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For those coming here to get background on the Al Durah Affair and the ongoing trials, I offer a quick survey of the material I’ve posted with a few other links (up till July 8, 2008):

The full dossier on both Pallywood and Al Durah can be found at The Second Draft.

For those who have yet to see either of the two “video essays” we’ve done on Pallywood and Al Durah: The Making of an Icon, go to Pallywood and Al Durah Up at YouTube for the easiest links. There is a French version of Pallywood, and of Al Durah: The Making of an Icon, and a Spanish version of Pallywood.

For a general introduction to the upcoming trials and the larger stakes involved, see The Al Durah Trials: Portrait of French Culture at the Beginning of the 21st Century.

In French: Procès Al-Durah : état d’esprit de la France du début du XXIe siècle

For a discussion of the raw footage shot by Talal abu Rahmeh, the France2 cameraman who alone caught the “Al Durah footage,” see Al Durah Affair I: France2 Rushes by Talal Abu Rahmeh. It was viewing these rushes that inspired the term Pallywood.

For a discussion of some of the evidence surrounding the most curious thing about footage depicting a child killed by a bullet to the stomach who bled for twenty minutes in front of the cameraman — the absence of blood — see Blood? We’ve Got Some.

For a discussion of the remarkable resistance to even imagining, much less accepting the “staged” hypothesis, see Al Durah as Staged: The Resistance.

For a discussion of the “five scenarios” and James Fallows current position on the matter, see Fallows on al Durah: What is your Position?

For a long meditation (response to Zombietime) on what’s wrong with the media that such cheap fakes get by so consistently, see Meditations on Reutersgate: What’s Going on in the MSM?.

For a discussion of the impact of Al Durah in the Arab and Muslim world, see:
Al Durah in the Arab/Muslim World: Reception and Consequences Part I

For a discussion of the toxic effect of al Durah on French (and by extension, European) society in the early 21st century (including the advent of the Arab/Muslim “street” in Europe, see: On the hidden costs of Media Error: Muhamed al Durah and the French Intifada, and now en français au site d’Alain Jean-Mairet: Les coûts cachés des erreurs des médias: Mohammed al Dura et l’intifada française.

Pretrial Musings:
Mine: Paris Thoughts: Meditations on the Eve of the Trial
Nidra Poller’s: Al Durah the Trial: Part I

On the first trial, see:

My initial reactions at: Vive la France Republicaine: Elle Vit Toujours!

Nidra Poller’s two accounts at Pajamas Media: Part I (Pre-trial thoughts), Part II (initial post-trial reaction), and Part III (blow-by-blow).

Also one of the better MSM accounts with references to others:Cybercast News Service Weighs in on Al Durah Trial

Neo-con has a number of excellent meditations on the trials and the al Durah affair:
What’s behind France2’s stance in the al Durah case?: the press and honesty
Fake but accurate: what if it’s turtles all the way down?
and more.

For those who want to read farther, go to the Introductory Essays section at the Second Draft or the exhaustive linked bibliography at Menahem Macina’s

If anyone knows of other articles, or has written reflections on this issue that they’d like posted here, please feel free to send them to me. As anyone who has read me on the topic knows, I think this story has wide-ranging and profound implications for our entire dilemma today. I welcome the thoughts of other observers and analysts. I also particularly invite French comment.

UPDATE (as of September 17, 2007):

Al Durah in the Arab/Muslim World: Reception and Consequences Part I
The raw material for Icon of Hatred.

Camera Obscura: How French TV fudged the death of Mohammed Al Durah
Linked and expanded version of the New Republic article.

Kafka in Wonderland: L’Express weighs in
L’Express’ account of the Karsenty trial. Note how Denis Jeambar, the editor, was one of the ones to see the rushes and stated shortly thereafter in a radio interview that he wanted this matter pursued. He apparently had no involvement in the selection or the education of his journalist.

Al Durah Update from Ellen Horowitz

Links to articles covering the trials.

Hizbollywood back in 2000: Al Durah Libel Makes the Rounds
Notes on a billboard put up in Hizbullah-land in Lebanon within days of the Al Durah affair emphasizing the blood libelous claim that the Israelis targeted the boy by using a picture of an Israeli shooting at the boy that came from another time and place.
Between Art and News: Ellen Horowitz on the “Higher Truth”
Profound meditation on the nature of journalism as a higher calling by Ellen Horowitz (in three parts)

Between Art and News: Duped by a Scoop
Part II.

Between Art and News, Part III: Ellen Horowitz on Enderlin as False Journalist

Part III (final).

