The France2 Tapes

Here is the footage presented by Charles Enderlin to the French Court in 2007. He admitted editing them, and the court, alas, did not see fit to demand the unedited version.

There are multiple testimonies to the contents of the heavily-contested France2 tapes (aka, the “rushes”) shot on September 30, 2000.

Transcript of Radio Interview with Daniel Leconte and Denis Jeambar
These two journalists — neither Jewish nor Zionist — represent the most impartial viewers, and their testimony has played significantly in subsequent demands for the rushes. Viewing, October 22, 2004; interview, November 16, 2004.

The Al Durah Case: A dramatic conclusion
Stéphane Juffa’s account (November 3) of the meeting with France2 based on reports from Luc Rosenzweig — the third journalist to see the tapes on October 22. This premature account backfired and Jeambar and Leconte withdrew from revealing publicly what they had seen (see remarks in interview).

On seeing the France2 Tapes: Testimony by Richard Landes
One of three essays I wrote about the experience of seeing the tapes for the first time (October 31, 2003 in Jerusalem). This one focuses on the astonishing pervasiveness of staging among the players in the Palestinian street, the systematic filming of fakes by Talal, the cameraman, and the utter lack of concern on the part of the journalist, Charles Enderlin, to the presence of these fakes.

Conversations with Charles Enderlin
An account of several conversations with Charles Enderlin about the al Durah affair.

France2 Tapes: Al Durah material
Discussion of the material in the France2 tapes directly concerned with the al Durah incident.

Enderlin Cuts the Tapes that France2 presents to the court.
Discussion of the presentation and commentary of the Abu Rahmah tapes by Charles Enderlin, November 14, 2007.

NB: I have heard that Elisabeth Schemla, the director of an internet news service, Proche Orient Infos saw the tapes and reported that they tell us nothing of any significance. I cannot find her comments online.

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