Reflections from The Second Draft

The pages included in this section first appeared at The Second Draft as part of an effort to understand the larger implications of Pallywood and how it could come about – MEDIA: THE PROBLEM. These pages attempt to define and clarify background issues that have contributed to the kind of profound misunderstanding that Pallywood’s success illustrates. Some of these issues apply across the boards to any major topic that the Second Draft might tackle, others concern specifically the issues surrounding the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The broader issue concerns the cultural encounter between media from civil societies and media from societies that still play be pre-modern rules, or what we are calling prime divider societies. Here we suggest that without understanding some basic attitudinal and emotional orientations of these two kinds of culture, one cannot navigate the culture clash in the midst of which, whether we like it or not, we now find ourselves. Some of these entries introduce significantly different definitions from current usage (civil society, anti-Semitism, game theory), some new terminology (demopath, prime divider), some merely lay out the issues (Islamophobia, moral equivalence, self-criticism). In all case, please feel free to comment, further links to valuable and/or illustrative articles, criticism as well as concord. Opposition is true Friendship.”

Part of the problem lies in the turn that political correctness has taken in the last generation. There is a real decency to political correctness that should be honored: we reasonably renounce gratuitous and thoughtless insults. But when political correctness means we can’t talk about crucial issues, that we can’t voice considered criticisms without being accused of racism, then we are in trouble. Indeed, we think that political correctness as currently practiced, serves to paralyze our ability to think.

We invite you to visit these various pages in whatever order and speed you’d like. It’s our contribution to the cleaning of the Augean Stables of our current MSM.

Moral Equivalence

Cognitive Egocentrism

Demopaths & Dupes

Pallywood: A History


Civil Society vs. Prime-Divider Society

Game Theory and Social Emotions

Judeophobia: Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism

Islamophobia and Criticism of Islam

Paradigms of the Middle East Conflict

PCP 1 and 2

    (Politically Correct and Post-Modern Paradigms)

HJP (Honor-Shame Jihad)



Palestinian Suffering

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