La France… Vit-elle? Reflections on the Latest Judgment

My reflections on the Judgment against Karsenty.

Les procès Al-Durah, acte II : Portrait d’une culture de l’honneur en crise
French version of my introductory essay on the 2006 trials.

John Rosenthal on the Al Durah Trials
John Rosenthal’s text with my comments on the trials.

Third Al Durah Trial

Al Durah Affair: Interviews from Herzilya Conference
Discussion and link to Infolive’s interview with Karsenty, Seaman and Gissin on the al Durah affair that occurred after Philippe’s talk.

July 2008

How to Spot a Slanted Journalist: Ed O’Laughlin Takes on Al Durah Controversy 

Richard Landes fisks Australian journalist’s article on the affair, and extracts the indicators that shows his bias.

June 2008

What has Jews Tied in Knots: Shrinkwrapped Tackles a Problem Posed by TAS Commenters

Shrinkwrapped analyzes Jewish masochistic guilt.

Enderlin Defends Himself: What Planet is he on?

Charles Enderlin  responds to Elie Barnavi’s article in Marianne at his blog. It is vintage Enderlin – no real evidence, just indirect logic.

Rating Facts far below Reputation: Insights into the French Intellectual Scene

Anne-Elisabeth Moutet brings her formidable capacities to bear on the al Durah affair. Knowing two thirds of the people who signed the Nouvel Obs petition, she called them up and asked why they had done it. The result… a pathetic and hilarious insight into the corporatist mentality of the French intellectual elite – Jewish and non-Jewish. This may be the best piece on the French cultural context of the al Durah affair.

Just Don’t Touch their Symbol: Ben-Dror Yemini Tackles the al Durah Affair in the Pages of Maariv

Maariv article lambasting Israel’s passiveness in the face of the Al-Dura libel.

Article on Al-Dura Trial on Palestinian News Site

The principle Palestinian Newspaper, Al-Quds published a translation of an article on the Karsenty-Enderlin decision written by a reporter at The Media Line. This is the first time that Palestinian media have covered the unraveling of the Al Durah story.

Omerta and the European MSM: Rosenthal on the Al Durah Case

John Rosenthal’s article from PJMedia on the French media’s reaction to the Al Durah affair.

Derfner Tries Again: A for Effort, C- for Analysis

Larry Derfner again attacks in The Jerusalem Post those who call the Al Durah affair a hoax.

Esther Schapira’s Statement of the Question of Staging

Schapira’s statement regarding the staging of Al Durah’s killing, contradicting the stance that Derfner attributed to her.

The Court of Appeals Decision: A Professional Translation into English

When People Have Intellectual Integrity: Elie Barnavi on Charles Enderlin

Elie Barnavi, Israeli Ambassador to France, joins the growing number of French intellectuals who are dropping their support for Enderlin.

Al Durah Affair and its Discontents: Karsenty vs. the AJC

Article about the public spat between Karsenty and the AJC.

Studies in Aggressive Masochism: Israeli Journalist on Muhammad al Durah

Israeli author attacks the “conspiratorial” thinking around the Al Durah case that has gained mention in mainstream media in Israel.

Ivan Rioufol, Figaro Columnist, Denounces Nouvel Obs Petition

French journalist denounces the petition supporting Enderlin that circulated after the Appeals court decision.

Karsenty Appeal Ruling: Partial but Professional Translation

JPost Publishes Our Response: Landes and Karsenty to Derfner

Landes and Karsentys response in The Jerusalem Post to Derfner’s rant about them being “conspiracy freaks”.

Endre Mozes Responds to Derfner

French court case eye-witness lends to his observations to the dispute over Larry Defner’s stance.

What Checks and Balances to the Fourth Estate: Appeal for Charles Enderlin Poses the Question

In response to the court decision, some of the “friends of Charles” have come out in support of him with a petition posted at the Nouvel Observateur’s website. Richard Landes has translated and fisked the petition.

Circling the Wagons around Charles: Le Nouvel Obs Calls for Solidarity with their Colleague under Attack

French text and English translation of petition circulated in support of Enderlin. Signatories included.

Help for the Drowning: Derfner Wrestles with the Data

Larry Derfner’s and Maurice Ostroff’s ongoing debate over Derfner’s op-ed piece.

May 2008

 Jerusalem Post Editorial: Lessons of Al Durah Scandal

Jerusalem Post editorial in the wake of Karsenty’s court victory.

