Pallywood: The Damage of Media Malfeasance

Melissa Jane Kronfled of the WJC interviewed me today on Pallywood and its implications. She’s an excellent interviewer, and I stayed largely coherent despite my characteristic roundabout answers.

2 Responses to Pallywood: The Damage of Media Malfeasance

  1. Alexi says:

    One page you’ve got to see. Perhaps we can get to the bottom of where the cognitive war begins..
    Julian Assange: The Key To Russia’s Disinformation Machine

  2. we don't like your lies says:

    Landes is one hate-filled propagandist.

    For REAL information read Ilan Pappé, an authentic Israeli historian who, wistfully, left that rotten State.

    Landes is just another US muppet living in Israel spewing his hatred and lies.

    Support the BDS movement. Anti-Israel rhetoric is long overdue. Landes, you are a disgrace to human kind!

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