury, wrote that Anglicanism as a whole seemed to be gradually uprooting itself from its Judaic heritage. It was no longer normative for Anglican clergy to know Hebrew, and, if clergy studied another religion at theological college, it was now more likely to be Islam than Judaism. ”

    She finishes with the following:
    ” As Christians are murdered by Islamists across the world, some of their churches are directing their passions elsewhere. They are busily rewriting history, constructing a theology out of gross political distortion and lining up once again with historic forces of unfathomable darkness. It is not just the State of Israel that is being threatened as a result. Stamping upon its parent, the Church is embracing its own assassin—and the West’s potential nemesis. “

    • mika. says:

      “Stamping upon its parent, the Church is embracing its own assassin—and the West’s potential nemesis.”

      That statement is full of ignorance, I just want to cry.

      The Catholic Church and the Roman Bible has ZERO to do with Judaism and everything to do with establishing Catholic Romanism, the stealth worship of Caesar as State religion. (Joseph Atwill: Caesar’s Messiah — The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus).

      What Melanie Phillips completely fails to perceive and educate her self about, is the connection of between Islam and the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church created Islam, and it created it specifically as an instrument of genocide.

      Because of political constrains, the Roman Church could not be seen as directly engaged in the genocide of its citizens, therefore the “heretics” slated for genocide are murdered by way of spawned and sponsored proxies (Muhmud/Islam, Hitler/Nazism, Stalin/Bolshevism, etc.).

      Heretics: meaning non-Catholics, and in particular, Orthodox Christians, Protestant Christians, liberals, atheists, Jews, etc.

      We’ve seen this in Turkey with the genocide of Orthodox Armenians, same with Orthodox Serbians, same now with Orthodox Syrians, same in Egypt with Orthodox Copts, same in Ukraine with Orthodox Russians, the Catholic/Nazi holocaust, and on and on.

      What we are seeing with the intense funding of the Islamo-nazis, the transmission of outrageous Islamo-nazi propaganda lies and incitement, the silence the concealment the non-reporting of hideous Jihadi crimes and mass murder, the political cover given to the Jiahdistanis by captured governments, is the old modus operandi of war by way of stealth sponsorship and proxy.

      This mafia operates in the shadows and their methods only work when people are ignorant to them.

      We need to publicly expose their methods, expose their agents, and expose this mafia for what is it. Their vile crimes against the human race need to come to an end.

      Make no mistake, we are being set up for genocide again. This time via by the CIA sponsored Khomeini regime. Only by way of public revelation can we put an end to the fake dialectic that they constructed designed to lead us towards another World War.

      People need to learn and understand this. People need to ask who is behind the propaganda, the financing, the technology transfers. Why are the victims always the same. Then the war on the “heretics” become very clear. Ask:

      Who is behind the propaganda lies and incitement?
      Who is behind the propaganda “NGOs”?
      Who is behind the fascist governments and their treaties?
      Who is behind the thieving corporations?
      Who is behind the thieving banks?
      Who is behind the absurd courts and their absurd decisions?
      Who is behind the poison pharma-drugs and poison vaccinations?
      Who is behind the death dealing drug pushing doctors and psychiatrists?
      Who is behind the poison foods, the poison water, the poison air?
      Who is behind this system of central control that is enslaving us and killing us and is constantly pushing us back to Roman feudalism?

      Until we throughly understand this history and this pattern, who the real players are operating behind the scenes, we leave ourselves completely open to their agenda.

      • Cynic says:

        Who’s talking about the Catholic Church?
        The article is about the Protestant Churches.

        • mika. says:

          That makes little difference today. Vatican/Jesuit corruption has seen to that.

          Churches whose leaders visit the Vatican are vessels of the Catholic Church and are little more than Catholic/Jesuit fronts. Same with the so-called “Jewish” organizations whose funding comes from the Vatican/CIA and whose politics are extensions of the Vatican/CIA Jesuit agenda.