MOS Meets Al Durah Forgery: Larry Derfner Weighs In

Larry Derfner attacks Landes, Karsenty, et al, as “conspiracy freaks”.

Round Three: France2 Appeals to the Cour de Cassation

After losing, France2 takes the case to the highest court of appeals.

Court Decision: I Would not Like to be Charles Enderlin

A rough translation of the French court’s decision.

The Court’s Decision

The Court’s Decision in French.

Why the French Court Decided against France2: They Looked at the Evidence

A video look at the way France2 handles the evidence, an insight into how Pallywood can fool the Western media… it’s apparently full of fools.

We’re Taking this to the Higher Court: Enderlin responds to the Decision at his Blog

Charles Enderlin’s terse but sulky comment at his blog in which he announces his plans to take this on appeal.

Karsenty Wins Court Decision!!

Coverage of Karsenty’s victory in the French appeals court, with updates from others covering the trial.

Muhammad al Durah Decision Today

Video footage of evidence for the reader to view while awaiting the decision.

April 2008 

France2 Rushes (18 Minutes Version) Now Up at YouTube

March 2008

France2 Accused: The Appeals Case Takes Another Turn 

In-Depth coverage from Paris of the Karsenty appeals case.

Danny Seaman Responds to Allegations of France2’s Lawyers

In the trial hearing of February 27 , Charles Enderlin claimed that if the Israelis had the slightest suspicion that Talal had cheated in his report on al Durah, they would have taken away his credentials, but that even though they took all the Palestinian stringers’ credential away in the second year of the intifada, they did not do that to Talal – proof that the Israelis considered Talal innocent. Danny Seaman, Director of the Government Press Office, refutes that claim.

French Ballistics Expert Concludes IDF Could Not Have Shot Al-Dura

Jean-Claude Schlinger, French ballistics expert, presented his findings to the court that the IDF could not have killed Muhammad Al-Dura. He further found that there was no evidence that Muhammad was actually killed.

January 2008

Charles Enderlin’s Personal Contribution to The Bloody Years: A Flier Prepared for his Talk 

A flier Richard Landes prepared for Enderlin’s talk at Harvard on January 17, 2007m, while on tour promoting his book, The Lost Years, whose documentary is entitled The Bloody Years.

Fisking a Dishonest Storyteller: Charles Enderlin at Harvard

Fisk of Charles Enderlin’s speech at Harvard’s Center for European Studies on Thursday, January 17, 2008.

“So What if Al Durah was Staged?”: Meditations on the Colonization of the Israeli Mind

Reflections on Israeli academic attitudes toward the Al Durah affair.

France2 Begins to Sweat, Tries to Bully

Invitation to a talk at the IDC in Herzliya by Richard Landes, in response to which France2’s lawyers sent a protest letter to the organizers of the conference.

December 2007

Karsenty Interview in the Jerusalem Post 

Phillipe Karsenty sits down with Ruthie Blum.

November 2007

Jamal Brought in for Questioning by Hamas “Police” in Gaza

The Jerusalem Post article from AP about Jamal al Durah’s run-in with Hamas “security forces.” It raises as many questions about who’s at the switches in the Jerusalem Post staff as whatHamas is up to.

Al Dura Affair: France 2 Cooks the Raw Footage (Comments on Nidra Poller)

Nidra Poller has the best account of the courtroom antics at PJ Media. In comparison with so many accounts in the MSM, this one shows how important it is to be familiar with the issues before writing about matters.

Gambling with a Lie: Enderlin Pulls a RosemaryWoods

Enderlin presents a doctored version of the raw footage, with three minutes missing.

Thought before the Court Viewing of the France2 Rushes

BBC Tries Again: C+ (Generous on a Curve- It is the BBC)

The BBC’s attempt at coverage of the showing of footage in court.

Nidra Poller: The “Death” of Mohamed al-Dura Comes Back to Life

Nidra Pollers’ artice, published in Hebrew in the Israeli weekly Makor Rishon on October 15. This is the original English text, with links and photos where appropriate.

BBC Weighs in on Al Durah: Lightweight

The BBC finally has an article on the Al Durah controversy. Predictably, it’s a lamentable example of the kind of uninformed journalism that really serves as a kind of rubble to fill in the places where one needs a facade of “coverage.”

Mideast Journalism’s Public Secret and the News We Get

Richard Landes Pajamas Media article on the malady afflicting coverage of the Mideast.

October 2007

Al Durah: FAQs (new and improved)

Beckerman Advises France2: Just How Little Do MSM Journalists Understand?

Gal Beckerman, who calls critics of France2 ‘obsessives’, offers advice to France2.

