Judeophobia: Anti-Judaism, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionism

In the last thread an issue came up that I think worth its own discussion. I have a brief discussion of this at Reflections from the Second Draft that tries to distinguish various kinds of Judeophobia, using definitions that I think are more valuable in thinking about our current predicament than the current discussion of anti-Semitism as racist and anti-Judaism as religious. Those definitions are below.

As for the discussion to follow, I’d like to lay out the following ground rules:

1) no ad hominem arguments.

2) try and avoid long disquisitions. say what you have to say as clearly as possible without invoking big names. (if you want to append a reading list alright, but if you’re presenting a thought articulate it to us in your own words.

3) don’t assume chasms where they appear to be.

4) accept and explore the chasms when they actually appear.

5) “The sail of thinking keeps trimmed hard to the wind of the matter.” (Wittgenstein)

And in this case, the “matter” is figuring out why we’re being walloped by Islamists in a cognitive war that progressive/liberal/civic forces should be winning hands down.

Much confusion surrounds the discussion of hostility to Jews and Judaism, especially since the phenomenon goes back millennia. Suggested below are some guidelines for thinking about these complicated issues from a medievalist who, following Gavin Langmuir, distinguishes between anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism in a significantly different manner from modernists (who emphasize the question of race).

ANTI-JUDAISM: Anti-Judaism is a dislike of Judaism based on zero-sum relationships: in order to feel good about myself, I need to feel bad about Jews. We (Christians, Muslims, seculars) are better because you are worse; we are right (e.g. about the sacred text) therefore you are wrong; our faith is true because we rule (triumphalism); we have honor because you must lower yourselves before us; we have replaced you as the true Chosen People (supersessionism/replacement theology). When Augustine worked out the theology of the Jew as humiliated and wretched survivor, bearing witness to the Christian Truth, he embodied this honor-shame anti-Judaism. When Muslims worked out the Dhimmi laws, systematically disadvantaging Christians and Jews, they gave this emotional need a legal expression.

At its mildest, anti-Judaism, like any other dislike of a religion or tradition, is a common phenomenon that it is hard to get too indignant about. There’s no arguing about taste, and most people succumb to the temptation to think they make themselves look bigger by making others look smaller.

At its worst, however, anti-Judaism is a compulsive discourse of superiority that needs to see and feel the domination over Jews in order to be satisfied, a religious imperialism. Violent manifestations include bullying, humiliating rituals (kissing a pig’s ass on Good Friday, not walking in the rain lest dirt washing off from the Jew render the Muslim impure), and the occasional pogrom. Jew-hating often serves as a form of scape-goating drug that cuts the pain of suffering (by making Jews feel even more pain), inflicted by the very people who suffer at the hands of those who manufacture and feed them their Jew-hatred. In the world of hierarchy where everyone gets dumped on by those above, and dumps on those below, having someone for everyone to dump on becomes a psychological and social necessity.

ANTI-SEMITISM: Whereas anti-Judaism tends to stay in the realm of “normal” if lamentable reactions of envy and resentment, anti-Semitism expresses a deeper paranoia. People drawn to this kind of discourse feel that the very existence of the Jews threatens “us” with annihilation: “exterminate them or be destroyed ourselves.” In order for us to breathe, you must be eliminated.

Such beliefs involve a whole range of phobic fantasies of child-sacrifice, blood rituals, and international conspiracies to enslave mankind in order to justify the (defensive) genocidal impulses. The potential for violence in anti-Semitism is both constant and profound. Unlike the milder forms of anti-Judaism, which still see Jews a human beings, however disliked or despised, anti-Semitism tends to see Jews as at once super-human (maintaining vast conspiracies over millennia, supernatural figures of evil like the devil, the Antichrist, the Dajjal), and sub-human (vermin, bacteria, apes, pigs).

