Fifteenth Anniversary of the Muhammad al Durah Broadcast

Ten years ago, shortly after producing PallywoodI put out a twenty-minute documentary on Muhammad al Durah, in which I argued the footage that Charles Enderlin had presented to his audience as the targeting and killing of a 12 year old Palestinian boy by the IDF , was in fact an extended exercise in staging. Below is the movie, which now, I see, has over 3/4 of a million views.

I then put out a documentary on the impact of the Al Durah, Icon of Hatred.

Anyone who wishes to look further into the sad tale of news media malfeasance on a massive scale for the last 15 years. see Al Durah Affair: The Dossier at the top right of the page.

I have not given up on this issue, and am now preparing an essay on the two greatest “war news icons” of the 21st century, Al Durah and Alan Kurdi, both major victories for global Jihad.

2 Responses to Fifteenth Anniversary of the Muhammad al Durah Broadcast

  1. Joanne says:

    I can’t believe that, after 15 years, the matter of Al Durah hasn’t yet been settled.

    Also, when France2 provided only 18 minutes of a 22-minute tape, why didn’t the judge cite it for contempt of court. Is there such a thing in France? Or were orders coming down from Chirac?

  2. Alexi says:

    This is an excellent time to reengage the conversation on Pallywood, al-Dura etc.

    I’m likely pointing out the obvious. But I’ve never really seen an expose` on how this works with specific regard to Pallywood etc…

    It occurs to me that each human sacrifice is seamlessly embroidered into the false Palestinian narrative. Every time there is a report in Arab media of a martyr whether it be a child, a bomber, a vehicular homicide or a stabber shot by the IDF, the fabric of the narrative gets another swatch of color.
    It has gone from Macro narrative (the Jews/the Arabs)to Micro narrative and it grows by the hour seemingly having a life of it’s own.

    Further, this is why the Pals name streets, buildings, schools etc after terrorists. It keeps everyone focused on the narrative all the time in all places. You couldn’t avoid the brainwashing no matter how hard you tried.

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