Infighting in the Al Durah Affair

Interview with Karsenty in which he attacks official Israeli reaction to his efforts.

Text of GPO Director Danny Seaman’s Letter to Shurat Ha-Din

Evidence Mounts: Inflammatory Image was Staged

Article by Elliot Resnick on the affair.

France2 a accepte de remettre ses rushes de l’incident al-Dura a la Cour d’appel

Veronique Chemla, one of the best journalists covering the Al Durah trials, reports on events in court October 3, 2007, and explores the thundering silence of the French media and especially France2 in dealing with this case.

What does it Matter who Killed the Child?

A translation of an op-ed piece by Arad Nir (head of the foreign affairs desk at Channel 2) in Yediot Aharonot (Israel’s largest circulation newspaper). It illustrates how strong the “it doesn’t matter who shot him, the death of a child is tragic” trope is in Israeli opinion-forming circles.

Gideon Levy’s Memory Lapse: Has He, like Enderlin, Gone Native?

In his “terrifying” editorial piece on al Durah, Gideon Levy, icon of the self-critical Israeli left made a remarkable statement that raises some painful questions about just how far from journalism and how deep into propaganda his work goes.

Elihu Stone Responds to Gideon Levy’s Terrifying Take on Al-Durah: Will Haaretz Publish the Letter?

Elihu Stone’s letter to Haaretz in response to Gideon Levy’s column on the al Durah affair.

Juffa’s Movie is now Available for Viewing

Link to Stephane Juffa’s movie, made with Nahum Shahad and Gerard Huber.

Palestinian Rights Group Calls for Investigation into al Durah

Nidra Poller: Sue Me Too, Charlie Mon Vieux

Nidra Poller highlights the critical role that the “news broadcast” played as a blood libel.

More Fake but “Accurate”: Gideon Levy Weighs in

The Al Durah Affair continues to flush out the practitioners of “post-modern” journalism. Here Gideon Levy expresses his sentiments on the Al Durah case.

“Fake but Accurate” – Enderlin’s Escape Clause

Analysis of Enderlin’s willingness to use footage that he knows is not real.

Troubles au Bureau du Premier Ministre

Menahem Macina, one of the most astute observers of the Al Durah affair, posts about the disagreement within the Prime Minister’s office over the letter sent by Dani Seaman of the Government Press Office.

Interview on Shire News with Tom Paine

A podcast of an interview with Richard Landes about the Al Durah affair.

September 2007
Signez la Petition: France2, Publiez les enregistrements secrets d’al Dura!

Sign the Petition: France2: Release the Secret Tapes!

Background on the Rushes: Interview with Jeambar and Leconte

Translation of the radio interview with Jeambar and Leconte after they saw the rushes.

Text of the Israeli Army’s Request to France2 for the Rushes

Official French version and English translation.

My Statement to the French Court: Maybe Writing will work better
Having been written out of the Judge’s evaluation of the evidence, I submit a written version to the Court of Appeal on Philippe’s behalf. Contains Enderlin’s shockingly inaccurate (dishonest?) drawing of the lines of fire.

Judge Orders France 2 to Show the Rushes to the Court

France is given until November 14th to produce the 25 minutes of raw footage.

How Media Error Poisons the World: Al-Durah and Terror

The terrible result of Arab/Muslim media incitement.

Blow-by-Blow of the Court’s Decision-Making (French)

French account of the proceedings in the appeals court decision to have the rushes released.

YNet Weighs In

YNet’s coverage of the proceedings, with comments by Richard Landes.

Segev’s Troubling Segue: Why “Progressives” Can’t Cope with the al Durah Affair

Richard Landes takes apart Tom Segev’s take on the Al Durah affair.

On Seeing the France2 Tapes from September 30, 2000

Richard Landes’ reaction to viewing the tapes in Enderlin’s Jerusalem studio.

Conversations avec Charles Enderlin

Richard Landes recounts his conversations with Charles Enderlin about the Al Durah affair.

Reflections on the French: Kline Responds to my Fisking

Brett Kline responds to Landes’ criticism of Kline’s JTA paper.

France2 Tapes: al-Durah Material

Notes by Richard Landes after three viewings.

Enderlin’s Modus Operandi: When in Trouble Lie, Then Cover Your Behind

Analysis of Enderlin’s Interview with Telerama.

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  3. […] Islam’s cheese. I was horrified to see him perpetuating the discredited tale of the Al Durah shooting at the hands of the Israelis, when the veracity of that has been exposed, at the very […]

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