And anti-Semitism has strong tendencies towards genocidal violence. When you believe that the Jews are planning to massacre or enslave all the rest of mankind (Protocols of the Elders of Zion), you have a “warrant for genocide.” The common Arab argument that they cannot be anti-Semitic since they are Semites is at once facetious and dishonest. The Palestinian leader Haj Amin al Husseini had no problem allying with the anti-Semite Hitler during the war, and subsequent Arab leaders have drawn eagerly from European anti-Semitic discourse (blood libelsProtocolsdehumanizing language). The widespread acceptance of this argument among otherwise intelligent and educated Westerners (including many academics), is a sign of the auto-stupefaction to which politically correct thinking sentences us.

ANTI ZIONISM: Zionism is the Jewish people’s national liberation movement. It is also one of the most left-wing, socialist liberation movements on record, with exceptionally high levels of demotic behavior (reviving a dead language, radically egalitarian kibbutzim, extensive social services, egalitarian law courts). Despite many questions raised about the advisability or legitimacy of Zionism during its first half century, by Jews as well as Gentiles, after Europe slaughtered millions of Jews and the other nations of the world stood by, few people deny the justifiable claim of Jews to be able to defend themselves.

Anti-Zionism, however, argues that the Jews should not have a state, and that the current one is illegitimate, partly as a result of its displacement of the Arabs who lived there in 1948, partly as a result of its constant current aggressions against its neighbors. Were one not to check reality, one would assume that anti-Zionism represented a post-Holocaust form of anti-Semitism articulated by right-wing fascist ideologues hostile to egalitarian experiments in sovereignty and eager to continue their assault on the Jews.

Why, then, do progressives believe that Israel’s claim to be the only Jewish state should be trumped by the Palestinians’ right to become the 23rd Arab (and explicitly Muslim) state? Anti-Zionism then, depending on how virulent or mild its form, qualifies as a form of anti-Judaism or anti-Semitism in that it grants to others what it does not grant to Jews, despite the past history of the nations (including the Arab nations) treatment of that eternal “other.”

Criticism of Israel within the norms of criticism of other nations, therefore, is not anti-Zionism. It is the double to quadruple standards by which Israel is held to the highest standards and found fatally wanting, and the Palestinians are held to the lowest standards, and found worthy. Indeed, the evidence suggests that inveterate anti-Zionists have anti-Jewish prejudices as well.

The notion that Israel shouldn’t exist can come from a wide range of (often mixed) motivations. One can, for example, argue practically that from the point of view of zero-sum power politics, Israel’s presence is too irritating to continue to exist in the midst of Arabs, upon whose oil wealth we depend. Or one can take the moral “high ground” and argue that no nation should be built on the act of displacing another, that Israel is an anachronism in a world growing increasingly secular. It does seem odd though to invoke such pacifist, secular, and universalist notions in a conflict where violent displacement and religious fanaticism is the very currency of anti-Zionist Arab discourse.

In any case, these arguments are not necessarily either anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic as defined above. And certainly criticism of the Israeli government’s policies can hardly be considered either anti-Semitic or anti-Zionists, since Israeli Zionists are among of the most self-critical ideologues in the world. The line between legitimate criticism (however Zionists might find it misguided) and anti-Zionism gets crossed when the critic holds Israel to such high standards that no country, certainly not one at war, could meet them, and conversely holds the Palestinians and other Arab states to such low standards that they encourage the most immoral kinds of behavior (suicide terrorism).

When anti-Zionism enters into the realm of paranoid conspiracy theories (as it has in the Arab and Muslim world, and has begun to occur among the radical left, when one views the US government as ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government), then anti-Zionism steps over into the realm of a news strain of anti-Semitism. While, strictly speaking, not all anti-Semitism is anti-Zionist (e.g., Richard Nixon, Jean-Marie Le Pen), the vast majority of virulent anti-Zionists are anti-Semitic. In Europe today, most Christian and post-Christian anti-Zionists seem to be motivated more by anti-Jewish prejudice than anti-Semitism, although their harsh attitude towards Israel has begun to spill over into the more virulent kinds of hate. In any case, their hostility to Zionism enables, even fuels, the most virulent Arab anti-Semitic anti-Zionism. And since these violent and public hatreds endanger Europeans, the irrationality of encouraging seems all the more worthy of thought.

