View the Rushes!

Note that these rushes are a cut version, as a result of Enderlin removing  three minutes of footage.

For analysis of Enderlin’s decision to doctor footage shown in court, see Richard Landes’ post, “Gambling with a Lie: Enderlin Pulls a Rosemary Woods”.

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  1. Retwitted this. Greetings from the Speedy DNS.

  2. Buck says:

    Weird… these have been removed. The first for copyright violation of WWE?

  3. […] Als aber ein französisches Gericht France 2 anwies, die von Enderlin in seinem Bericht genutzten, nicht editierten Videoaufzeichnungen vorzulegen, entwirrten sich die Dinge für die Beschuldiger rapide. In dem Filmmaterial bewegt sich […]

  4. […] the credibility of Enderlin’s work. But when the French court ordered France 2 to produce the unedited reels used by Enderlin in his report, things rapidly unraveled for the accusers. In the footage, after […]

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