  4. Mika your posts are interesting. On a related aspect I have found it strange that William Hague was hosting a conference in London against rape with Angelina Jolie when both Hague and Jolie are responsable for raping and raping again the Serbs

    The issue is so big that I need to focus. The big problem as I see it is Jewish leadership. Jews do not have one fixed position but are “all over the place”

    I cannot find rhyme nor reason in Jewish positions. Lady mentioned here or above is really a British Imperialist and Jewish she supported the invasión of Yugoslavia etc.

    the post of Landes is indeed worth thinking about and I will but as long as I have known him Landes has not put forward any concrete policy, plus he took no position on defeat of the Serbs by NATO that I know about

    • mika. says:

      Felix, there is no Jewish position, nor should there be one. There some 12 million Jews in world today and that’s how many positions there should be on any given subject. We are all sovereign individuals and no one has the right to usurp that from us. No one has voted for these fake Vatican financed “Jewish” groups, and no one has given them consent to represent anyone! The only people these Vatican hired “Jewish” propaganda muppets represent is the Vatican and its agenda.

      As for the Serbs, they have been viciously and falsely vilified by the same group, the Vatican mafia, that has been falsely vilifying Israel and Jews since the start of their villainous fasci Roman history. The Serbs have been setup for exactly the same reason that Jews and Israel are constantly being set up — they are considered “heretics”. As such, they are always marked for destruction by the Vatican mafia. To get a taste of the lies and deception just watch this short clip:

  5. “What Melanie Phillips completely fails to perceive and educate her self about, is the connection of between Islam and the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church created Islam, and it created it specifically as an instrument of genocide. ”

    I think this is a clear example of unscientific thinking and since it is unscientific it will lead to damage.

    You have to produce the evidence. You seem to lead into Alex jones and that other conspiracy crap.

    To make a statement like that also works against the whole body of research by good people like Andrew Bostom. Bostom is both sound personally and a top class researcher.

    Melanie Philips also is faulty in method. She is non scientific and is full of bias.

    But your assertion here which is cutting across the whole work of Bostom and many others is far worse.

    Using that method you can understand nothing about anything. I oppose what you say in the above.

    • mika. says:

      There’s plenty of evidence to show that I and many others who hold this view are correct. The fact that you have been made to be deliberately ignorant of its existence, does not mean that is does not exist or that what we say is unscientific.

      If you open your mind to the perspective I posit above, you will immediately find the connections. And the long historicity of these connections! In fact, I would say that when analyzing world events, rarely do they make sense unless one fully understands the connection between the Vatican, their sponsored Jihadistanis, and the common agenda to genocide the “heretics”.

  6. Joanne says:

    Interesting post, Richard, but awfully depressing.

    The same could be said regarding your excellent article that I just read in Tablet magazine. It’s very convincing. I just wish it weren’t true:

  7. mika. says:

    Prof. Richard Landes at the Assoc for Israel Studies Conf. at UCLA [82]

    Prof. Landes, where you make the critical mistake is in believing that we’re living in a free society and that our media serves as our eyes and ears. That is complete naiveté. We are propagandized slaves on a fascist (Vatican) slave plantation, and the media is there to brainwash us into believing otherwise. The more you understand this, the more you’ll understand why “our” media and “our” governments behave as they do. They are there to shear the sheep, and when the sheep have outlived their usefulness, they are there to propagandize us into our slaughter. All according to plan.

    Nothing is coincidence
    Nothing is by accidence
    Everything is planned

    • Cynic says:

      It is certainly not the Vatican that is pulling Obama’s strings, and what he is doing is certainly planned.

      • mika. says:

        How do you know that the Vatican is not behind it? What do you base this on?

        Why are they all meeting with the Vatican? Why do they belong to or are sponsored by Vatican organizations like the CFR?

        You are so conditioned to think by the false terms and the fake narrative that they programmed into you, that emotionally you cannot accept anything else. You dismiss anything outside the mental posts they implanted in you, no matter how serious, and will not even investigate the subject, because to your propagandized mind it is so outlandishly outrageous. If it’s not blaring on the propaganda outlets, it doesn’t exist.

  8. […] dżihadystów zaskoczyły te sukcesy w XXI wieku. Tylko prawdziwy wierny mógł w roku 2000 wyobrażać sobie, że Zachód będzie tak powszechnie pobłażać agresji islamskiej i tak chętnie […]

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