NB: Hostility to Jews of both kinds discussed here go back millennia, and the historian can draw from a relatively broad range of examples from which to make generalizations. The evidence suggests that the Jews, while often the first victim, are rarely the last. What starts with the Jews does not end with them. Once the machinery of persecution of Jews gets set in motion, its manipulators readily move to other targets. In the Christian Middle Ages this often meant a shift from persecuting Jews to persecuting Christian dissenters (“heretics”), and the worst period of anti-Semitic paranoia in Europe (late Middle Ages) was also the worst period of inquisitorial persecution. The pattern repeated with Nazi totalitarianism, and the dynamic caught in the famous remark of Martin Niemöller: “When they came for the Jews…”

One can even argue that Jew-hatred tends to harm not only the Jews, but more surprisingly perhaps, those who fall into such obsessions. With a formal zero-sum relationship with Jews as a public statement, most other social relations end up forced into such hierarchical structures. With a paranoid attitude comes self-destructive behavior for all involved. In 1492 the Spanish kicked the Jews out of their country; in the subsequent century, despite vast wealth coming in from their ruthlessly exploited colonies abroad their economy lost ground to their much smaller former possession, for example, the Netherlands (where Jews fled) and which tiny nation became a formidable economic and cultural power in the 17th century.

Similarly, when the Arab Muslim nations became free of Jews after the establishment of Israel in 1948, despite enormous wealth from petro-dollars, their economies failed dramatically in comparison with other nations around their stage of development. As with anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism has served as a “weapon of mass distraction,” that has relegated Arab and Muslim commoners to poverty, oppression, and humiliation. However tasty Judeophobia might be in the mouth, it turns bitter in the stomach.

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    • Lily says:

      The pictures you show, Ahmad, are ieednd horrific, and they do evoke compassion for the suffering of Palestinians, but with all due respect, they do not make the case that Zionism equals Nazism.What was Nazism all about? Hitler led the National Socialist German Workers’ party to seize political control of Germany, and to use that platform to wage war in Europe and beyond, in an effort to take conrol of much of the civilized world. It was a power grab.Hitler discovered, as did others throughout history, that blaming the Jews, was a convenient lever of power, that could be used to inlame the passions of the people. At a time when the average Joe needed someone to blame, the Jews came in handy.In the entire Arab/Israeli coflict, about 50,000 people have been killed over tha past 80 years, and many of these were Jews. As terrible as this is, it doesn’t compare with the 6,000,000 innocent Jews who were exterminated as part of an effort to destroy all Jews, simply because they were Jews. The six million Jews murdered constituted about 1/3 of all world Jewry.Zionism is not an attempt to conquer the world. Israel has never invaded any country without being provoked first, and without a justifiable intent to defend herself. The pictures from Gaza are gruesom, it’s true. But the Gaza invasion was provoked by the launching of thousands of rockets, and mortars, and missles, at Israel. Even though Israeli casualities were relatively low as result of these attacks, still, the missles in question were becoming more sophisticated, and exposed some 250,000 Israelis to mortal danger. No government would be doing its duty by allowing this threat to persist.The wall/fence that you speak of, (only about 6% of it is a wall, the rest is a fence), was not built to contain people in extermination camps, but were built to make it more difficult to launch terror attacks, in reaction to a persistent campaign of terror, and has been effective in this regard.Israelis are not hell-bent on destroying Arabs, or Palestinians, or Muslims. The fact is that 20% of Israel are Palestinian Arabs, who enjoy more rights, and freedoms, and a higher standard of living, than any Arabs throughout the Middle East.Zionism is not Nazism. Zionism is a movement that believes that in light of 2000 years of persecution, culminativing in the Holocaust, which still stands as one of the most evil deeds perpetrated by the hands of man, that Jews are entitled to a homeland of their own, in the land of their forefathers, the land of Israel. And before I hear labels of “anti-Semitic” being thrown at me, I would like to point out a few things; first, about me having Jewish friends. Second, that Zionism is not associated with Judaism in any manner. Third, me being Arab, makes it quite a paradox to be labeled as “anti-Semitic” because Arabs ARE Semites,I am not calling you an anti-Semite. But I don’t think you’re being fair in the comparison you draw. You may have Jewish friends, and I commend you for that, but you may still harbor certain beliefs which are not true about Israel and the Zionist dream.When you say that Zionism is not associated with Judaism in any manner, I beg to differ. From the time that God made a covenant with Abraham, who is your father as well, to the time that Moses led his people from slavery in Egypt, to the Promised Land, the land of Israel, it became quite clear that Jewish belief called for a homeland in the land of Israel, the land promised by God, and the land which has been the home to Jews for over 3000 years, since the time that King David built the city of Jerusalem.What you call Zionism, is what Jews call a return to the land of their ancestors, the land promised to them, according to Jewish belief, by God.So Zionism has more than a political dimension to it, it has a religious dimension which resonates loudly in the heart of almost every Jew on earth.When you say that you are not an anti-Semite because Arabs are Semites as well, I couldn’t agree with you more. Like it or not, we are all of the same blood, and we trace our ancestry and our relgious beliefs to the same forefathers. That’s why all this hate is stupid. Abraham is your father, my father, and the father of Christians. Abraham had two sons, one is the ancestor of Jews, and one is the ancestor of Arabs, which makes us cousins. One third of the Suras in the Quran talks about Moses, a Jew. And the Quran makes mention of many of the stories in the Bible.The hate is useless. Rather than equating Zionism with Nazism, why don’t we find a pathway to peace, one that respects the dignity and the justice of all? And if you start thinking that way, you will not try to destroy Israel, because destroying Israel will destroy any hope for the Middle East itself. If you look deeply at the situation, and the threats which threaten us all, including extremism, and the environment, you may realize that Israel is the solution, not the problem, and that a partnership with Israel could be what is needed to revitalize the region economically, to protect the environment, and to neutralize the hold of extremist thinking, including the misguided thinking that tries to eqate Zionism with Nazism.The Palestinians have suffered, and they are entitled to justice, but justice will only come from two states living side by side in peace, and in partnership for a better tomorrow.

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    • Mary says:

      I, as a proud tribalist-Zionist find this whole dssiucsion rather bizarre. The vast majority of people in the world love their country and culture and have no desire to see them trampelled on, even if they are tolerant of having minority groups live among them. Preference for people of your own culture and values is natural, just like people put their own family above others.Some points(1) I vehemently reject the idea that Israel is Racist . Drawing distinctions between people is NOT racism . For example Puerto Ricans are US citizens but have no vote for President nor representation in Congress. Residents of Washington DC only got the vote for President in 1960 but still have no representation in Congress. Yes, Israel does give some preferences to Jews in certain areas but this is NO DIFFERENT than the affirmative action that the majority blacks in South Africa give themselves at the expense of the whites, both of which are done in order to compensate for oppression and discrimination faced by both in the past. To compare Israel to Jim Crow is preposterous.As I have pointed out, the Palestinian Authority and the other Arab states in the Middle East give preferntial status to Arab culture and language and to the Muslim religion. If Israel is racist , then so are the Palestinans, and so is Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc.(2) Seth and Eric Yoffie both miss an important point in pointing out the desire of Jews to have expression in a nation-state context. It is not only a shared memory of antisemitsm (I will address this more fully later) nor a racist desire to live among one’s own kind (is that indeed racist ?) but because Jews ARE BEARERS OF A UNIQUE CULTURE AND RELIGIOUS SYSTEM. Those who have studied Judaism in depth are well aware that this system has a very definite national public component. This includes Shabbat and holidays in which there are restrictions in one’s activities, special food requirements, a unique language, committments to public activities such as prayer in synagogue, etc. During the 2000 years of the EXILE these aspects of Judaism were severly curtailed due to outside pressure from the non-Jewish environment. It is not necessary to look to antisemitism for the cause of these difficulties, it can be dfficult outside Israel to find employment if one is Sabbath observant or it can be difficult wfinding time off around the Jewish holidays. A Jew who is religiously observant may find it difficult to obtain kosher food outside Israel. It can be expensive and difficult to provide for Jewish education for one’s children outside Israel. The feeling among Israeli Jews of the importance of preserving Jewish culture, religion and values explains a fact that non-Orthodox Jews outside of Israel don’t understand why the secular majority in Israel accepts the existence of the official Orthodox Chief Rabbinate which controls personal status in the country. In addition, Israel has kept the Hebrew language alive for people far beyond the small, scholarly elite that it was restricted to for such a long time.(3) Regarding antisemitism and those who think it is the prime reason for the Jews support for Zionism, it is not merely some historical footnote that is rapidly being forgotten as Seth implies. The sociological structure of Israel society is very different than that of American Jewry. Israeli family structure is much stronger and vibrant than that of American Jewry. This manifests itself in much closer ties between the generations and a much higher birthrate (Israel is the only country in the world where the Jewish population is growing). Thus, the historical memory of what happened to the Jewish people in the first half of the 20th century, both in the Jewish communities of Europe AND in the Muslim Middle East in addition to east Africa (Ethiopia) is far, far sharper and alive in Israel than it is among American Jews. Add to that the struggle and sacrifices made to create and maintain Israel in the face of the unremitting Arab violence that has been going on for almost 100 years in an organized fashion. To go to an Israeli, even a Leftist who supports the peace process’ who has fought in several wars and has lost friends and relatives to wars and Arab terrorism and to say to him that he is a racist’ according to some bizarre progressive ideology because he fought for his country and wants it to continue in its Zionist form, is not only insensitive, but outright insulting, especially since this racist charge is NOT made by progressives to other peoples and nations who are actually racist and repressive. Add to this the genteel antisemitism of so-called liberals in places like Europe or New Zealand who are trying to ban kosher slaughter, or ban brit milah (circumcision) supposedly on humanitarian grounds, and we see the ugly head of antisemitism is still with us, so the assumption that it is a thing of the past is woefully uninformed and lacking historical conciousness.As you saw at the beginning of my comments, I am not afraid of being called a tribalist or any other epithets so-called progressives want to throw at people like us. I do not accept the post-Modernist progressive value system, neither do most people in the world so it is time for those who do to open their minds and try to see things the way other people do and not get lost in a miasma of ideological blindness.

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    • Beatriz says:

      Hello. I care about humankind, but I love my own group a bit more. I am more corlmotabfe with them. I care more about them, just as I care more about my family than other families. I have heard similar views from others time and again. Here is one which remains peerless from the late Baruch Kimmerling, Prof. of Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He was a favorite of the left, liberal, and reform minded Western folks, both Jewish and non-Jewish and he echoed the same sentiment thusly: “A person needs a state and land, and this is my land, my homeland, despite the fact that I was not born here. … What can I do? A person is closer to his own friends, tribe, and people. ”Below is fuller excerpt from his token concession to the natives (incidentally, Kimmerling never replied to my riposte even though I had emailed him…):“As a Jew, an atheist and a Zionist, I have two memorial days in my country, Israel. One for the Holocaust and one for soldiers who fell in wars. I also have one day of celebration, the anniversary of the day Israel declared its statehood. […] Independence Day is a holiday for me, but also an opportunity for intense self-introspection. A person needs a state and land, and this is my land, my homeland, despite the fact that I was not born here. I am proud of the unprecedented accomplishments of this country, and feel personally responsible for its failures, foolishness, injustice, evil, and its oppression of its citizens and residents (Jewish, Arab, and others) as well as of those who are defined and defined themselves as her enemies. I know that my holiday, a day of joy and pride for me, is a day of mourning and tragedy for some of Israel’s citizens and, more so, for members of the Palestinian people everywhere. I know that as long as we, all Jews everywhere, do not acknowledge this, we will not be able to live here in safety, every man and woman under their vine and under their fig tree. Happy holidays, Israel.” (My Holiday, Their Tragedy, 2002.)“The transformation of the Holocaust into a solely Jewish tragedy, as opposed to a universal event, only weakens its significance and its legitimacy, tarnishing us and the memory of the victims. Likewise, its unnecessary overuse by Jews in Israel and the rest of the world, particularly political bodies, has made the Holocaust banal. Above all, a provocative and dangerous approach has bought a place in our hearts: that Jews, as the victims of the Holocaust, are permitted to treat goyim however they want. Forceful and condescending, “anti-gentile-ism” is identical to criminal anti-Semitism. … What can I do? A person is closer to his own friends, tribe, and people. Along with that, however, I cannot forget or refrain from mourning the victims of this bloody conflict and feel deep empathy with those who have suffered and still suffer as a result of the fatal encounter between Jews and Arabs in this land. I hope that the day will come when we will commemorate together and mourn together, Jews and Arabs alike, for all of the victims of the conflict. Only then will we be able to live together in this place in safety. … I know that as long as we, all Jews everywhere, do not acknowledge this, we will not be able to live here in safety, every man and woman under their vine and under their fig tree.” (Ibid.)In my view, the two-state mantra has always, and only, been the same as the binational state mantra, a Hegelian Dialectic, with the full intent of only, and only, having a Jews only state in Palestine all along. These mantras are the controlled dissent; the collection agents for the gullible goyem — all shades, worldwide.This statement of fact only becomes self-evident when it is meticulously deconstructed… until then it remains a potent weapon of mass deception.This deception is directly rooted in the very wording of the Balfour Declaration which is deconstructed here: print-humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2011/07/response-to-alan-hart-by-zahir-ebrahim.html .The deconstruction of left-liberal Zionism is here: humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com/2007/03/endless-red-herrings.htmlAnd one thing I finally figured out after being engaged with this issue for over three decades; ever since I came to the United States and started engaging in conversations with Jewish friends at college, co-workers, professors, authors, historians, and discovered that they often harbored different flavors of Zionism to effectively the same purpose whether they were religious, secular, liberal, conservative, atheist, left, right, orthodox, — didn’t seem to matter; and what I discovered to be the most stark is how they each, from their respective posititions, so magically managed to justify their claims to another’s land!If they were atheists like Leo Strauss, they killed god off after he had issued them land-grants on another’s soil:“in the age of atheism, the Jewish people can no longer base its existence on God but only on itself alone, on its labor, on its land, and on its state.”But if they still made pretenses at being god’s chosen peoples despite having killed god off, then like Golda Meir and David Ben Gurion, they respectively asserted:“This country exists as the fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself. It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy.” (Golda Meir)“If I were an Arab leader, I would never sign an agreement with Israel. It is normal; we have taken their country. It is true God promised it to us, but how could that interest them? Our God is not theirs. There has been Anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They see but one thing: we have come and we have stolen their country. Why would they accept that?” (David Ben Gurion)It took me many years to finally be able to sum it all up thusly:“Be it left-wing Zionism or right-wing Zionism, be it diplomatic Zionism or fighting Zionism, be it political Zionism, synthetic Zionism, military Zionism, friendly Zionism, tough-Zionism, gentle-Zionism, hard Zionism, soft Zionism, nihilist Zionism, spiritual Zionism, Labor Zionism, Likud Zionism, pre-Jewish State Zionism, or post-Jewish State Zionism, all remain expressions of tactics for translating motivational Zionism into empirical Zionism.” (Zahir Ebrahim, Pamphlet: How To Return to Palestine)I invite critique of this conclusion. Perhaps it is hasty Thank you.Zahir EbrahimProject Humanbeingsfirst.orgcomment for Shalom Rav A Blog by Rabbi Brant Rosen Article: Rabbi Eric Yoffie: “I Prefer to Live With Jews”

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  10. rick says:

    jews don’t have a country. if they did then they should get out of america. Palestinians deserve freedom. jews, get out of Palestine!!!

    • Brett says:

      I’m assuming you are the seed of Europe. Go back. Get out of America. The American Native Peoples deserve freedom to rule themselves, not your arrogant, racist, imperialist rule. Back to Europe Rick. Now.

  11. Abd Shukor Abd Hamid says:

    The world had been deceived . They are no antisemitism , antizionist , etc. per se . Those are man – made classifications . From revealed religion perspectives there are only the unbelievers and the believers . Believers follow closely God’s covenant be it Judaism , Nazarene and Muslim . Anything else such disobeying the 10 commandments , iniquities , shirk ( believing on other than the AlMighty God – Elohim , Adonai , Allah , Yahweh , etc) abominations , other Satanics motives like mass murders , suicide bombings , illegal geographical expansions , economic suppressions and boycotts , conspiracies etc. are related to the uneducated personalities – not the religion he / she believes in . But as usual religion has been labelled as bad ie. Vatican inquisitions in the dark ages ; Zionist expansion in Palestines , suicide bombings , religious tensions , etc. Actually it is the bad persons or deviated groups possessed by human Satan / Devils that made we fight against each other whatever the reasons i.e. jealousy , revenge , maintain supremity , etc. God made us of different races / tribes , creed and colours to be friends to help each other to live in this temporary earthly world and hoping the best in the afterlife through His Grace .

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  13. iakovos says:

    The neo-nazi Golden Dawn party and why the Greek left does not confront them http://iakovosalhadeff.hubpages.com/hub/Greece-Israel-the-Arab-countries

  14. PermReader says:

    The Jews realy played the scapegoat roles that had different form and meaning.Globalization turned Jewish scapegoat universal with the features of all historical periodes and often these features is combined in some region.And today it has not the feature of racism in the eyes of multiracial,multicoloured jew-haters, never saw the Jew,in some cases.Jew is the singularity.

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  17. Paul says:

    Anti-Zionism, as expressed by the vast majority of its advocates, is not in any way, shape, or form a type of Judeophobia. The idea that any group of people, no matter how much persecution they have suffered, have the right to displace other, less powerful people, is what is being rejected by the vast majority of anti-Zionists, a disproportionately large percentage of whom happen to be Jewish. It’s fundamentally an anti-racist ideology that recognizes a) that the state of Israel was created by large scale colonization from Europe and parts of the Middle East, b) that the founding of the state involved the displacement of most of its pre-existing population of Palestinian Arabs, who had been the majority up until 1948, and who the state continues to refuse to allow to return to their homeland today, and c) that as it exist today, the state of Israel continues to colonize occupied territories in similar fashion while denying all rights to the inhabitants of those territories, and treating Palestinians who were able to remain in Israel after 1948 as second-class citizens.
    What anti-Zionists typically advocate is not some horrible violence against the Jewish citizens of Israel but pressuring the state into a just solution that recognizes the rights of those who were affected by the violence involved in its creation. This generally means a) providing either return or compensation for the Palestinian refugees (and their children and grandchildren) displaced by Israel in 1948 and 1967, b) either allowing Palestinians in the 1967 occupied territories to create a state there or giving them Israeli citizenship, and finally, c) treating all citizens equally under the law, regardless of their religion or ethnicity. Only the most biased of partisans could consider advocating for equality and fair treatment to be somehow racist and anti-Jewish, but unfortunately the mental gymnastics involved in justifying the colonial past sometimes require people, in Israel or the US (with regards to treatment of Native Americans or Blacks, for example) to believe in comforting myths for a very long time until they’re ready for the truth.

  18. SerJew says:

    Zionism is the national self-determination of the Jewish people. If you don’t like it but have no problem with the self-determination of other peoples, you are nothing but a Jew-hater of the worst type, that hides your hatred with the mask on anti-racism. Anti-Zionism is the modern form of Judeophobia.

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